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Let's enjoy 'Think & Try' !

(for Children and Highschool students)

(1) Everything is interesting!
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(3) Think 'Why?'.
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(5) Understand the function.
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(7) Imagine the ideal.
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(9) Try to devise something new!
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For solving problems creatively

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(1) Necessity and importance of addressing problems
(2) Creativity and enlightenment
(3) Different methods of creative problem solving
(4) Understanding the problems and needs
(5) Analyzing the problem and imagining the ideal
(6) Generating solution ideas and trying to implement them
(7) Case studies in various fields
(8) Addressing to familiar problems and problems in society
  Social Problems
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Methods of creative problem solving

(for Engineers and Researchers novice to TRIZ)

(1) Purposes and significance of 'Creative problem solving'
(2) What is TRIZ
(3) Information sources of TRIZ
(4) History and current situations of TRIZ
(5) Basics of TRIZ
(6) Knowledge bases and tools of TRIZ
(7) Methodologies of TRIZ and its extensions
(8) Application case studies
(9) Mastering and practicing TRIZ
(10) Questions and discussions

Practices and methodologies of Creative problem solving

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(4) TRIZ papers and articles

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New Information    [Articles posted/updated within these 12 months.  marks within these 3 months.

 From the Editor:  On Receiving the Honor of TRIZ Champion Award from MATRIZ (Toru Nakagawa) (Sept. 16, 2021)


On Aug. 27 morning I was much surprised with an email, saying that MATRIZ Board voted to offer its TRIZ Champion Award to me . The Award intends to honor the individuals who significantly contributed to TRIZ deployment worldwide especially with "Think outside of the box" .
On Sept. 1 I replied to accept the offer with my great pleasure of being honored . In the reply I described my thoughts and activities for these 24+ years in my own way of "Out of the box", partly implying "Out of the box (of traditional TRIZ)" . I very much appreciate the open-mindedness of MATRIZ in recognizing my activities. I am also very grateful for many people who guided, collaborated, supported, and learned together with me in Japan and in the world during these years. I wish to keep my activities going on as long as my health allows.
This page records the email from MATRIZ and my reply (inserting hyperlinks to relevant pages), and the photo of TRIZ Champion Award .


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 WTSP:  Mission and Philosophy of the WTSP Project (Aug. 2021)  (Toru Nakagawa) (Aug. 16, 2021) (Aug. 18, 2021)

Being triggeed by recent discussions inside the Global Co-editors, "Mission and Philosophy of the WTSP Project" has been written down in full length on the basis of our activities and results for these nearly 4 years, and added in our main page '(A1) Policies'   (See also in PDF ).   Japanese translation is made in a new page '(A1) Policies, Mision, and Philosophy' (Aug. 18, 2021)
     (1) Mission of WTSP and the Nature of World WTSP Catalogs,  (2) Collection and Evaluation of Websites to be included in the WTSP Catalogs, (3) Description of Introductions of Individual Websites, (4) Finding Websites of Interest in the WTSP Catalogs, (5) Some More Issues for Discussions (Basic Choice of Philosophy: 'Commercial' or 'Altruistic'; Competition, Rivalry, 'Capitalistic market', and 'Competition & Cooperation';  Inactive attitudes of many website owners toward posting in the WTSP Catalogs)

 WTSP Paper:  Websites of Wide Range of Methodologies for Creative Problem Solving:  Development of World Catalogs of Them (WTSP Project) (Toru Nakagawa, Darrell Mann, Michael Orloff, Simon Dewulf, Simon Litvin, Valeri Souchkov) (May 31, 2021)

This paper reports on the 'World TRIZ-related Sites Project (WTSP)', describing its activities, results, and further directions systematically. We are going to build World Catalogs of Websites in the fields of various methodologies for creative problem solving including TRIZ.  One of our new insights is the adoption of Websites as the unit of information resources, rather than papers or Web pages.  We are going to collect and introduce Websites, valuable in scientific and practical aspects in such a wide area.  For these 3 years, our project has built and publicized the 'World WTSP Catalogs' in the Beta Edition, while establishing a scalable system structure and practical building processes. 
Table of contents: 1. Introduction: Aims of the WTSP project; 2.  Construction and results of Japan WTSP Catalog; 3.  Construction and results of the World WTSP Catalogs; 4.  Practical Guide for preparing manuscripts of World Catalogs; 5.  Concluding: Evaluation, Difficulties and Future Work

This paper (16 pages) is an enhanced version of of the Proceedings paper (8 pages), presented at the 42nd Conference of Japan Creativity Society (held Online in Tokyo, Oct. 31-Nov.11, 2020).  We submitted this to the Journal of JCS on Dec. 21, 2020.  However, JCS rejected this paper for publication, with reviewers' comments saying no new concepts, no final results, not a paper but a report or manual, no validation, etc. and concluding not an academic paper to be published in JJCS.  The processes and my Claims/Answers are recorded (in Japanese) in the PS of Editor's Note (TN) and in the subsidiary page . -- Under these situations, we have decided to publicize the present paper here in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", in the original form submitted on Feb. 9, 2021.

 WTSP:  Internet Surveys (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Individual Countries ==> 34 Countries (Sept. 13) (Toru Nakagawa) (May 8; May 15; May 23; May 26; Jun. 5; Jun. 17; Jun. 24; Jul. 16; Jul. 22; Aug. 5; Aug. 30; Sept. 13, 2021)

This year we are going to enhance the Beta Edition of the World WTSP Catalogs by (1) Getting attractive and useful introductions of individual websites written by site owners and (2) Getting manuscripts of Country WTSP Catalogs by collaborative team work in various countries. For supporting these bottom-up activities, we have started to (3) Carry out top-down Internet surveys in various individual countries.  After some trials, I use Yahoo (rather than Google) with the keyword = TRIZ OR 'Systematic Innovation'.   The survey method and after-processes are described in .
The results are shown for
UK (39 sites) and Italy (50 sites) .  Many more countries will follow step by step.
The survey results may be helpful for the orthodox bottom-up activities (1) and (2) in each country.
  In some cases, survey is carried out by specifying a language (e.g., Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese) without specifying any country for covering a number of countries at one time. (Jul. 16, 2021)

A month ago I found the way to specify any individual country as the site location in the Internet Search, particularly with Yahoo!Japan search engine.  Thus I started the search for TRIZ-related sites in Israel, India, Mexico, etc., in which countries I could not carry out the surveys before.  (Aug. 30, 2021)

New results:  Germany (68 sites) , France (55 sites) (May 15, 2021); Poland (50 sites) , Australia (23 sites) (May 23, 2021); Netherlands (33 sites)  , Finland (21 sites) , Korea (72 sites)   (Jun. 5, 2021); Canada (30 sites) , Taiwan  (45 sites) , Thailand (31 sites)  (Jun. 17, 2021); Belgium  (22 sites) , Sweden (19 sites)  (Jun. 24, 2021);  Iran (64 sites) , Arabic language (22 sites) , Spanish language (57 sites) , Portuguese language (45 sites)  (Jul. 16, 2021); Turkey (27 sites)  , Austria (26 sites)  , Switzerland (21 sites)  , Czech Republic (24 sites)  , Denmark (14 sites)  , Norway (4 sites)(Aug. 5, 2021); Israel (24 sites), India (45 sites)  , Mexico (23 sites) (Aug. 30, 2021); Spain (27 sites) , Portugal (15 sites) , Ireland (11 sites) , Greece (8 sites) , Hungary (13 sites) , Romania (9 sites) , New Zeeland (7 sites) (Sept. 13, 2021)

See some draft documents at the initial steps for making Country WTSP Catalogs in Poland .  Sharing drafts is an essential measure for activating the collaboration in the team and around. (May 26, 2021)

The list of WTSP Members (and Members-to-be) is updated in the WTSP (A2) Organization page We wish you to form  a WTSP Team in your own country and to work  for building each Country Part of the World WTSP Catalogs. (Jul. 22, 2021)

Paper:  TRIZ Challenges and Approaches to Address Them (Simon Litvin)    (Apr. 18, 2021)

This paper was presented by Simon Litvin at the MATRIZ MeetUp "Promoting TRIZ in the World", which was held online on Mar. 23-24, 2021 with about 15 presentations.  Dr. Litvin contributed his presentation slides to this Website "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" kindly on my request.   This page posts his original slides in PDF  and also in HTML.  His presentation is very important in several aspects, I feel.

(a) The two slides on the 'Background: General Global Trends and Challenges'  and another on 'Major Challenges in Promoting and Selling TRIZ in the World' show many important points we should consider, realize, discuss, and act.  These 3 slides are posted in Japanese translation in the page .

(b) GEN TRIZ, LLC, led by Simon Litvin and having a history for nearly two-and-half decades (in different names), have a huge network of experts 'Global Knowledge Network (GKN)' and 'Smart Labs' in operation;  thus it seems to have a rare capability of achieving 'Open Innovations' successfully.  Examples of their activities and results are shown in the forms of Clients List, Products of Projects, Successful Startups, Patents, and Case Studies.  He puts stress on 'Incremental Innovations' in many companies rather than highly risky 'Disruptive Innovations'.

(c)  His methods are demonstrated in a Case Study of making a semi-automatic Coffee Harvester to be used in mountainous regions in Columbia.  A List of services/courses on Innovation Trainings & Facilitations and Innovation Projects is illustrative to see his service activities.  He says, TRIZ itself is not a product but TRIZ-based products and services are.  This point is certainly important for promoting TRIZ in the world.

(d) Simon Litvin is one of the Global Co-editors of the WTSP Project.  He and I recently had email discussions on how to make our World WTSP Catalogs more attractive and useful.   He has just submitted a site description of his GEN-TRIZ site in our Standard Form and also agreed to post this presentation as a close site introduction of his site, accessible from the Word WTSP Catalogs.    GEN-TRIZ site is Site Code TN2F-07; the Site Description (in the Standard Form) is attached at the bottom of this page

Publication:  Japanese Edition of Darrell Mann's ICMM Book: "Organization's Capability for Success in Innovations: Introduction to ICMM" (Toru Nakagawa)   (Apr. 18, 2021)

The Japanese Edition has just been published.   I have chosen the title as shown above, and borrowed the nice cover design by Darrell, see the figure (right).  The Author kindly contributed a new foreword "ICMM – A Decade Down The Road" and a new afterword "ICMM – Into The Future".  Thus the ICMM Book originally published in 2012 demonstrates its significance and applicability even more clearly in the current era of crisis, when the needs of innovation (and hence the needs of innovation capability for organizations) are much demanded. 

