OGU Kokusai Center

Faculty and Staff

Director of International Center

Mike Matsuno Mike Matsuno
Konnichi wa! I am Mike Matsuno, Director of the International Center. I am originally from Hawaii and have lived in Japan for a total of over 17 years. I have studied in Japan on at least five different types of exchange, research, and study abroad programs. My present position fits ideally with my past experiences. I would like to welcome all international students to the best Japanese studies program in Japan! We have a Japanese program that meets the essential needs of our international students: YOU! And we are one of the few universities who continue to offer long term home stay for the majority of our international students. We await you at Osaka Gakuin!

Associate Director of International Center

Noboru Goto Noboru Goto
Hello everyone! Osaka Gakuin University is located a short fifteen minute train ride away from the center of the second largest metropolitan city in Japan: Osaka, the city well known for “Warai (comedy)” and its rich food culture. OGU rests a main train route toward to the ancient capital of Kyoto, where you will find 1,200 years of extraordinary rich history. Our campus is full of students from all over Japan and is characterized by greenery, safety and a cozy atmosphere. International students from around the world enjoy studying Japanese and Japanese culture on our campus. Most experience one of the most unforgettable times of their life, whether attending one semester or our year- long program. Along with our friendly, dedicated OGU teachers, students, host families and staff; I welcome you to OGU in the strong spirit of Osaka-style “Omotenashi no Kokoro (a spirit of good service)” and look forward to your arrival!

Japanese Faculty Members

Ryosuke Masuda Ryosuke Masuda
Classes: Advanced Level Grammar and Current Socio-Cultural Topics
Interests: Listening to music, Reading books
Traveled to: Vietnam
Message: “OGUで楽しく日本語を勉強しましょう。お会いするのを楽しみにしています”
Let's have fun studying Japanese at OGU. I'm looking forward to seeing you !
Misa Fukui Misa Fukui
Classes: Intermediate Level Grammar and Current Socio-Cultural Topics
International Experience:
-Taught Japanese in Latvia for 4 years
-Worked in New Zealand for 8 months
Message: "頑張って勉強するならぜひ来て下さい"
If you study hard, by all means please come to OGU.
Miho Yuki Miho Yuki
Classes:Intermediate Level
Interests:Eating out, Traveling
This is a good chance to have new experiences. Enjoy studying in Osaka!
Emiko Kobayashi Emiko Kobayashi
Classes: Elementary Level
Interests: Traveling and swimming
International Experience:
-Studied in New York, U.S.A. for 4 years
-Lived in Madrid, Spain for 9 months
Traveled to: U.S.A., Canada, Bahamas, Spain, France, U.K., Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Fiji, Australia
Message: “新しいことに挑戦してみてください。”
Don’t hesitate to try something new!
Keiko Kaneko Keiko Kaneko
Classes: Basic Level
Interests: Reading aloud, Travel
International Experience:
-Lived in Tucson, Arizona for 3 years
Traveled to: Canada, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Taiwan
Message: “せっかくのチャンス大切にして下さい”
Please take advantage of this great opportunity!

International Center Staff

Hiroyuki Kumei Hiroyuki Kumei 久米井 宏之
Interests: Watching baseball
Traveled to: U.S.A, England, France, Thailand, and Singapore.
Message: OGU's Japanese Studies Program is not simply about learning Japanese. You can also learn a lot about Japanese people, their lifestyle, and their culture. You won't ever have another chance to experience a home stay like ours. Osaka is also a very exciting city. I'm looking forward to seeing you all at OGU!
Toshio Tsutsui Toshio Tsutsui 筒井 俊夫
Interests: Watching baseball, traveling and watching moviesl
Traveled to: U.S.A, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Thailand, Australia and Singapore. Message: Studying abroad will be a precious memory in your life. By learning with people from all over the world, you will have a lot of opportunities to make international friends and it will also be a good chance to rethink about your own country. I think that now is the right time to study abroad to develop your potential and to make a big difference in your future! I look forward to meeting you here at OGU!
Midori Hatanaka Midori Hatanaka 畑中 みどり
Interests: Reading books, traveling, watching movies, and plays
Study Abroad: Loras College and University of Northern Iowa in the U.S. for total 4 years, the Korean Language Institute at Yonsei University in Korea for 1 year
Traveled to: U.S.A., Canada, Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Spain, France, U.K., and Austria.
Message: Studying and living abroad gives you not only a chance to learn different cultures and customs, but also a great opportunity to see yourself and your own country from a different angle. Take a step into your brand new future with us! I am looking forward to meeting you at OGU.
Tomomi Kumai Tomomi Kumai 熊井 知美
My study abroad experience has enriched my life not only academically, but personally and culturally as well. Your experience too will be a life-changing event for you to go beyond your personal borders and encounter new people, new cultures, and new values. Especially when you are in college! I am looking forward to meeting and assisting you in maximizing your success here in Osaka.
Interests: KARAOKE! Jogging.
Web-surfing and blogging.(http://tomomikumai.cocolog-nifty.com/blog)
Study Abroad: Hawai‘i Hilo High School, USA-1 yrs.
San Diego Mesa College, USA (2 yrs)
San Diego State University, USA (2 yrs)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA (4 yrs)
Korean Language Institute ~Yonsei University, Korea (6 mths)
Travels: USA, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Mexico, and Bahamas

Daniel Lilley Daniel Lilley
Interests: Theatre, swimming, cycling and Karaoke
Study Abroad: Nagoya, Japan for 6 months
Traveled to: Australia, Fiji, Guam, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, U.K., Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Austria.
Message: Japan is an amazing country with a very deep, rich history. Even after living in Japan for 9 years I still discover new things every day and treasure every moment of being here.
I hope that all students who come to study at OGU put in 100% effort to get the most out of this once in a lifetime experience. I look forward to meeting you here at OGU!
Tao Meng Tao Meng
Interests: Traveling, Cooking, Swimming…..
Study Abroad: Lancaster University in the U.K. for 1year.
Travelled to: China, Japan, U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherland, Austria, Italy, etc.
My Message: Here are some of my favorite words I would like to share with you:
- Experience is everything!
- Opportunities are only for the people who are prepared.
Welcome to OGU, to get a life changing experience at OSAKA!
Yuki Goda Yuki Goda 合田 有紀
Interests: Traveling, watching movies, and visiting museums
Study Abroad: Everett Community College and Central Washington University in USA for 5 Years.
Travelled to: Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Monaco, USA, Canada and South Korea
Message: I would like to share this inspirational message from Senator J. William Fulbright with you. “Educational exchange can turn nations into people, contributing as no other form of communication can to the humanizing of international relations...” http://www.fulbright.jp/eng/keikaku/index.html
Sayuri Hiraoka Sayuri Hiraoka 平岡 佐友里
Interests: Traveling, watching movies, reading comics
Study Abroad: Perth and Brisbane, Australia for 1 year.
Travelled to: Guam, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, Belgium, France, Netherlands and South Korea.
Message: Studying abroad broadens your horizons because you can have valuable experiences which you may never have in your country and meet many new people from around the world. You only have one life, so don’t be afraid of a challenge and live life to the fullest. I am looking forward to meeting you here at OGU.