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General Information

Library Hours


  • When classes are in cession or during semester examination 9:00~20:00
  • When classes not in cession 9:00~17:00
  • Sunday (when open) 10:00~18:00


  • Sunday
  • National Holidays
  • University Foundation Day(June 2)
  • Summer Holidays (mid- August, when office is closed.)
  • New Year’s Holidays



  1. Bring your identification card.
  2. You can carry your hand-baggage onto the 1st floor, but not onto the 2nd and 3rd floors ( except for stationeries and valuables).
  3. Using cellular phone, eating, and or smoking are not allowed in the Library.
  4. Please maintain silence in the library.
  5. We have heating and cooling systems. Please don’t open the windows.
  6. Please keep your belongings with you at all times.

How to use the Locker room and umbrella stand

  1. A ¥100 coin is sneeded to use the locker, but will be returned when you return the key.
    Do not forget to pick up your coin.
  2. The use of the locker is limited to one day.
  3. Please put your wet umbrellas in the umbrella stand.

Checking-out Returning Books


Present the books which you wish to borrow along with your ID card at the Main Counter.

Limit Period Renewal
5 books 2 weeks Only once you can renew the books, unless they are overdue or reserved by another user.


If you wish to continue to borrow books, you bring the books and your ID card to the Main Counter. “Renewal” is permitted only once.


Bring the books along with your student ID card to the second floor.


  • When returning a book, do not put it in the stacks.
    Take it to the circulation counter.
  • If a borrowed item is overdue, further loan service will be suspended.
    The suspension will last after the item is returned, for twice the period it is overdue.
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