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Mochi tsuki (rice cake making) Event, co-hosted by Suita City Kishi-ichi and Kishi-ni Regional Community Centers

2020/02/14 UPDATE

   On February 9th 2020, 4 international students from Korea (Jisu Hong、Hea Won Jung、Geonwook Cha and Park Jinsu) participated in a mochi tsuki (rice cake making) event, held at the Kishi-ni Regional Community Center in Suita city. Our students enjoyed tasting the freshly made mochi with several toppings as well as participating in the actual mochi pounding, following the guidance of the local people. Later on, the local people even invited our students to eat zouni (special Japanese soup with mochi inside) and gave them some mochi as a souvenir. A student said, "We eat mochi in my country as well, but I have never done this mochi tsuki before. It was fun!" Our students had a wonderful time experiencing a truly Japanese cultural event and receiving the warm hospitality of the local people.

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