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Regarding Classes for the 1st term of the 1st semester of the 2020 Academic Year

2020/04/20 UPDATE

While it was previously announced that the "COVID-19 Prevention Period" would be ending on Wednesday May 6th, in order to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 infection, we have decided to extend the period to Thursday June 4th. We would like to inform you of the following points.

  1. The classes for the 1st term of the 1st semester:
    The period of classes being taught online has been extended to the end of the 1st term, Thursday June 4th.
    For the subjects that have been unable to meet the required study hours, there will be supplementary classes in June and July, they will be held on Saturdays or 5th class period on weekdays. We will inform you of the applicable classes, the schedule of supplementary classes, and how to find this information, as soon as the decisions have been made.
    ■ The implementation of classes from May 7th
    From May 7th the content of each class will be announced on OGU-Caddie. You should be able to confirm the information on OGU-Caddie from May 3rd. Please check the syllabus of courses that are not listed on OGU-caddie.
    ■ The exams of 1st term courses
    (1)Regular Exams
     For courses with regular exams, they will tentatively be conducted on the dates July 27th, 28th and 29th.
    (2)Regular Exam Schedule
     We will inform you of the exam schedule on the "Exam Information" area of WEB PATHOS in late June. The exams for 1st term and 2nd Term will be announced at the same time.
    ■ The announcement of grades for 1st term courses
    The grades for 1st term courses will be announced at the same time as the grades of 2nd term courses, this will be at the 2nd semester orientation which is scheduled for September
  2. Textbook Sales (1st Semester 2nd term)
    Please apply to the website for the purchase of textbooks, all textbooks will be delivered by post.
    Web-application period: from Saturday 25th to Thursday 30th of April.
    We will inform you about the online application method at the Book Center (Kinokuniya Bookstore) as soon as it is ready.

Please note 1st term courses are not using textbooks, and are instead using OGU-Caddie to conduct their classes. Due to this change, there may be some changes to the course content.

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