OGU Kokusai Center
Events and News
2013.05.11 Spring Semester Graduation Ceremony & Farewell Lunch
2012.12.21 Fall Semester Graduation Ceremony & Farewell Party
2012.11.07 Visit to Kitayodo High School
2012.11.06 Joint Class with freshmen Japanese Students
2012.10.22 Kishibe-sai (School Festival)
2012.09.08 International Exchange Program 2012-13
2012.07.20 Farewell Party
2012.07.02 Summer School
2012.06.25 Short-term Program (University of Mississippi)
Events and News 2012
Jan.21 Chinese New Year Host Family Party
Feb.17 4th International Lunch
Mar.03 Mochitsuki Event
Mar.09 5th International Lunch
Apr.10-12 Japanese Presentations
Apr.13 Spring Cherry Blossom Viewing
Apr.20 6th International Lunch
May.12 Final Program Completion Ceremony