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Significant Scribbles New Edition:
Writing for Fluency

Longman, 2004

A popular, low intermediate English textbook that uses using diaries and sentence combining to teach writing and grammar.

Written with Ian Shortreed.

Writing from Within Intro
Cambridge University Press, 2004

A high beginner level ESL/EFL composition textbook that teaches paragraph writing through introspective and entertaining topics, and prewriting exercises.

Written with Arlen Gargagliano.

Writing from Within
Cambridge University Press, 2000

A low intermediate level ESL/EFL composition textbook that teaches expository organization through prewriting exercises and introspective topics.

Written with Arlen Gargagliano.

The Snoop Detective School Conversation Book
Macmillan Language House, 1991

A low intermediate level conversation text that uses pair-based, task oriented communicative activities, such as solving mysteries

Surechigai 100:
Nichibei Kotoba Masatsu

Sanseido, 1991

Everyday Japanese actions or phrases that cause cultural misunderstandings with English speakers.

Written with Paul and Eli.

Significant Scribbles:
Writing for Fluency

Longman, 1991

Low intermediate composition text using diaries and sentence combining. It was the most popular, with sales of over 100,000.

Written with Ian Shortreed.

Gohatto English
Media Factory, 1992

Manga version of Surechigai 1000.

Written with Ken Shimura, Paul, and Eli.

Basics in Writing
Longman, 1993

Interactive composition text for high beginners. Contains task-based pair activities with tear-out pages.

Written with Ann Chenoweth.

A Handbook for Teaching English in Japanese Colleges and Universities
Paul Wadden editor, Oxford, 1992

Two chapters on the social environment and hidden cultural role of Japanese universities.

Ofisu Eikaiwa &Koyo Shako no Eigo
Hokuseido, 1980s

Two handbooks on common English expressions used in offices or for business letter writing.

Written with Akira Kojima.

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