Though full texts are posted in the Japanese pages , here in this English page, selected items are posted as follows (besides my introduction (Feb. 3, 2021) and post note (Mar. 20, 2021)):
Original Preface, new Foreword, Table of Contents (of the Japanese Edition), new Afterword.


Japanese Edition (2021)


 WTSP: WTSP Mails and Letters: Feb. - Mar. 2021 (Toru Nakagawa, Nikolay Shpakovsky (Russia), Simon Litvin (USA), Michael Orloff (Germany), Christian Spraefico (Italy), Michal Halas (Poland), Joanna Majchrzak (Poland)) (Mar. 24, 2021)

This is a record of the on-going discussion inside the WTSP project, especially among the WTSP Global Co-editors (i.e., Toru Nakagawa, Darrell Mann, Michael Orloff, Simon Dewulf, Simon Litvin, and Valeri Souchkov).  On Feb. 23, I submitted the Abstract of our WTSP presentation to ETRIA TFC2016, and in my email to the Global Co-editors I reported the current situations of WTSP and asked their help to overcome our difficulties of very little progress since last October.  Simon Litvin informed us, on Mar. 2, of the voices of his partners located in many different countries, saying "WTSP obviously is not very popular in the TRIZ community, mostly because TRIZ entities (or TRIZ providers) do not find the merits of introducing their websites in the WTSP Catalogs".  I responded on Mar. 4 and Mar. 6 from various aspects.  My main point is: "WTSP Catalogs are principally for TRIZ users (and then for TRIZ specialists).  The better we serve for the users by building WTSP Catalogs containing selected good websites with attractive and useful site introductions, the more we, TRIZ providers, get access from users and partners."   We wish to get collaboration by many of you, TRIZ (and relevant methodologies) specialists ans users.

WTSP:  Plan and Abstract of our Presentation at ETRIA TFC2021 (Toru Nakagawa)   (Mar. 23, 2021)

This is the 4th year of our WTSP Project.  We have submitted our Abstract to ETRIA TFC2021 which will be held online on Sept. 22-24, 2021under the organization by Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (Italy).  The Abstract is written in a well designed TFC2021 format and already accepted for presentation  (see the news page ).
Nevertheless, our progress of WTSP so far since last October has been very little, to our regret.  Some survey finds that our WTSP Catalgos are 'not popular' among TRIZ specialists.  It is crucial for us to make the WTSP Catalogs popular (on the basis of attractiveness and usefulness) among TRIZ users and specialists.  Accumulation of contributions by individual TRIZ specialists will be the orthodox way for such a goal. 
We are planning to enhance our current Beta Edition of World WTSP Catalogs , especially in two aspects: (a) Getting attractive and useful introductions to excellent websites (especially at the levels ◎○) written by the site owners themselves, and (b) Getting contributions of useful manuscripts of Country WTSP Catalogs compiled by voluntary WTSP teams in various countries.  We wish you to help promote TRIZ and related methodologies in your country and in the world in collaboration with the WTSP project.

From the Editor:  New information posted in 2018 has been moved to the archive page. (Mar. 23, 2021)

Mann's Book:  Japanese Edition of Darrell Mann's ICMM Book (Posting of Full Texts Completed) (Toru Nakagawa)   (Feb. 6; Feb. 16; Feb. 23; Mar. 20, 2021)

As I wrote last October in my Editor's Note (PS) of Darrell Mann's paper, I am starting to study some of Darrell Mann's recent works in business and (Systematic) innovation in general with the hope of translating them into Japanese, and posting and publishing Japanese Editions.  I started with the book "Innovation Capability Maturity Model: An Introduction" published in 2012.  I have obtained the permission of Japanese translation of the book and publishing the Japanese Edition.  In the Japanese page of this website, the Japanese manuscripts are being posted in full text for wider public notification.  In the English page, I am going to show the Detailed Index, where section headings (below each Chapter) are added to the original Index for better readability.  [Posting of the Japanese texts has been completed.  The Japanese Edition of the book will be published soon. (Mar. 20, 2021)]
==>  Published on Apr. 18, 2021  See the publication announcement  (Apr. 18, 2021)

  Chapter 1.  Introduction  (Feb. 6, 2021)

  Chapter 2.  ICMM (Innovation Capability Maturity Model) Philosophy (Feb. 6, 2021)

  Chapter 3. Innovation Universals (Feb. 6, 2021)


  Chapter 4. S-Curves and Discontinuous Jumps (Feb. 16, 2021)

  Chapter 5. (Intermission 1) Contradictions (Feb. 16, 2021)

  Chapter 6. (Intermission 2) The Hype Cycle (Feb. 16, 2021)

  Chapter 7. Where Am I ? (Feb. 23, 2021)

  Chapter 8. The Five ICMM Levels (Feb. 23; Mar. 20, 2021)

  Chapter 9. FAQs (Mar. 20, 2021)

  Chapter 10. What Now?(Mar. 20, 2021)

  Chapter 11. References, Bibliography & Further Reading (Mar. 20, 2021)

  Chapter 12. Global Contacts (Mar. 20, 2021)


Fig. Innovation capability and its possible results
(Click to enlarg )

From the Editor:  Message for the New Year 2021 (Toru Nakagawa, Jan. 3, 2021)   (Jan. 5, 2021)

On the start of New Year 2021, I wish you all the year be healthy, happy, successful, and the World be peaceful and recovering from the pandemic.  The photo in the right shows the New Year Card sent to my friends in Japan.  Clicking it will guide you to its English version for you :

For the Coming Spring                   Hoping ever lasting friendship with you !
The World TRIZ-related Sites Project (WTSP) has built the β Edition of the World WTSP Catalogs after the efforts for these 3 years.  Conferences in last autumn were carried out online, so we fortunately gave our WTSP presentations in 5 TRIZ-related conferences all over the world, i.e., in Russia, USA, Romania, Taiwan, and Japan, during about one month.  We are going to enhance the World WTSP Catalogs further this year.
In the period of serious global crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, I am learning Darrell Mann's recent papers and books giving us much insights.  I have started to introduce them in Japanese translation and to publish them in near future. 
I wish you, your family, and people in your country good health, happiness, and good work in the new year !                               January  1st, 2021        Toru Nakagawa

  Click the photo, then you will be guided to its English version.

TRIZCON2020 Presentation: Corvid-19 Crisis and Possible Future: Society, Business, Innovation, and TRIZ (Original Title: Mapping the Un-Mappable: The History Of TRIZ 2020-2030) (Darrell Mann, Japanese translation Toru Nakagawa) (Jan. 5, 2021)

This page posts the presentation by Darrell Mann at TRIZCON2020, in its full form of the slides together with the speech text transcript-ed  later thoroughly by the presenter himself. 
I also have translated the speech text into Japanese and am now going to post the presentation in the Japanese page of this site, even though the slides are still in English. 
Darrell Mann wrote a paper, extending this presentation slightly, and publicized it in the Oct. 2020 Issue of his e-Zine.  And I posted it already in English and in Japanese translation (Nov. 25 2020).  There he describes that the serious global crisis triggered by the Covid-19 would continue to effect for 4-5 years and discusses about the directions toward the TRIZ community should struggle in order to help genuine innovations.  In the presentation, he shows various models developed recently by a number of wise people besides himself as the basis of his thoughts.  This is an important talk indeed showing his thoghts in the current stage of the global crisis period.
Mann's presentation is very well organized.  Since it's 47 slides long, however, a tabla of contents would be useful for us readers.  And I dare to set a new title besides the original one in order to clarify the author's intention,   In the text, I incerted a number of CR/LF and bold faces, for better readability.


Posted in 2020

 WTSP: Close site introduction: "TRIZ Power Tools" (Larry Ball) (TN2F-06) (Dec. 23, 2020)

Larry Ball is the main author of a wonderful website "TRIZ Power Tools", coded as TN2F-06 and evaluated as Most Important ◎ in the World TRIZ-related Sites Catalogs, see (A1P) .  On my request, he wrote introductions to his site in the Standard format (b) and in Close free-format (c).  This page (in WTSP News 2020) records a full set, i.e., (a) Brief site introduction (TN, Sept. 2019), (b) Standard Site Descript, (c) Close Site Introduction, and (d) Earlier communications (2003 - 2014), (e) Recent communications (Aug. - Dec., 2020) between Larry Ball and TN.  The Site Introductions are also set in the World WTSP Catalogs (A1)(A1P)(B1)(B1P) etc.  Larry Ball's introduction in (b) is shown here while skipping some sentences:

"This is a system of eBooks authored principally by Larry Ball with help from the rest of the coauthors. ... Immediately on entering the website, there are 4 short videos which include: [... How to navigate the eBooks by combining inventing Skills to accomplish inventive Jobs. ... How to use the eBooks to create your own innovation processes].
Larry was introduced to TRIZ by reading "TRIZ as an Exact Science" by G. Altshuller in 1989. Following that, he studied, used, and taught TRIZ and invention algorithms for many years, while continuing to read more TRIZ books and articles. ... The present eBooks "TRIZ Power Tools" were posted in May 2018, after much revisions. The contents are mainly based on TRIZ but reflects other methods including Design Thinking, Disruptive Innovations and Marketing, Blue Ocean Strategy, Theory of Constraints, and One Simple Idea. He believes that the best way to learn TRIZ deeply is to create your own product design and inventing algorithms after your own understanding, according to modern learning theory. ...  While written in English, each of the eBooks can be translated automatically into (practically) any language with the Google translator without waiting.
The contents are composed of two big groups. (A) Inventive Jobs (e.g., Discovering markets, Creating offerings (products/services), Designing and prototyping, Reducing offering burdens, Resolving problems, Selling of licensing your offering) and (B) Inventive Skills (e.g., Resolving contradictions, Working with functions, Idealizing useful functions, Idealizing informing functions, Idealizing harmful functions, Discovering cause, Discovering why targeted objects are required, Mobilizing function resources, Neutralizing harmful functions). These jobs and skills are to be used in various ways of appropriate combinations, as guided by the eBook navigation."

