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Life at OGU

ISST(International Student Support Team):

OGU students and staff provide a support network to help international students when they come to Japan, and offer individual help when necessary.

Airport pick up on arrival

OGU staff and students welcome international students at the airport and escort each student to his/her host family’s house or apartment. International students must cover necessary transportation fees from the airport to his/her housing.

Off-Campus support

Assistance with residence registration, Japanese national health insurance, opening bank accounts, and other related matters.

Arrival Orientation

OGU provides a four day(two days for the spring semester)arrival orientation covering academic affairs, housing, placement testing, insurance procedures, life in Japan, and other related information.

Buddy Program

We assign each student to a Japanese student buddy to support him/her in getting used to daily life in Japan.


Japanese National Health Insurance

All international students are required to enroll in and pay Japanese National Health Insurance while living in Japan. Registration is done at the city hall or ward office in the area you live in. The average cost is about ¥2,000 per month. The Japanese national health insurance plan covers 70% and students pay the remaining 30% of any health care expenses.

Liability Insurance

All international students are required to purchase liability insurance upon their arrival at OGU. Depending on your length of study, you will purchase either a one semester or one-year policy. The cost is about ¥1,000 per month, the liability insurance total costs for your entire stay will be collected after you arrive at OGU. Liability insurance is to protect international students from damage and injury expenses if they accidentally cause damage or injury to someone else and/or their property. The liability insurance does not cover the students own personal injury and/or damage to their personal items. Therefore, driving motor vehicles is prohibited.

It is mandatory for all international students to enroll in the Japanese National Health Insurance Plan in Japan (at the local ward office/city hall) and purchase liability insurance (through OGU) after arrival into Japan, regardless of whether they have coverage by a provider in their home country or not. Failure to do so may result in the student being sent back home.


Students who desire to engage in part-time work may do after the start of the program, but must not allow their jobs to interfere with their studies at OGU. Students should not rely on part-time work as their only source of financial support. Prior to partaking in part-time work, students must apply for a work permit issued by the Regional Immigration Bureau if they have not applied for the permit at the immigration of the airport upon arrival. Work permits allow students to work for the same number of hours per week as enrolled academic class hours during academic semesters. For example, if the enrolled academic class hours is 10 hours per week, you are allowed to work up to 10 hours per week, provided the job is not illegal or prohibited. However, it is allowed to work up to twenty-eight hours per week during the winter and spring vacations

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