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Regarding the extension of entry restrictions and suspension of in-person counter services

2020/05/07 UPDATE

   In response to the government's extension of the emergency declaration period and request to practice isolation and to refrain from leaving Osaka Prefecture, the University will extend the period of entry restrictions and suspension of in-person counter services until May 31 (Sun).
   We would like to ask all students and related parties for their understanding and cooperation. Please note that these measures may change due to the extension or cancellation of social isolation requests from Osaka Prefecture in the future.

1.Entry to campus
Restrictions on entry to campus will be extended until Sunday, May 31st.
Students: Access to campus is prohibited.
If it is absolutely necessary that you must enter the campus, please contact your instructor or the relevant department in advance to order to obtain permission.
Faculty: In principle, entry to campus is prohibited.
In the case that it is necessary for the preparation and continuation of education and research, access to campus will be permitted.
2.The use of school facilities
The library and sports facilities are closed and are not available for use.
3.Regarding in-person counter services
We will extend the suspension of the university's in-person counter services until Saturday, May 30. Some services will be available via telephone.
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