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Regarding the enforcement of entry restrictions in correspondence to the State of Emergency announcement.

2020/04/07 UPDATE

In response to the announcement of the state of emergency, between Wednesday April 8th and Wednesday May 6th the following restrictions will be put into effect in order to contribute to the global effort to suppress the spread of COVID-19.
In that regard, we are humbly asking for the understanding and cooperation of students and other concerning parties. In the event that there will be any changes to the above information, you will be informed as soon as possible.
Furthermore, with the extension of this period to prevent the spread of viral infection, classes will begin to be conducted on campus from May 7th. Until then classes will be conducted online using Zoom or other web based applications.
For your own personal health and safety, to prevent further spread of viral infection we are requesting that you please avoid places that overlap any of these 3 conditions of "small and enclosed spaces", "densely crowded places", or "situations of close contact with people". Please note that such measures may be extended depending on the future spread of COVID-19 infections.

1.Regarding entry to the OGU campus:
Students: Entry to the campus is prohibited.
In the event that it is absolutely necessary to come to campus, it is necessary to contact the concerning instructor or department in advance in order to get permission.
Teachers: Entry to the campus to prohibited in principle.
Entry is permitted in the case that is essential to come to campus for the preparation or continuation of your teaching or research.
2.Regarding the use of campus facilities:
The library and all sports facilities will be closed and not available for use.
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