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School information service used with personal computer

WEB Pathos

This intra-University Web site offers solid support to OGU student life with its convenient information services.

Thanks to this Web version of the intra-University information network system, students can not only consult information that concerns them individually, such as information on examinations, class cancellation, job offers, job search activities and so on, but also receive important information systematically. Its two-way interactive information processing function enables useful services such as facility reservations, impossible with conventional message board-type systems.
This system supports student life also by providing bibliographical information, faculty office status updates and so on. Its Web mail function enables e-mail transmission even outside the campus.

This intra-University information network system covers the following 12 categories of information:
  1. Emergency announcements
  2. Intra-University general announcements
  3. Class cancellations
  4. Examinations
  5. Courses
  6. Job offers and career planning
  7. Facility reservations
  8. Scholarships
  9. Lost and found
  10. Summons
  11. Personal scheduling
  12. Professors

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This convenient e-mail software is found on the home page of the Web site. Those desiring to use it must submit the e-mail use application form. Click "Help" to see how it works.

Intra-University message board

Announcements from the Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and other Offices are posted here. Check the Board regularly without fail.

Class cancellations

Class cancellations are posted by faculty and department.


A personalized examination timetable can be consulted (posted before examination period).


Information on professors, such as weekly schedules and offices, is provided; e-mail can be sent to professors via this page.

Course timetable

This at-a-glance table shows courses with respective professor's names, day of the week, period of the day and classroom.

Job offers and career planning information

Career planning-related information is posted here. Information related to topics individually specified and requested beforehand (e.g. company information meeting schedule) is transferred to students' cell phones. This page supports student job search activities.

Pre-registration results

The results of pre-registration in courses of the Faculty of Informatics and the two Faculties of Osaka Gakuin Junior College can be confirmed on this page.

Confirmation of pre-registration

Pre-registered courses of all faculties and departments can be confirmed on this page. (Note period for registration confirmation.)

Personal organizer

Personalized timetable and calendar can be created and posted for time management; advance application is required.

Lost & found

A list of lost objects reported to the Student Affairs Office can be consulted here.

Facility reservations

Use of sports facilities such as tennis courts can be reserved via this page.

Academic calendar

The academic calendar of Osaka Gakuin University, Graduate School and Junior College, shows annual events and important dates.


This page provides information related to the Library, about books, references etc.

Education support system Caddie

This system, operating on OGUNET, enables students to consult or download class materials in and outside the classroom, submit assignments and engage in virtual discussions with other students. "Help" provides more details.

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