  TRIZ paper: Future of TRIZ:  Mapping the Un-Mappable: The History Of TRIZ 2020-2030 (Darrell Mann, & Mubashar Rashid (Systematic Innovation, UK) Japanese translation (Toru Nakagawa) (Nov.25, 2020)

This paper by Darrell Mann is an expansion of his presentation at TRIZCON2020 (held online on Oct. 6-7, 2020) and published on Oct. 28, 2020 in his Systematic Innovation e-Zine, Issue 223, Oct. 2020, pp. 2-9.  I had a chance of listening his presentation video before TRIZCON and was impressed much.  So I asked and got permission from the author and TRIZCON for me to transcript the video and post the presentation slides and speech text both in English and Japanese translation in this "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".  When he sent me his preprint of this paper, I also obtained similar permissions to post its English and Japanese editions in this Website.  See the original paper in PDF .

Table of Contents may be as follows   (where subsection titles in [  ] are inserted by Nakagawa):

[Crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic]  [Crisis and Innovation]
1. Societal Level Challenges:  [Fall of dominos]  [Disaster Cycle and its 6 phases] [Timing for Innovation]
2. Business Level Challenges:  [Mindset in 20th century was Efficiency, while in 21st century is Effectiveness] [Complexity Landscape Model (CLM)]  [K-shaped 3 patterns of company's future in crisis] 
3. Innovation Challenges:  [Operational Excellence and Innovation] [Redefining the Innovation] [Innovation Capability Maturity Model (ICMM)] [Gartoner Hype Cycle and the position of TRIZ] [For TRIZ to successfully make it out of the Trough of Disillusionment ] [Evolution direction for TRIZ and Systematic Innovation] [Strategy compatible with Complexity] [What TRIZ Community should do for 4-5 years from now]

I am grateful to the authors for their generous permission of my posting their excellent paper in this Website.  

  WTSP:  Some More Final Steps for Enhancing the World WTSP Catalogs (Toru Nakagawa) (Nov.22, 2020)

As we reported in the five conferences recently , the WTSP project has built Beta edition of World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites and Around-TRIZ Sites and has made clear 'Some more final steps for enhancing them'.  For paving the road for such steps, I have fully updated our '(A4) Guidelines for Building World WTSP Catalogs', with step-by-step instructions, templates, links to examples, etc.   And I wrote this page for guiding you to such activities, by using several slides from ETRIA TFC2020 presentation
The contents are:  1. World WTSP Catalogs (Beta Edition, Jun. 2020);  2. Three Basic Requirements from Users;  3. Practice Guide for Building Country/World WTSP Catalogs;  4. Evaluation of Sites;  5. Site Introduction (3b) Standard Form to be written by the site owner (Mandatory);  6. Site Introduction (3c) Close Introduction in free format to be written by the site owner (Optional);  7. Preparing Manuscripts of Country/World WTSP Catalogs;  8. Concluding Remarks: Let's work Together ! Connected !!

 WTSP:Five Conference presentations in Autumn 2020: World TRIZ-related Sites Project (WTSP)(3): World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ and Around-TRIZ Sites: Beta Edition (Jun. 2020) and Its Further Enhancement (Toru Nakagawa, Darrell Mann, Michael Orloff, Simon Dewulf, Simon Litvin, Valeri Souchkov) (Nov.11, 2020)

This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic over the world, traveling and meetings were prohibited or suppressed widely.  Hence many international/domestic conferences had to be shifted to hold online.  Presenters and participants communicate remotely on Internet.  This opened us the opportunities to participate in four international conferences on TRIZ and one domestic conference during this autumn.  We gave presentations on the WTSP Project/Catalogs as shown in the table below.  Considering the interests of audiences in different regions of the world, we adjusted our titles, emphases, and motives slightly.  We submitted papers, slides, and videos, as requested by the conferences.  Such documents are posted in this website. 


Place, date 

Presentation title Posting (date)

Documents posted 

(1) MATRIZ Online Forum 2020

Moscow, Russia,
Sept. 24-27, 2020

Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites in the World Built by the Voluntary WTSP Project

(1) MOF2020 (Nov. 11, 2020)

Abstract (E)(HTML) ;
Presentation slides (28 slides) (E)(PDF) ;
Digest slides (13 slides) (R)(HTML) ;

(2) Altshuller Inst. TRIZCON2020

Boston, USA,
Oct. 6-7, 2020

World Catalogs of TRIZ Sites and Around-TRIZ Sites
Built by the Voluntary WTSP Project

(2) TRIZCON2020 (Nov. 11, 2020)

Abstract (E)(HTML) ;
Presentation slides (28 slides) (E) (PDF);
Video slide-show (28 slides, 38 min.) (E) (MP4)  

(3) ETRIA TRIZ Future Conf. 2020

Cluj-Napoca, Romania,
Oct. 14-16, 2020

World TRIZ-related Sites Project (WTSP)(3): World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ and Around-TRIZ Sites: First Edition (2019) and Its Further Enhancement

[presentation is based on Beta Edition (Jun. 2020).]

(3) ETRIA TFC2020 (Nov. 11, 2020)

Abstract (E)(HTML) ;
Paper (E)(HTML) ;
Paper published (E) (PDF) ;
Slides (28 slides) (E)(HTML) ;
(PDF) ;
Video slide-show (28 slides, 32 min.) (E) (MP4)

(4) I-SIM Intern'l Conf. Systematic Innovation (ICSI) 2020

Taiwan, Oct. 23-24, 2020

World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites and Around-TRIZ Sites: We Can Learn A Lot through These Active Information Sources

(4) ICSI2020 (Nov. 11, 2020)

Abstract (E)(HTML) ;
Slides (13 slides) (E) (HTML);
(PDF) ;
Video slide-show (13 slides, 15 min.) (E) (MP4)

(5) Japan Creativity Society Conf. 2020 

Tokyo, Japan,
Oct. 31 - Nov. 1, 2020

Websites on Various Methodologies for Creative Problem Solving: Development of World Catalogs (WTSP Project)

(5) JCS 2020 (Nov. 11, 2020),
(Nov. 11, 2020)

Abstract (E)(HTML) ;
Paper (8 pages) (J)(HTML) ;
Paper published (J) (PDF);
Slides (26 slides) (J)(HTML) ;
Slides (26 slides) (J)(PDF) ;
Video slide-show (22 min.) (J)(MP4)

I would suggest you to watch/read in the oder: Video of ICSI (15 min.) ==> Video of ETRIA TFC (32 min.) ==> Paper of ETRIA TFC .
Their outline is: Aims of WTSP project, Process of building the WTSP Catalogs, Current outputs of World Catalogs of TRIZ Sites and Around-TRIZ Sites, Reflection and Guidelines, Some more final steps for enhancing the Catalogs.  We received high evaluation and encouragement from users. In the 4th year, 2021, we wish to have site introductions by individual site owners, and team activities in various countries and specific fields.  World WTSP Catalogs will be helpful for many users in the world and also fruitful for ourselves.  Let's work Together ! Connected !!

  On the 22nd Anniversary of  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" (Toru Nakagawa) (Nov. 11, 2020)

This Web site "TRIZ Home in Japan" celebrated its 22nd Anniversary on Nov. 1.  I am very grateful to you all, including authors, translators, and readers in Japan and around the world, for your continuing support.  This site serves as an open forum of information exchange for better understanding and usage of Creative Problem Solving Methodologies.  Initially, I intended to introduce TRIZ, a Russian-based methodology for mostly technological areas, but along with the development of such methodologies the scope of this site became wider and deeper year after year.  TRIZ itself has evolved to wider application including business and marketing, and has been spreading widely in the world.  My own research has extended to USIT as an easy-to-learn TRIZ, the Six-Box Scheme as a new paradigm of creative problem solving, and CrePS (General Methodology of Creative Problem Solving) which intends to integrate and unify various methods by using the Six-Box Scheme.  I found the fundamental contradictions in Human Culture and their solution directions in the relationships of Liberty-Love-Ethics.  Such history of of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" is recently written in "Site Introduction (Features and Selected Articles)" (Feb. 13, 2020).

This site is meant to openly publish information and communications on a not-for-profit basis.  Though I have been operating this site as a volunteer, this site is not a personal site but a public forum to be composed of the contributions by readers, as you see already.  Most pages are published in Japanese and in English in parallel for the purpose of mutual understanding and collaboration between Japanese and overseas people.  Four Entrance Pages have been installed in 2012 for your easy access to articles.  Since November 2017, we have been working as World TRIZ-related Sites Project (WTSP) and reported the completion of World Catalogs of TRIZ and Around-TRIZ sites at five conferences during this autumn (Nov. 11, 2020).  For enhancing them further, let's work Together ! Connected !!

I wish this Home Page be useful for you readers to solve your various problems.  Readers' contributions either in English or in Japanese are heartily welcome.

 WTSP: Close site introduction: JP-10 MOST LLC (Kazuya Yamaguchi) (Sept. 29, 2020)

K. Yamaguchi's site is listed in the World WTSP Catalog (A2P) as evaluated ○ with Nakagawa's introduction . Getting the contributions by him, a full set of site introductions is shown in the World WTSP Catalog (Japan Part) in Japanese. The set includes: (a) Brief introduction by Nakagawa as a surveyor, (b) Site description in the WTSP Standard Form (1 page in A4), and (c) Close site introduction in a free format (16 pages in A4) by the site owner.
In (c) Kazuya Yamaguchi writes a surprising statement "My belief based on my experience and achievements: 'You can solve difficult problems 100 %' ". The key is to borrow the powers of wise men in the world, namely to use the scientific methods for solving difficult problems. He recommends to do jobs in three steps: (1) To define the goal based on customers' demands, by using QFD; (2) To generate ideas and form them into concrete concepts, by usig TRIZ; and (3) To provide with products endurable against various bad situations in the market, by using Taguchi method. He explains his approach step by step, convincingly. -- This is an excellent example of site inroduction by a site owner. (English translation is expected in near future.) I hope many site owners in the world contribute their site introductions.

