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Two-way interactive education support system enabling students to obtain class materials, submit assignments.

The system is constructed on the "COD (class on demand)" concept, which enables students to participate in class activities via their computer from anywhere at any time. From their computers at home or any computer on campus, students can access the Web page of a desired course to obtain reference materials, verify the schedule, submit assignments etc.

Used via OGUNET, OGU-Caddie enables discussions between teachers and students and among students, forming an advanced information environment free from constraints of time and place. Many students have attested to the system's positive effects on their studies.

Concept of Educational Supporting System [OGU-Caddie]

[My Page,] personalized information access

photo:My Page

To use OGU-Caddie, students must log in to OGUNET via their own computer or any computer on campus. The user's ID code then personalizes the screen display, showing each student's "My Page," providing information that personally concerns the student, such as the schedules of courses taken.

What can students do with [OGU-Caddie] ?

Check the messages from teachers

Check messages posed by course teachers which may also be received by e-mail.

Browse the course materials

Browse the OGU-Caddie to view course materials outside of class hours.

Submit class assignments

Submit your class assignments given by course teachers.

Post opinions

Exchange opinions with teachers and class mates about presented issues and topics.

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