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MELOP is a members' multimedia facility on the basement floor of Building No. 12, opened in 1997. MELOP is well equipped with hardware and software that cover a wide range of fields and functions, from widely used Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) to more sophisticated devices and software for computer graphics, video and sound editing (video, MIDI, etc.). IT related which will be seminars, group and independent activities are provided there so that members, including beginner computer users, can acquire and improve multimedia skills useful for their future academic activities and career development.

In 2004, MELOP reopened, renovated in line with its new concept "Technology as a Tool" In this new environment, MELOP provides solid support through new seminars and updated equipment to help members fulfill their needs and achieve individual goals.

Support for Members

MELOP is staffed by full-time specialist instructors who offer useful support to members. The instructors are also ready to provide individual advice in regard to study methods etc., to help members with their activities and personal projects at MELOP.

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