 WTSP: World WTSP Catalog (Japan Part) is posted in Japanese translation (Toru Nakagawa) (Sept. 29, 2020) (Jul. 14, 2019)

World WTSP Catalogs have been built in English first, and now I translated its Japan Part (containing 26 sites) into Japanese and posted. (Most of the information came from the Japan WTSP Catalog (containing 92 sites) built in Japanese (Mar. 17, 2018) and translated into English (Apr. 4, 2018).) From the top page , users may access to the Index page , Site description page , and Close site introduction pages of optionally contributed individual sites (currently including 2 sites: JP-01 TRIZ Home Page in Japan (Toru Nakagawa) (Feb. 13, 2020) and JP-10 MOST LLC (Kazuya Yamaguchi) (Sept. 29, 2020)).
All the site owners (in Japan and in the world) are encouraged to contribute their-own site introductions in the Standard Form (A4 1 page) and more closely in a free format (A4 2-5 pages or more). .

 WTSP: Table of TRIZ sites Written in Russian Language in the world. Revised. (Michael Orloff) (Aug. 19, 2020)

The table of Russian Language Websites in the world, originally posted last year by Michael Orloff, has been revised by him and posted here.   He made much efforts for surveying more sites and has added 18 sites, and revised the evaluation of some of the former sites, and incorporated the information contributed by Nikolay Shpakovsky on his 3 sites.  The table is the Russian Language Sites part of our World TRIZ Sites Catalogs.  You can see the whole scope of work being carried out (and shown publicly) in relation to TRIZ in the mother countries of TRIZ.  Since the information in individual sites is huge, we wish to have some more site introductions by the site owners in future.  The Catalog will be a reliable source of TRIZ-related references and activities; its merit is the open, readily-accessible, always up-to-date, and active nature of the information sources in individual sites. -- [Note (TN Sept. 29, 2020): Because of insufficient information about the Roles of sites, new sites added in this revised list are not yet included in the World WTSP Catalogs (A1)(A2).]

 Overview paper:  TRIZ in the World: History, Current Status, and Issues of Concern (Valeri Souchkov (Netherlands), 2016) (Japanese translation and Comments, Toru Nakagawa) (Aug. 14, 2020) (Aug. 10, 2020)

This overview paper by Valeri Souchkov was originally presented in Nov. 2016 at a conference in Russia and was posted in his website.  I read the paper in Mar. 2018 with much interest, and happened to read it again recently.  Recognizing its importance, I have translated it into Japanese and posted the Japanese version in my Website on Aug. 10, 2020.  Valeri Souchkov is a TRIZ Master, originally from Belarus, and based in the Netherlands.  He provides consulting, training, education and dissemination activities on TRIZ and systematic innovation all over the world. 

In this paper, he describes the TRIZ history since 1990s in the western world by characterizing 4 stages: (1) software products, (2) interest of academic environment, (3) interest of professional community, foundation of companies, offering TRIZ services, and (4) development of TRIZ networks and associations.  Concerning to the present status, he discusses vividly on (1) TRIZ in industry, (2) TRIZ and education (academic education, professional education (or training), and distance learning), (3) TRIZ and science, and (4) TRIZ in non-technical fields.  Next he discusses on top challenges today and talks about possible main reasons why the TRIZ penetration getting slow recently.  He consider reasons (1) related TRIZ positioning at the market, TRIZ market and market segments, (2) directly related to TRIZ, and (3) related to TRIZ integration into a modern business environment.  It is the author's intention to describe how TRIZ has been evolving while interacting with its super-system, focusing on its adaptation to business environment and its development of methods for treating outer world, and not on internal details of TRIZ.

In the English page, only the Introduction section is posted.  Please refer the full text of the paper in the author's website .   We can learn a lot from this excellent paper. 

In the Editor' Note PS , I wrote comments:  (a) Introduction of TRIZ and deploying it systematically in company-wide scale in South Korea were remarkable success and are recognized to have contributed much to the country's success in the world economy.  TRIZ community in Japan (and Japanese industries) had various opportunities of direct communications with Korean partners, but could not recognize the importance fully and not utilize similar practices.  I discuss the comparison between South Korea and Japan (and other countries). 

(b)  Interaction of TRIZ with its super-systems provides various issues and requirements on TRIZ, and some of them onto the core part of TRIZ (i.e., Classical TRIZ).  We should consider some important evolutions in such aspects, even though the author does not discuss.  One of them is the complete updating of TRIZ knowledge bases carried out by Darrell Mann.  The new Contradiction Matrix 2003/2010 is much easier to use and more reliable in their recommendation of Inventive principles, but most TRIZ specialist and textbooks still use the old Altshuller's version.  This is a typical case of Traditionalism in TRIZ community, which does not accept the idea of Evolution of TRIZ itself despite its advocation of Evolution of technical systems.  Another point is how to make TRIZ easy to understand in its essence, especially in the TRIZ way of thinking.  TRIZ has huge knowledge bases, many methods, various theories and concepts; and they are growing in its complexity.  Difficulty of understanding is the main reason for slow/limited penetration of TRIZ.  The author writes negatively about the 'simplified TRIZ'.  But I believe simplifying/ unifying/ streamlining/ generalizing TRIZ is necessary. Thus I describe the USIT approach briefly:  Ed Sickafus (adopting simplified 4 solution methods from SIT) made the problem solving process streamlined and set the framework of viewing systems in terms of Objects-Attributes-Functions, We, in Japan, integrated all the TRIZ solution generation methods into the USIT Operator System, and represented the USIT process in the data-flow diagram and obtained the concept of the Six-Box Scheme, which we realized to be 'A new paradigm of creative problem solving in general'.  I also wrote how USIT is accepted and used in Japan, by showing a historical index of USIT presentations/publications. 

  TRIZ News:  Plans of TRIZ Conferences in the World and in Japan (Jul. 27; Aug. 6, 2020)

Due to the serious Covid-19 Pandemic in the world, various plans of TRIZ Conferenences have been changed in schedule/styles. 

MATRIZ has cancelled TRIZfest-2020 and is going to hold MATRIZ Online Forum on Sept. 25-28, 2020 (in Moscow).   Abstract submission has been closed and under the review process.   See their HP

  Altshuller Institute (USA) is going to hold Virtual TRIZCON2020 on Oct. 6-7, 2020 (new date was announced on Aug. 3, 2020)   Abstract submission is closed.  See their HP : (Jul. 27; Aug. 6, 2020)

ETRIA is preparing for its TRIZ Future Conference 2020 to be held on Oct. 14-17, 2020 On Line (original veneu is in Romania). Now at the stage of submitting final papers.  See their HP

International Society of Innovation Methods (I-SIM) (Taiwan and China) is going to hold its ICSI/GCSI 2020 on line on Oct. 23-24, 2020.  Now calling for presentation abstract.  See their HP

Japan TRIZ Society (JTS) has postponed TRIZ Symposium in Japan (originally scheduled on Sept. 5-6, 2020) until next year. JTS has announced instead a plan of a series of Webinars  See their HP

Japan Creativity Society (JCS) is going to hold its Annual Conference On-Site/On-line on Oct. 31-Nov. 1 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.  Now calling for Abstract and Presentation/Paper .  See their HP

  Why We Ask Site Owners to Write the Introduction of Their Own Sites (Communications between Michael Orloff and Toru Nakagawa) (Jul. 23, 2020)

This page records a series of communications (mainly) between Michael Orloff (Germany) and Toru Nakagawa from Jun. 1 to Jul. 10.  Michael Orloff,is one of WTSP Global Co-editors and served to make an extensive list of TRIZ Sites written in Russian Language last year.  We are now going to enhance our World WTSP Catalogs (the Beta Edition, Jun. 30, 2020) further, by getting closer descriptions of many more individual sites. He thought such work is very tough, and raised a fundamental question "What and Why we WTSP should do?".  So we made email communications of about a dozen turns.
Our Catalogs (just like Catalogs of  Excellent Hotels, Restaurants, etc.) must satisfy 2 basic requirements from users viewpoints: (1) Coverage and good selection (= evaluation) of useful sites in the world.  For this purpose we need wide and fair collabooration by many people in the world in TRIZ and related fields.  (2) Attractive and useful introductions of individual sites. We have 4 stages of descritption: (a) Basic information of the site and 'single line' description to be used in the Indexes.  (b1) A free-format introduction (3-10 lines) possibly written by surveyors.  (b2) Description in the WTSP Standard Form (1 page in A4) from various aspects (to be used for categorization) and brief introduction (about 5-10 lines), to be written by the site owners.  (c) Free-format, closer site introduction described by the site owners (2-5 pages in A4). Close description at the (b2) and (c) levels are wanted by users and can be written (properly) only by site owners.  Owners of ◎○ sites are proud of their sites and find (b2) too short and (c) necessary to introduce their sites fully. 
We need pioneers who write good lists of sites and good samples of site introductions.  Then many people will follow, seeing the merits of being introduced in the WTSP Catalogs.  Beta Edition is just at the start of quick growth, we believe.

World WTSP Catalogs -- Beta Edition Is Ready, with Two pillars (TRIZ and Around TRIZ) and Catalogs (◎〇) for Print (Toru Nakagawa) (Jun. 30; Jul. 12, 2020) (Jul. 15, 2020)

We have built the World WTSP Catalogs (Jun. 2020 Edition) as a set of 8 Web pages of Indexes/Catalogs, as shown in the following list:
(A) World TRIZ Sites Catalogs 
    (A1) World TRIZ Sites Top Index (◎)
    (A2) World TRIZ Sites Basic Index (◎○)     -- (◎ 23 sites, ○ 39 sites)
    (A1P) World TRIZ Sites Top Catalog (◎) for Print   (Jun. 7, 2020)
    (A2P) World TRIZ Sites Basic Catalog (◎) for Print   (Jun. 30, 2020)
(C) World Around-TRIZ Sites Catalogs   
    (C1) World Around-TRIZ Sites Top Index (◎)
    (C2) World Around-TRIZ Sites Basic Index (◎○)   -- (◎ 33 sites, ○ 127 sites, □ 19 sites)
    (C1P) World Around-TRIZ Sites Top Catalog (◎) for Print   (Jun. 15, 2020)
    (C2P) World Around-TRIZ Sites Basic Catalog (◎) for Print   (Jun. 30, 2020)
The data themselve have increased only very slightly from the Oct. 2019 Edition, but the usability has been improved much.  The "Index" pages (i.e., (A1)(A2)(C1)(C2)) are composed of the Index table of sites categorized and arranged well, where the site descriptions are accessed at their original Site description files by clicking the hyperlinks. On the other hand, the "Catalog for Print"pages (i.e., ((A1P)(A2P)(C1P)(C2P)) contain the descriptions of sites arranged in the same order as the Index part. They are downloadable in PDF (under the copyright remaining at the WTSP project), readable in print, and usable on your PC with active hyperlinks inside the Catalog and also going to external site URL. 
Thus our World WTSP Catalogs are at the stage of the Beta Edition which invites users and practitioners to read and use actively for learning and applying in their jobs.  Please use the WTSP Catalogs and feed us back your comments/suggestions.  We are going to enhance/improve them further through voluntary collaboration of many people working in the fields of TRIZ and relevant methodologies.  Enjoy using WTSP Catalogs ! and Let's work Togerher !! Connected !!!

