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Mochi tsuki (rice cake making) Event, co-hosted by Suita City Kishi-ichi and Kishi-ni Regional Community Centers

2016/02/20 UPDATE

 On February 14th, two international students (Jeonghee Ji and Gagi Oh from Korea) and one International Center Intern (Johanna M. Ketonen from Finland) participated in a mochi tsuki (rice cake making) event as volunteers together with 5 students who belong to the OGU American football club, held at the Kishi-ni Regional Community Center in Suita city. The task assigned to our international students and intern was to dress mochi in 4 different toppings (kinako [ground soybean], satou-jouyu [sugar and soy sauce], daikon oroshi [grated daikon], and anko [sweet bean paste]). They had a great time chatting with local volunteers about foreign food and TV dramas, and doing their tasks with chopsticks.
 After 2 hours of dressing mochi toppings, the local people invited our students and intern to eat zouni (special Japanese soup with mochi inside). Although it was much warmer than normal for a mochi tsuki event, almost 20 degrees, our students and intern had a wonderful time receiving the warm hospitality of the local people and experiencing a truly Japanese cultural event.

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