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Your Japanese World awaits you at Osaka Gakuin!

Osaka Gakuin University (OGU) is pleased to offer the most innovative, practical, and educational Japanese studies program of any university in Japan! In addition to experiencing OGU’s specialized and rigorous academic curriculum, you will have the opportunity to participate in a multitude of cultural, athletic, and social clubs campus wide. Most international students will also have the unique opportunity to experience living with a Japanese host family in a long-term home stay living arrangement.

Full immersion and successful completion of OGU’s one semester or ten-month Japanese studies program will ensure you a strong Japanese language foundation and sincere appreciation for Japan, its culture, and traditions. Moreover, your experience at OGU will allow you to gain a greater understanding of the true meaning of the “global village” as you will build lifelong friendships with international students from all over the world. At OGU, you will not only learn the Japanese language and about Japanese culture, but even more importantly, you will experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which will forever change your life!

History of Osaka Gakuin University

The history of OGU began in 1940 with the founding of the Kansai Accounting Institute, the predecessor of the Kansai Business College - Osaka’s oldest Business Administration School. Today, Osaka Gakuin University is comprised of the following six graduate schools: Commerce, Economics, International Studies, Law, Computer Science, and Legal Profession. The undergraduate program includes eight faculties (departments): Distribution and Communication Sciences, Business Administration, Economics, Law, Foreign Languages, International Studies, Informatics, and Corporate Intelligence.

Also included in the OGU family network are the Division of Correspondence Study, Department of Distribution and Communication Sciences, Osaka Gakuin Junior College (Business Administration), Osaka Gakuin High School and the AST College (Kansai Business College, Kansai Wellness College, and Kansai Business Medical College) who all continue to be on the progressive edge in education, aiming to maintain the ideal learning environment in an ever-changing world.

Inspiration of the Founding President: The Late Taneo Shirai

Taneo Shirai

Osaka Gakuin University embraces, as the ultimate goal of its education and research, the development of individuals of both practical ability and a broad (global) vision, so that they may serve society at large and contribute to the peace and welfare of humankind. At the time of the university's establishment, founding President Taneo Shirai designed the campus with many Phoenix trees,perennial to the palm family, in the hope that the university's progress would also be ageless, forever growing, and youthful.

A Message from OGU President:
President Yoshiyasu Shirai

In vigorously applying its founding principles which emphasize the practical aspect of learning, Osaka Gakuin University seeks to enhance its educational system by constantly broadening and deepening the scope of its academic endeavors, building a close network with universities from around the world and promoting practical education through international exchange and interactions with incoming international students to OGU, as well as returning OGU students who have studied abroad.

As we stay abreast of the times and what society now requires of education, Osaka Gakuin University's advanced educational technologies, augmented by its links with quality education and research-related networks, ensure the ideal environment and curriculum for international students to explore their potential and develop their abilities to the fullest. Herein lies the key to understanding, responding to, and leading the times.