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High-speed Telecommunication Service Linking Individual Homes with the Campus

This is the first OGUNET telecommunication service, started in October 2002.

In response to the growing diffusion of ADSL and other forms of permanent Internet access from individual homes, this service was realized with VPN (virtual private network) technology, enabling connection to OGUNET from students' homes. The students can make use of this service to prepare for and review classes, submit assignments, obtain information about examinations, job offers and career planning and class cancellation, register for courses, consult bibliographical information etc.

Service available to:

OGU students and faculty

Service available for:

Consulting information on examinations, job offers and career planning, class cancellations etc.;
class preparation and review, and consultation of bibliographical data.


IT Center
tel : 06-6381-8434 (Central)
e-mail :

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