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Finding Employment

The long-drawn recession following the bursting of the economic bubble has plunged Japan's economy into its worst situation since the end of the war; the situation for university students hoping to find employment continues to be extremely challenging.This recession is said to be strongly related to structural problems with Japan's political, economic, educational, employment and other societal systems that have supported the country's development thus far.Structural reforms are therefore urgently needed for economic recovery.Businesses, for their survival in this severe situation, are indeed carrying out organizational reforms and seeking excellent personnel who can bring about innovation and growth, by adopting new methods of seeking out and hiring quality human resources from among new graduates.This means, in particular, the introduction of new employment and personnel management policies, as well as practices unfamiliar in the conventional Japanese-style system, which is characterized by life-time employment and seniority-based promotion.In such a situation, students looking for employment are, for their part, required to undergo major attitudinal reform.
As the economic slump worsens, attachment to security grows, as does attraction to established, prestigious companies.However, as recent events have demonstrated, large companies do not necessarily guarantee job security until retirement age, or even tomorrow's livelihood.On the other hand, today's small businesses are not necessarily lacking in future growth potential.Entrepreneurship, venture spirit, management expertise and reforms can realize quantum leaps in the future.
For you university students, finding employment is a major decision-making event in your life.To make the best possible decision, it is essential to gather and analyze information.What is most important in career planning is clarifying your dreams, goals and future orientation, and finding a prospective employer that can help you realize them.As regards private companies, it is important to gauge not only their present status, but their future potential as well.It is also important to consider your personal compatibility with a given company, to determine whether it will enable you full self-realization.To do this, the first step is to find out what you really want to do, evaluate your aptitude, and get a good grasp of the target company---its culture and other aspects.
The Career Counseling Center, whose staff works closely with teaching faculty members, provides useful career planning services to support your job search.We hope that you will make full use of our services and succeed in finding the employment you wish.

Yoshiaki Matsumoto
Director, Career Counseling

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