Note:  Many pages in the WTSP project site (under , mostly for building the Catalogs) have been renewed so that the outputs, i.e., the World WTSP Catalogs (under ), are readily accessible and useful for users.
The present announcement on the World WTSP Catalogs has been posted in LinkedIn, and in this Web site in HTML and in PDF .  Please feel free to forward the PDF to anybody.
(Jul. 15, 2020)

World WTSP Catalogs -- (C1P) World Around-TRIZ Sites Top Catalog (◎) for Print (Toru Nakagawa) (Jun. 15, 2020)

Here we have the second pillar of our World WTSP Catalogs, namely (C) World Around-TRIZ Sites Catalogs.  Even though we started the WTSP Project  in the TRIZ community, we would like to have a wider scope to various other methodologies and use/work in integrating/collaborative ways with them.  We have surveyed 'Around-TRIZ' sites with the keywords such as (a) Creative Thinking Method, (b) Creative/innovative/systematic Problem Solving, (c) Innovation Process/strategy/method/management, (d) Quality/value/cost/productivity Engineering/management, (e) Patent Analysis/mapping/strategy, etc.  Visiting about 1000 sites one by one, Nakagawa wrote brief descriptions of individual sites and evaluated them (tentatively) at 5 levels (◎〇□△-); thus we obtained 34 ◎ sites and 128 ○ sites.  We reported and posted the Oct. 2019 Edition of (C1) World Around-TRIZ Sites Top Index (◎)and (C2) World Around-TRIZ Sites Basic Index (◎〇), where individual site-descriptions are accessible by clicking the hyperlinks in the Indexes. 

We now have made the (C1P) Catalog in a form easier to read, where the site descriptions are merged in the Index.  The '(C1P) World Around-TRIZ Sites Top Catalog (◎) for Print' is posted as a Web page and also in PDF .  The PDF file is portable, where all the hyperlinks (both internal and going-out) are active.  You may download and use the PDF file freely without charge/registration under the copyright by the WTSP Project.  We wish to enhance/improve our WTSP Catalogs further by the support and collaboration of many specialists/practitioners/users working in these wide fields.   Looking forward to your feedbacks and contributions.   [Note (TN, Jun. 30, 2020): Names of Catalogs/Indexes and their file names are readjusted in accordance with the Edition of Jun. 30, 2020.]

Introduction of the Site "MyTRIZ Official Site": Communications between Eng Hoo Tan and Toru Nakagawa (Jun. 15, 2020)

MyTRIZ (Malaysia TRIZ and Innovation Association) is very active.   Eng Hoo Tan (MyTRIZ) contributed the site descriptions.  Here is the record of our communications with him for refining the manuscripts.
(Note: In 2012, I was invited to their MyTRIZ Conference as a keynote speaker, and I was much impressed with their ways of promoting TRIZ in good collaboration among the government, universities, and industries.  See T.S. Yeoh's MyTRIZ President Address at that time and my Conference Report .)

  WTSP Site Introduction: MyTRIZ (Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association) Official Website Site (Eng Hoo Tan (MyTRIZ)) (Jun. 15, 2020)

Introduction of the site in our WTSP Standard form and a closer site introduction in a free format (3 pages) are submitted and installed in the WTSP Catalog. 

World WTSP Catalogs (A1P) World TRIZ Sites Top Catalog (◎) for Print (Toru Nakagawa) (Jun. 7; Jun. 10, 2020)

Here I start a printable file of WTSP Catalog, where the description of sites are arranged according to a WTSP Index.  In the present case, (A1P) World TRIZ Sites Top Catalog (◎) for Print shows all the ◎ TRIZ sites in their site description in the order of the (A1) World TRIZ Sites Top Index (◎) . Besides this HTML page, a PDF file is posted for printing.  Please read through this Catalog. What do you find? Please feed back your impressions and suggestions via email to Nakagawa.
 [Note (TN, Jun. 30, 2020): Names of Catalogs/Indexes and their file names are readjusted in accordance with the Edition of Jun. 30, 2020.]

Please Contribute to World WTSP Catalogs for Making Them More Attractive and Useful for Users (Toru Nakagawa) (Jun. 7, 2020)

This page is composed of messages addressed to 3 ranges of people.
[1] 110 TRIZ Leaders/Colleagues all overthe world, to whom [WTSP] Letter (19GC-2) was sent on May 26. The messge in the Letter was written just after I submitted our WTSP papers to ETRIA TFC 2020 and Japan TRIZ Symposium 2020, and reflects our eager desire for getting collaboation by them.
[2] Many more Leaders/Colleagues/Practitioners in LinkedIn, especially in its 'TRIZ and Innovation' Group. Adding a short preface, I posted the Letter without change in LinkedIn on May 28. The 'TRIZ and Innovation' Group has 14,000+ members, including many leaders, specialists, users in TRIZ and relevant methodologies. 
[3] Many more ordinary practitioners, users, and learners in TRIZ-related methodologies (or 'TRIZ and Innovation'). Such people are expected to be the users/readers of World WTSP Catalogs. Their support and help is crutial for enhancing our Catalogs. Various ways of support/help are suggested. (Jun. 6, 2020)

WTSP Catalog Data: X2TL: 'Tools' SIG Source Data file (Bill Fowlkes) (May 25, 2020)

WTSP Catalog Data is contributed by Bill Fowlkes, forming a SIG (Special Interest Group) in the field of 'Tools' for various approaches with TRIZ and Around-TRIZ methodologies.  14 sites are originally listed, but after eliminating sites already cited in World WTSP Catalogs, 7 sites are found new.  The new sites are listed in the Index-X2TL and Sites-X2TL files, but are not included in the World WTSP Catalogs yet because of their further needs to enhance the site descriptions.

WTSP Mails and Letters: May 2020 (Editor Toru Nakagawa) (May 25; Jun. 15, 2020)

(1) Bill Fowlkes (USA) <==> TN:   Some comments on reviewing the World WTSP Catalogs
(2) TN ==> Readers in Japan:   HP Update Announcement: Lecture on Creativity (Keith Sawyer), on COVID-19 Pandemic (TN)
(3) Bill Fowlkes <==> TN:   WTSP Manuscripts of 14 sites on 'Tools'
(4) TN ==> Bill Fowlkes:   Thanks. After eliminating the duplication, 6 new sites will be included
(5) TN ==> Global Co-editors:   [WTSP] Letter (19M-1G): WTSP paper has been submitted to ETRIA TFC2020. Urgent tasks for WTSP.

(6) TN ==> WTSP Members/Colleagues: [WTSP] Letter: (19M-1) Update announcement
(7) TN ==> WTSP Members/Colleagues: [WTSP] Letter: (19GC-2) Request for your contribution to World WTSP Catalogs
(8) Eng Hoo Tan (Malaysia) <==> TN:   WTSP Manuscripts of MyTRIZ    (==> )
(9) TN ==> LinkedIn Posting: Please Contribute   (==>  )
(10) Zulhasni Abdul Rahim (Malaysia) <==> TN:  Comment  (==> )

Forum: Society: COVID-19 Pandemic: For Overcoming the Global Crisis:  Index page (Editor: Toru Nakagawa) (May 10, 2020)

I have started this page in Japanese.  Even though I am not at all a specialist in this field, I would like to introduce various sites of information sources and activities which I noticed.

A.  (Government) Information and data in Japan:  HP of Cabinet Secretariat, HP of Prime Minister's Office, HP of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, HP of Voluntary members of epidemic advisory board to the Government, (private) Covid-19 Data Site in Japan.

B. Information and data in the world:  HP of WHO, HP: Our World in Data; COVID-19 site of Johns Hopkins Univ., Video & full text of German Prime Minister Angela Merkel (in German, English, Japanese).

C.  Private sites for Information sending, opinions, proposals:  HP of Prof. Sinya Yamanaka (Nobel Laureate), HP of Toshio Hirano (Former President of Osaka Univ.), Proposal for Overcoming COVID-19 by Toshio Hirano and 7 more big names (Apr. 28, 2020) (This is the most comprehensive, important document of proposal at the present stage in Japan, I think.)

D.  Scientific introductions and papers:  Introductory videos of Ninja Nerd Science (in English) , A paper by Takashi Odagaki on a mathematical analysis of COVID-19 spreading in Japan (in Japanese).

Lecture: Creativity Process: Unlock Your Creative Genius with These Habits (Keith Sawyer (UNC, Chapel Hill)) (May 10, 2020)

This article is taken from the YouTube video of Professor Keith Sawyer's talk given at Future Frontiers 2017 event.  I was guided to Prof. Sawyer's work through Ed Sickafus' USIT NewsLetters, and encountered the video.  Using its closed captions, I transcribed the speech into English text and further translated it into Japanese.  Under the kind permission by Prof. Sawyer, I am posting here the lecture text both in English and in Japanese  
Professor Keith Sawyer is famous in cognitive psychology, writing books and papers on creativity and creative processes. "Creativity is not mysterious.  You all can master it as habits and unlock your creativity genius." is the message of his talk.  I managed to split his talk into paragraphs and have shown the first sentences of paragraphs in boldface.  By following the boldface sentences, you will get the essence of his talk easily.  This is a very well-prepared, excellent talk, I have found.  
He talks about the Creative Process, as a life-long process where we wander around while encountering many different small ideas and searching and seeking for something we do not know well at first.  He did not mention any 'structured process of creative problem solving'.   I would like to point out that at various points on the Jig-Zag way of creative process (in Sawyer's sense) we can apply 'Structured' creative problem solving methods effectively and successfully.  While noting this point, we wish to get the mind-set/practices/habits for the non-linear Creativity Process, advised here by Professor Sawyer.  We will certainly be able to unlock our own Creative Genius. 

