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English Day at Senri Mirai Yume Gakuen

2016/11/25 UPDATE

On Friday 25th November, 2016, 7 exchange students from the International Exchange Program participated in an international event called "ENGLISH DAY" held by Senri Mirai Yume Gaken (Suita Takemidai Junior High School, Momoyamadai Elementary School, and Senri Takemi Elementary School). During the morning the exchange students joined the junior high school students' classes, introduced each other in English and talked about their respective countries. They also participated in English learning games such as fruit basket, with the students. After eating a traditional Japanese school lunch with the elementary school students, the international students got to know them more while playing an original jenga game and fukuwarai during the afternoon. This was a great experience for everyone involved to learn about each other's culture and language.

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