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The Key to Understand Your Times

President,Osaka Gakuin Univeristy Yoshiyasu Shirai

It is now possible to instantaneously learn of events occurring almost anywhere on earth.

Thus we have learned that many of the phenomena taking place around the world do not necessarily occur independently from each other, but may be inter-related, may influence each other internationally or in an interdisciplinary way.
The expansion of IT (information technology) networks, in terms of both scale and function, has ushered in an age of truly international exchange, in which information can be shared on a global scale by individuals, bypassing nations and businesses. It is now possible for anyone in our society to interact casually with all the rest of the world.

This means that, depending on ability, personality and other factors, individuals have access to numerous opportunities that were unthinkable only a short time ago.
In times like these, marked by increasingly active global communication and an expanding focus of individual competence, I believe that "individuals who have both practical ability and broad vision," as described in the founding principles of our University, are increasingly sought after. I also firmly believe that individuals of great practical ability and broad global vision, who are widely and deeply cultured and have the courage to act, can offer great service to society by bringing about true affluence.

In vigorously applying its founding principles, which emphasize the practical aspect of learning, Osaka Gakuin University seeks to enhance its educational system by constantly broadening and deepening the scope of its academic endeavors, building a close network with universities around the world, and promoting practical education through overseas training.

As we stay abreast of the times and what society now requires of education, Osaka Gakuin University's advanced educational technologies, augmented by its links with education and research-related networks, ensure the ideal environment and curriculum for students to explore their potential and develop their abilities to the fullest. Here, then, is your key to understanding, responding to and leading the times.

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