WTSP Mails and Letters: Apr. 2020 (Editor Toru Nakagawa) (Apr. 21, 2020) (May 25, 2020)

(0) TN ==> WTSP Members: [WTSP] Letter (18M-1) Main Pages of Our WTSP Site Have Been Renewed  (May 25, 2020)

(1) Shireen Al Jaouni (Palestine) <==> TN:  Appreciation.  TRIZ sites in Arab countries? (Apr. 6)
(2) TN ==> LinkedIn posting: "Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs" (Apr. 6) ==> See
(3) Igor Polkovnikov (USA) <==> TN: Q: Would you consider to include my site in the WTSP Catalogs? A: Process of making/enhancing WTSP Catalogs. (Apr. 6)
(4) Jean-Jacques Urban-Galindo (France) <==> TN:   TRIZ' capability for concentrating relevant information and clarifying disagreements (Apr. 7)
(5) Mahmoud Karimi (Iran) <==> TN: Great mind and great job! (Apr. 10)
(6) Yury Danilovskiy (Korea) <==> TN:  Introducing "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" to Russian people;  Korea-Russian way of TRIZ (improvement of TRIZ in Korea) (Apr. 10)
(7) TN <==> Ellen Domb et al.:   Please write the Site Introduction of the TRIZ Journal (Apr. 11)

(8) TN ==> WTSP Members: [WTSP] Letter (18M-2) Welcome to WTSP Project/Catalogs, Mails & Letters (Jan.-Apr., 2020), Introduction of "Altshuller Foundation" site    (May 25, 2020)
(9) Bill Fowlkes (USA) <==> TN:   Needs of including sites related to 'Tools' for creative problem solving (May 25, 2020)

From the Leader:  Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs: Top pages of our site are renewed, for your easier access to the Catalogs (Toru Nakagawa) (Apr. 21, 2020) (Apr. 25, 2020)

This is an Article I posted in LinkedIn on Apr. 6.  The figure "Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs" in our new page at the top of the WTSP domain is used to guide readers. We finished the Preliminary versions of World TRIZ Sites Catalog (62 sites at ◎〇 levels) and World Around-TRIZ Sites Catalogs (177 sites at ◎〇 levels).  They are much much better than any Internet surveys we can ordinary make.  However, many good and imprtant sites in TRIZ are missing (because manuscripts are not yet submitted from 30-40 countries) and descriptions of individual sites are still weak.  We wish to enhance the WTSP Catalogs further to record many more, important and useful sites and to describe the indivual sites more closely.  'Attractive and Useful' descriptions of individual sites in the world should be the value of our WTSP Catalogs.  Let's work Together ! Connected !! for such a goal.
One-page PDF file of this article, with active hyperlinks, is attached here . Please forward it to your friends, colleagues, studens, customers, etc.


Click to the PDF file .

Introduction of the Site "Official Altshuller Foundation": Communications between Larisa Komarcheva and Toru Nakagawa (Apr. 21, 2020)

Official Altshuller Foundation is operated by the ceased family of Mr. G. Altshuller, and its site opens publicly the extensive Archives of Mr. Altshuller's works and documents.  The site is naturally shown at the top of our World TRIZ Sites Catalog.  On Feb. 28, I asked Larisa Komarcheva (the site owner) to write a thorough introduction of the site.  On Mar. 9, she send me a site introduction in our standard format and an explanation "Why was this website created".  On Mar. 12, I wrote several questions which many readers would like to learn from the site, and asked her to write some more introduction.  Since she is currently very busy, we have decided to post the communications in Feb.- Mar. here, and to show her descriptions as the Site Introduction in our WTSP Catalogs, on a temporary basis, hoping its enhancement by her in the near future.

  WTSP Site Introduction: The "Official Altshuller Foundation" Site (Larisa Komarcheva (Official Altshuller Foundation), Mar. 9, 2020) (Apr. 21, 2020)

Introduction of the site in our WTSP Standard form.  Description: "The Official G.S. Altshuller Foundation, together with the Rights Holders of the Altshuller copyrights, created this website so that anyone can find amongst all the above of the original texts of the creator of TRIZ - RTV - TRTL, Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller (15 October 1926 – 24 September 1998)."  "Only works by Genrikh Altshuller and Valentina Zhuravlyova are posted on this site."  Why was this website created: "Briefly put: To serve as a reference point for people interested in learning about TRIZ independently; To present the undistorted (or sometimes little-known) works of G.S. Altshuller to users and developers of the theory".

WTSP Mails and Letters: Mar. 2020 (Editor Toru Nakagawa) (Apr. 12; Apr. 21, 2020)

(1) TN <==> Kurt Ed Sickafus (USA): Preparation for "Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives" (Feb. 18, Feb. 20; Feb 27)
(2) Carol Augustin (USA) <==> TN: "Loved the Compilation of Your WTSP Resources" (Feb. 28); See further communications in a separate page
(3) TN <==> Larisa Komarcheva (Russia): Please write a Site Introduction of your "Official Altshuller Foundation" site. See
(4) TN: THPJ Update Announcement: "Dr. Ed N. Sickafus Memorial Archives" Is Now Open (Mar. 25)
(5) Rinka Singh (India) ==> TN: Greetings (Mar. 25)

WTSP Mails and Letters: Feb. 2020 (Editor Toru Nakagawa) (Apr. 12, 2020)

(1) TN: [WTSP] Letter: (17M-1AB/DE) Attractive and Useful !! Our WTSP Catalogs Will Be !! (Feb. 14)
(2) TN: THPJ Update Announcement: 160 Selected articles of THPJ (Feb. 14)
(3) TN ==> Posting in LikedIn: Site Introduction of WTSP Catalogs (1): "TRIZ Home Page in Japan": Features and 160 Selected Articles (Feb. 15)
(4) D. Daniel Sheu (Taiwan) <==> TN: Message; ICSI/GCSI 2020 (Feb. 15)
(5) Richard Langevin (USA) <==> TN: Posted the WTSP Letter in Altshuller Inst. site (Feb. 15)
(6) TN ==> WTSP Global Co-editors: [WTSP] Letter: (17G-1) Please write Site Introduction of yours (Feb. 17)
(7) TN ==> Posting in LikedIn: Best 4 Slides from 21 Years of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan": Essence of TRIZ, Six-Box Scheme, CrePS, Liberty vs Love (Feb. 18)
(8) Michael Orloff (Germany) <==> TN: Plans of training workshops. Will work for WTSP in April. (Feb. 23)
(9) TN ==> Larisa Komarcheva (Russia) (and 3 more TRIZ Leaders separately): [WTSP] Letter (17-P1) Please write Site Introduction of yours for all TRIZ users in the world (Feb. 28)

WTSP Mails and Letters: Jan. 2020 (Editor Toru Nakagawa) (Apr. 12, 2020)

(1) TN: [WTSP] Letter: (16M-1AB, DE) For further improving the World WTSP Catalogs (Jan. 5, 2020)
(2) David Levy (UK) <==> TN:  Solving problems in AI with TRIZ (Jan. 6)
(3) TN: THPJ Update Announcement: Summary of postings (Aug.-Dec. 2019), Greetings New Year 2020 (Jan. 16)
(4) Czeslaw Cempel (Poland) <==> TN: Greetings (Jan. 16)
(5) Yury Danilovskiy (Korea) <==> TN: Creating short video about TRIZ for my grandson (Jan. 16)
(7) T J Yeoh (Malaysia) <==> TN: Plan of teaching TRIZ in a workshop for teenagers (Jan. 16)
(8) Harry Flosser (Germany) <==> TN: Chicko Character: Animation of TRIZ principles (Jan. 16)
(9) Don Masingale (USA) <==> TN: Former activities of promoting TRIZ in Boeing (Jan. 16)
(10) Vladimir Petrov (Israel) <==> TN: 27 TRIZ Books authored by Vladimir Petrov  (Jan. 18)
(11) Leonid Chechurin (Finland) <==> TN: Condolences to Toru; I lost my mother and father last year too. (Jan. 18)
(12) James Kowalick (USA) <==> TN: Q: TRIZ in automobile companies in Japan? Taguchi Method, Kanrisha Yousei Gakko (Jan. 21)

  WTSP:  Main Pages of Our WTSP Site Have Been Renewed (Toru Nakagawa) (Apr. 3, 2020) (Apr. 5, 2020)

Over 2 years of our trials and progress of WTSP project have made our site a lot of new and old information which may be sometimes confusing for you.  I have renewed the main pages with the intentions (1) Clarify various aspects of the WTSP project for smoother work to build the WTSP Catalogs, and (2) Easier to access the WTSP Catalogs for ordinary users/readers. All the main pages from (A1) through (A8) are renewed, while keeping the old pages in the Archives.  Some of the main points are:
(a) Guidelines to build the WTSP Catalogs are shown clearly. Orthodox bottom-up approaches in each country, and bypassing approach to gather Attractive and Useful introduction of good sites.
(b) Smoother practices of preparing drafts, refining them into manuscripts, and building small Web sites by Members in each country, while integrating them into World WTSP Catalogs and public posting in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" by the Project Leader .  The Bitrix24 platform will not be used.  
(c) Current Active Version of World WTSP Catalogs are shown clearly, while the previous versions are archived.
(d) "Welcome to WTSP Projects / Catalogs" page is now accessible with the site domain URL: . Users/readers are smoothly guided to the pages wanted.   See the figure.

Click the figure
to go to the WTSP Welcome page

 WTSP Communication: "Loved the Compilation of Your WTSP Resources" (Carol Augustin) (Apr. 3, 2020)

I received an email with the charming title, as shown above, from a person I did not know before.  Here I post several turns of our communications with her (or him ?).  She happened to encounter our site of WTSP Catalogs and contributed the information of their two sites for extensive e-learning courses in professional skills in business. Their 2 sites are accepted in a new category X1BZ (Business oriented sites) as shown below. It is my pleasure that we can obtain new information about important Web sites in the world by virtue of the WTSP Catalogs themselves.  It is a sign of possible autonomous growing of the World WTSP Catalogs.  

