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"OGUNET," Osaka Gakuin University Network, is a University-wide network for education and research linking all computers on campus. It enables an e-learning environment that facilitates students' independent learning through such functions as the search and retrieval of bibliographical information, intra-University information and so on, and the education support system OGU-Caddie.

Information access points at which students can link their notebook computers to OGUNET are found in Building No. 2, students' lounges, Library and many other locations, totaling 3,500 points on campus.

Since the number of households with permanent Internet access via ADSL and optical fibers has been on the rise, the University has adopted the VPN (virtual private network) technology to ensure access security. The OGU-VPN service commenced in October 2002, thereby enabling students to use OGUNET services while at home.

Computerized Educational Environment
OGUNET covers the entire OGU campus.

PC-related facilities

PC rooms and students' lounges on campus are equipped with high-performance PCs that ensure easy and carefree use.

PC rooms
photo:PC rooms

PCs are available at numerous locations on campus. A wide range of application software is installed in the PCs in the PC rooms, enabling students to use PCs not only for word processing and tabulating, but for image processing, web page production and more sophisticated purposes.


CALL, computer-assisted language laboratory, is a new type of language-learning facility fully equipped with language laboratory and information equipment.

Students' lounges
photo:Students' lounges

Students can enjoy free PC use in the students' lounges on campus.
Information plugs are also provided for students who wish to use their notebook computers.

Building No.2
photo:Building No.2

All seats in all rooms in Building No. 2, completed in March 2001, have information and power plugs. This Building houses the latest equipment, forming an advanced computerized educational environment that features, among other things, a large lecture room equipped with three 200-inch multimedia screens suited for long-distance lectures, and class rooms equipped with dual-boot PCs running on Windows and Linux.


MELOP is a members' multimedia facility that offers instruction in IT-related skills in accordance with individual needs. MELOP is staffed by full-time specialist instructors who provide attentive individual instruction and support. Seminars and courses are organized to cover various subjects, ranging from the basics of keyboarding and word processing to more sophisticated multimedia activities, such as video and sound editing, so as to enable students to acquire IT skills that are not covered in regular University curricula.

Web services

Web page:OGUMAIL

E-mail transmission and reception are possible anywhere with an Internet-connected computer.

Web PATHOS, intra-University information service
Web Page:Web Pathos

This service provides information in the following categories: academic calendar, class cancellation, examinations, career planning, professors, campus announcements, personal organizer (personalized scheduling, class cancellation, academic and other news).
Students can use the intra-University information service via the PC-based Web Phoenix and the cell phone-based Pocket Phoenix.

OGU-Caddie, education support system
Web Page:Web Pathos

The University has introduced a computerized education support system, OGU-Caddie, which enables students to consult and download class materials, submit assignments, and engage in virtual group discussions on the Web.
OGU-Caddie also facilitates communications with professors and classmates outside the classroom, to augment regular class activities.

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