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Izumi Danjiri Festival

2016/10/25 UPDATE

4 International Exchange Students and 4 undergraduate students from the department of Foreign Languages had a rare opportunity to participate in the traditional Danjiri (Cart-pulling) Festival in Izumi City, Southern Osaka on Sunday October 9th, 2016. In an effort to internationalize their organization, and promote international cooperation in the local area, the Minami-no-cho Young Men's Guild invited international students and their Japanese buddies to participate.
The Danjiri Festival, well known in Southern Osaka dates back to the 1700s where neighborhood guilds make their own Danjiri cart and decorate it with elaborate carvings, flower arrangements, prayer cards, ornaments and religious consecrations. It is believed that the spirits or Shinto gods reside in the Danjiri. These carts are then pulled around the town, often at a running pace to show appreciation to the gods and pray for an abundant harvest. Nowadays the Danjiri Festival attracts thousands of spectators from all over Japan, and is a rare glimpse into traditional Japanese ways and culture. This was an extremely unique opportunity for OGU students and international students to participate with and meet people from Izumi City.

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