 Two Web sites: eduCBA (○) and WallStreetMojo (□)for e-learning courses of professional skills in business  (Apr. 3, 2020)

In a new category X1BZ (Business oriented sites) the following 2 sites are listed in our World Around-TRIZ Catalog.  The sites are described in the Standard Formats.
X1BZ-01   eduCBA (○)  Online training and video courses for learning finance, software and business skills to achieve professional success.
X1BZ-02   WallStreetMojo (□) Sharing secrets about the best ways to learn Investment Banking, Financial Modeling, Equity Research, Accounting, M&As, Valuations and more.

  Editorial:   "Dr. Ed N. Sickafus Memorial Archives" Is Now Open Inside "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" (Toru Nakagawa)   (Mar. 22; May 25, 2020)


Dr. Ed Sickafus (1931 - 2018)
(Photo by Toru, Mar. 10, 1999)

In memory of Dr. Ed Sickafus, (1931 - 2018), the original developer of USIT (Unified Structured Inventive Thinking) and great thinker, documents of his works and communications etc. are collected as Archives and made open inside the present Web site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".  (Copyrights Notice:  All the works by Dr. Ed Sickafus are publicized here openly and without charge, but  are copyrighted by Dr. Ed Sichafus.  Please respect his copyrights by referring the information sources properly. (May 25, 2020))

The Archives has the page structure as follows:
("Welcome page" is newly made for easier access to the Memorial Archives and to various main pages. (May 25, 2020)) 

(0)   Welcome Page    Accessible with the domain URL:   (May 25, 2020)

(0A) Top Index Page   (Mar. 22, 2020)

(1) Memorial Page     (Posted earlier) (Oct. 31, 2019; May 25, 2020)

Welcome page (Click to access)

(2) Historical Indexes to Papers, Case Studies, and Communications On USIT and Its Further Extension by Dr. Ed Sickafus and His Follwers Especially in Japan   (Mar. 22, 2020)

(A) Papers:   Papers,  Presentations, Reports, Introductory articles, Lectures  

Papers (by Dr. Ed Sickafus
     and some other internationsl authors)
Papers (by Toru Nakagawa) 

Papers (by Japanese authors)

(B) Case Studies :  Case study papers, Reports, Promotion activities

Case studies (by Dr. Ed Sickafus) Case studies (by Toru Nakagawa) Case studies (by authors in Japan)

(C) Communications:  Communications, Discussions, Questions, Comments, Conference reports, etc.

Communications (by Dr. Ed Sickafus)

Communications (by Toru Nakagawa)

Communications (in Japan)

Communications (International)

(3)  Sickafus' Books, Overviews, Tutorials, etc. (Mar. 22; May 25, 2020)
          USIT Textbook (1997), USIT Overview (eBook) (2001),
          Book "Heuristics for Solving Technical Problems (2004) , HI Textbook: "Heuristic Innovation" (2006)  ,
          Brief USIT Tutorial (2015)

(4)  Sickafus' Papers and Presentations   (Mar. 22, 2020):
           9 papers/presentations are posted.

(5) Sickafus' USIT Web site (  (Mar. 22, 2020)  
          Originally built in 1999, rebuilt a few times after mal hacking, and now accessible as was in 2007. 
          All the articles are restored in the Archives.

(6)  Sickafus' WordPress Blog site ( )  (Mar. 22, 2020)
          After the troubles in USIT Web site, Dr. Sickafus started to build a new Blog site in Cloud in Jul. 2015
          and left the half-done site in Nov. 2015.  All the articles are restored in the Archives.

(7)  Sickafus' "U-SIT and Think NewsLetters"   (Mar. 22; May 25, 2020) 
          NL-01 (Nov. 2003) to NL-28 (Oct. 2004) are posted both in English and in Japanese. 
NL-29 to NL-79 (Mar. 2009) has been posted in English. (May 25, 2020) Mini Lectures are interesting.

(8)  Sickafus' Communications and Misceraneous Articles     (under construction)

(9)  Comments on Sickafus' Works by Others  (under construction)

(10)  Communications from Readers  (under construction)


Editorial: Site introduction: Best 4 Slides from My 21 Years of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" (Toru Nakagawa) (Feb. 21, 2020)

In my Site Introduction of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" ( Feb. 13, 2020), I select and show "Best 4 Slides" from my work for these 21 years.  They are shown here, along with a reference for each slide: (a) Essence of TRIZ in 50 Words, (b) Six-Box Scheme as a New Paradigm of Creative Problem Solving, (c) CrePS: A New Target beyond TRIZ, (d) 'Liberty vs Love' as the Principal Contradiction of Human Culture, and 'Ethics' as the Solution Direction


WTSP: Attractive and Useful !! Our WTSP Catalogs Will Be !! Plans for our 3rd year, 2020. (Toru Nakagawa) (Feb. 13, 2020)

What and how should we do this year?  (1) Forming WTSP teams in each country to build up County WTSP Catalogs, as I proposed last October is certainly the orthodox bottom-up way we should work.  In addition, I would like to suggest another way, based on the "20 - 80 percent rule" again:
Let's pursue to make our WTSP Catalogs Attractive and Useful !!  We may not pursue Full scale nor Completeness at first.   We just need Attractive and Useful introductions of Attractive and Useful Web sites in the world.  We should invite owners (or any key persons) who are proud of their sites being Attractive and Useful for many readers/users to describe Attractive and Useful introductions of their sites (in faithful, non-commercial attitude) and to contribute them to the WTSP Catalogs.  If you are ordinary readers/users of TRIZ supporting our WTSP project, please send emails to your leaders and owners of Attractive and Useful sites for writing Attractive and Useful introductions of their sites.  Once 5 or 10 sites demonstrate such Attractive and Useful introductions of sites, then many more sites will follow.
In practice, for describing/introducing individual sites, we will add the third level (c) to our previous (a) and (b):
(a) Single line in the Index table of the WTSP Catalogs --- Required for every site in the WTSP Catalogs.
(b) Site Description in the Standard Format (about 1 page of A4 size): --- Required for every site in the WTSP Catalogs.
(c) Close introduction of the site in free format (about 2-5 pages of A4): Describe remarkable features and articles. Introduce important/useful articles briefly and attach hyperlinks to them. --- Desirable for world important sites (◎○)in the WTSP Catalogs, and optional for □△ sites.
An example of (c) has been made for Nakagawa's site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" , and has been inserted in the Current WTSP Catalogs . Please contribute your manuscripts of Attractive and Useful introductions of Attractive and Useful Web sites in the world.  List of sites with such introductions (c) are shown in this page.
We are planning to give a presentation at ETRIA TFC2020 (Oct. 14-16, 2020, at Cluj-Napoca, Romania).

Editorial:  Site Introduction (Features and Selected articles in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan") for the WTSP Catalogs (Toru Nakagawa) (Feb. 13, 2020)

Here I introduce the features and selected articles of this site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan". This intends to be a manuscript of detailed site introduction for the WTSP Catalogs.  Features are explained briefly on: History, Editor, Purpose, Fields/types/scopes of articles, Special features (Parallel in Japanese and in English, Methods for accessing articles).  Then, articles are reviewed briefly according to the categories: (a) Introducing TRIZ (1997-2001), (b) Introducing USIT (1998-2001), (c) Extending USIT (2002-2003), (d) Absorbing Modernized TRIZ (2001-2004), (e) Finding 'Six-Box Scheme' (2003-2006), (f) Japan TRIZ Society and Japan TRIZ Symposia (2005-2008), (g) Education with TRIZ/USIT at OGU (2000-2012), (h) Activities of JTS and international relationships (2009-2012), (i) General Methodology of Creative Problem Solving (CrePS) (2012 - 2016), (j) Various topics in wider scopes (2011-2019), (k) Social Issues and the Principal Contradiction of Human Culture (2015-2019), (l) WTSP Project (Dec. 2017 - present).  About 160 articles are listed with hyperlinks.

From the Editor:  New information posted in 2017 has been moved to the archive page. (Feb. 13, 2020)

Basic theory:  Papers by Toshio Takahara (2018 -2019): Never-Finished Notes on Philosophy: Logic, World View, Way of Life, and Preparing for Post-Capitalism  (Toshio TAKAHARA) (Jan. 14, 2020)

Contributed to "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", Dec. 6, 2019.  This home page has been posting all the papers/presentations written by Mr. Toshio Takahara since 2003. The Collections of Toshio Takahara's Papers include: First Collection (14 papers, 2003 - 2007) , Second Collection (13 papers, 2008 - 2012) , Third Collection (13 papers, 2013 - 2015) , and Fourth Collection (11 papers, 2016 - 2018) .  This time, we post his 9 papers in Japanese and 2 more in English , written from Sept. 2018 to Dec. 2019 .

[Paper No.]


Source (year)


Posting (HTML)

Full text (PDF)


Revised Abstract (2019) of "A Working Research Note on Philosophy (2018)"
― A Note on the Principle of Way of Life of Homo Sapiens Based on Contradiction Model and Radical Enumerable Thinking (2018)

THPJ (2019)




Logical Possibility of Ideal Way of Life; Barter as a Background of Homo Sapiens

FIT2018 (2018)




The Time to Realize the Way of Life in Which Happiness and Objective Value of the World are Compatible

CGK (2018)




For Logic, the World View and the Way to Live - Never-finished Notes on Philosophy, Part 1

Book, Published by Design Egg KK (2019)




For Logic of the intellects in the Universe and Preparation for Post-Capitalism - Never-finished Notes on Philosophy, Part 2

Book, Published by Design Egg KK (2019)




On the Structure of Building Dialectic

FIT2019 (2019)




A Note on Enumeration - For Essence and Totality of Facts and Values -

CGK (2019)




Logical Enumeration: Summary (Dec. 2019) of "Never-finished Notes on Philosophy"




In Aug. 2018, Takahara contributed an overview of his intensive research results to this Web site in the form of [44-47] with the title "A Working Research Note on Philosophy (2018)".  The work was posted with a top page [41-47] (containing Abstract in English ) and four parts [44][45][46][47], having about 80 A4 pages in total.  Since then for these year and half, he revised the Note many times and published it for himself in books, in March, in September, and in December, 2019.  The current revised version is posted here in two parts [50] and [51], with the slightly changed title "Never-finished Notes on Philosophy".  The full texts are posted in PDF, while Abstracts of them are posted in HTML as well (in Japanese).  For the English readers, the Abstract of [44-47] in English (2018) has been revised by reflecting some of his new findings and is posted as the Revised Abstract of [44-47]  in English.

