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Extension Center

In keeping with its Founding Principle of conducting education and research to develop individuals of both practical ability and broad vision, so that they may serve society at large and contribute to the peace and welfare of humankind, Osaka Gakuin University organizes a wide variety of courses at the Extension Center, helping harness people's potential for community enrichment.

These courses include Life and General Culture Course on general cultural subjects and personal development; the Language Course for effective foreign language communication skills and intercultural understanding; the Health and Sports Course, seriously and practically addressing physical and mental health; the Multimedia Course for developing information-age competence; the Job Search Course, which supports employment-seeking activities in line with ever-changing job market trends; and the License Course, focused on acquiring officially recognized licenses as a part of career planning and personal development. The Courses are taught by lecturers active at the front lines of their respective fields, appointed from within or outside the University.The Courses are open to University students, alumni, and local residents and working adults.The Extension Center indeed accentuates the University's openness to, and anchorage in, the local community.

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