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Facilities and Equipment

Building No.12

Lecture Area I

24 seats
Here, full-time specialist instructors offer attentive support and organize a variety of seminars, including "HOW TO" Seminars on "Word," "Excel," "C Language" and "Java"; Qualifying Examination Preparatory Seminars for IT-related licenses and qualifications such as first-grade system administrator and PC Examination; and Practical Seminars, in view of students' career planning.

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Lecture Area II(also Free-use Area)

20 seats
Equipped with PCs with a wide range of application software for business functions, keyboarding practice and the like, as well as various peripherals such as color printers and scanners, this area may be used between and after classes for free activities. Here, members can access the Internet, receive and send e-mail, do their course work and complete assignments. Using the scanners provided, they can, for example, incorporate illustrations and photographs into their reports. Full-time instructors are stationed to answer questions and provide technical assistance.

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Open Area

15 seats
Members can bring in their notebook computers and plug them into the outlets on the desks to access the Internet. Computer-related books and magazines are also provided.

Free Space

Here, MELOP members can make use of the individual consulting service available at all times, to solve their plain multimedia problems and browse books and magazines.

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