There are many valuable insights found through his radical ways of thinking and stated clearly in Japanese.  It's a pity he (and I) do not have enough time and fluency in translating his whole work into English.  We heartily wish Mr. Toshio Takahara to be good in his health and active to investigate further.  It should be nice if you readers, including myself, would understand the contents and their significance of these pioneering works by Takahara and would adapt and develop them further in future.

From the Editor:  Message for the New Year 2020 (Toru Nakagawa, Jan. 14, 2020 ) (Jan. 14, 2020)

On the start of New Year 2020, I wish you all the year be healthy, happy, successful, and the World be peaceful. (Sorry but because of the passing away of my younger brother Akira Nakagawa last March at the age of 75, I would refrain from celebrating the new year.)
Situations in the world, as well as in Japan, are getting unstable and more difficult in many aspects.  In such circumstances, we are studying and promoting 'Creative problem solving methodologies'.  I often feel what I can think and what I can contribute to the society and the world are quite small.  But we have only to accumulate such small things day after day.

Reflecting the last year, I am thinking what I should do this year.  A brief list of them are:
(1) World TRIZ-related Sites Project (WTSP): Last year we have built the First, preliminary version of the World WTSP Catalogs.  This year we should extend and improve them much more.  We have to make them evaluated as "The WTSP Catalogs are useful to find good and important TRIZ-related sites with fair and close introductions".  For getting such evaluations we need to make good examples of site descriptions after close surveys. 
(2) Continuing the studies and promotion of Creative problem solving methodologies:  Study and introduce excellent papers and articles in the world, build the Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives (on USIT and his further extensions), make some overview maps of various relevant methodologies, translate the "CID course for children" (authored by Natalia Rubina) into Japanese, etc. etc.
(3) Further investigate my findings about "Liberty vs Love Contradictions and Ethics".
(4) Try to keep my own daily life creative, healthy, and peaceful. I am now learning photography; See the results:

(Morocco, Oct. 2019, Toru )

Click the image to enlarge



Posted in 2019 

Current Active Version of World WTSP Catalogs (A8) are updated (Dec. 31, 2019)

World WTSP Catalogs are accessible as before in its Current Active Version, which will be kept up-to-date with additions and revisions.  Users may set the following URLs in their bookmarks to access the WTSP Catalogs in its Current Active Version.  Its main pages are:
The management page:   eWTSP-A8-World WTSPCatalogs.html
The (A8) Current Active Version folder: eTRIZ/eWTSP/eWTSP-WorldCatalog/eWTSP-World Catalog-World/
The top page (for users):  World-Catalog-TopPage.html 
The source document page: World-SourceDocuments.html
(A) World TRIZ Basic Index (◎○) page:   World-TRIZBasic-Index.html 
(C) World Around-TRIZ Basic Index (◎○) page:  World-AroundTRIZ-Basic-Index.html 

Updating is going to be carried out every 3 months.  The update this time is very minor unfortunately.  We wish to improve the World WTSP Catalogs much further and to report the results at ETRIA TFC2020 in Oct. 2020.

Archived World WTSP Catalogs: (A8-A) (Archived 2019 Oct Version) Revised Preliminary Version of the World WTSP Catalogs (Dec. 31, 2019)

Main pages of the World WTSP Catalogs in the version of Oct. 20, 2019 (ice.. Revised Preliminary Version) have been duplicated, and one set  of them are stored in the Archive with the version name (A8-A). They are:
The management page:   eWTSP-A8A-World WTSPCatalogs-191020.html 
The (A8-A) Archive folder: eTRIZ/eWTSP/eWTSP-WorldCatalog/eWTSP-A8A-World Catalog-World-191020/
The top page (for users): A8A-World-Catalog-TopPage-191020.html 
(A) World TRIZ Basic Index (◎○) page:  A8A-World-TRIZBasic-Index-191020.html 
(C) World Around-TRIZ Basic Index (◎○) page:  A8A-World-AroundTRIZ-Basic-Index-191020.html 
Note: Many subsidiary files, including the files of lists of sites and sites descriptions, will be updated in their Active Versions.
Every year, some main pages of WTSP Catalogs will be stored in the archives, for the purpose of record and backing up without any further changes.

WTSP Mails and Letters: Nov. - Dec. 2019 (Editor: Toru Nakagawa) (Dec. 31, 2019)  Index page of Letters from Readers (Dec. 31, 2019)

(1) TN :[WTSP] Letter: (15M-2) Significance of WTSP: Message from Bill Fowlkes (Nov. 4)
(2) Edward Blake (UK) <==> TN:  Invitation from Research Outreach for possible public outreach publication (Nov. 21-22)
(3) TN: THPJ Update Announcement: Introduction to TRIZ, and Introduction to Six-Box Scheme (in Japanese) (Nov. 23)
(4) TN ==> Posting in LinkedIn: Significance of WTSP and WTSP Catalogs (Message from Bill Fowlkes) (Nov. 25)
(5) TN: [WTSP] Letter (15C-1) For starting the WTSP work in each country: UK, Netherlands, Taiwan, Korea, and Italy (Nov. 25, 26, 27, 28)
(6) TN:  [WTSP] Letter (15M-3) Please submit your WTSP Catalog manuscripts (Dec. 7)

Introduction to TRIZ:  TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) (Toru Nakagawa, published in "Encyclopedia of Design Science")   (Nov. 22, 2019)

This article is an introduction to TRIZ wrote in "Encyclopedia of Design Science" edited by Japanese Society for the Science of Design. It is a brief introductory article in 6 pages (pp. 550-555) in the Encyclopedia newly published by Maruzen Publishing (Oct. 20, 2019).  Under the permission by the publisher, I posted my article in this Web site both in original PDF version and in an HTML page with additional links to reference pages in this site.  (English translation is not ready.)
The contents include: Overview of TRIZ; Analysis and knowledge accumulation of patents and science & technology information; Essence of inventive ideas (Inventive principles); Laws/trends of evolution of technical systems and concept of ideality; Completeness of technical systems; Substance-field modelling and functional analysis; Standards of inventive solutions; Understanding and overcoming contradictions (technical contradictions and physical contradictions); Breaking psychological inertia; Extending the scopes and animation; TRIZ-way of thinking; Dialectical thinking; Overall processes of problem solving in TRIZ; Applications of TRIZ; Positioning of TRIZ; and References.  Putting classical TRIZ as the skeleton, the article mentions some of modernized TRIZ.
Please note that I also wrote about "Six-Box Scheme" (including USIT) as a separate article in this Encyclopedia. Furthermore, in another new book "Creativity Techniques Learning by Examples" (edited by Japan Creativity Society, to be published late January 2020), I have written an 8-page introductory article on TRIZ/USIT with an application example. Please read them as well.

"Encyclopedia of Design Science" was initially thought of around 2004, and was realized step by step with the collaboration of Japan Society for the Science of Design, Japan Society of Design Engineering, and the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. The three societies jointly held Design Symposia for these 14 years with the cooperation by Architectural Institute of Japan, Japan Society for Precision Engineering, and Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence.  'Design' has two meanings: the design for designers who mostly think about culture and art, and the design for engineers who are engaged in science and engineering. And the two concepts of design are further related to many different disciplines.  Integrating the two design concepts and many related disciplines, the Encyclopedia intends to create the Science for Design as the foundation for all of them.  It was finally realized by the work of 32 editorial committee members/supporting staff from the above 6 academic societies and the contributions of 103 coauthors.  The Encyclopedia has 705 pages and costs as high as 20,000 yen.  It is a very valuable reference book, covering all the areas related to TRIZ and created with a broad perspective.

  Introduction to Six-Box Scheme: Six Box Scheme (Toru Nakagawa, published in "Encyclopedia of Design Science") (Nov. 22, 2019)

Three years ago when I was asked by "Encyclopedia of Design Science" to write about TRIZ, I wrote this additional article and contributed. I am very happy the article was accepted for publication as a section of (Part II) Design methodologies.  It is a brief introductory article in 4 pages (pp. 274 - 277).  (English translation is not ready.) 
Six-Box Scheme was developed in the process while I studied and extended further both TRIZ and USIT (developed by Ed Sickafus under the influence of TRIZ).  While integrating (big and elaborated) TRIZ into (concise) USIT, I realized the creation of a "new paradigm" for creative problem solving. [It was a miracle key that I integrated the big one into the small one instead of integrating the small into the big. ]
The article contains: Overview of Six-Box Scheme; Basic concepts of Six-Box Scheme; Overcoming the defects of the conventional Four-Box Scheme paradigm; Simple process of USIT for the practice of Six-Box Scheme; Systematizing creativity methods, problem solving methods, and design science techniques into CrePS; Development process of Six-Box Scheme; and References.
As I wrote in the concluding remarks, I am going to promote to understand various methods of creative problem solving (or various methods of Science of Design) uniformly in the Six-Box Scheme.  Such an approach will integrate the power of different methods which are apt to be claimed separately and promoted competitively and will facilitate the practices of solving various problems and achieving different tasks, I believe.

WTSP Mails and Letters (B3-News2019): Significance of the WTSP Project and its WTSP Catalogs: Communications with Bill Fowlkes (Bill Fowlkes (USA) and Toru Nakagawa) (Nov. 4, 2019)

Dr. Bill Fowlkes is VP of (USA) and was an active user of TRIZ software (Tech Optimizer and IWB) many years ago.  While looking for new information about TRIZ software, he met my Web site (probably the page of 'World 120 TRIZ Links' (2008)).  So he sent me a message via LinkedIn.  I mentioned him about our WTSP project and the newly-completed WTSP Catalogs (2019).  He found it a terrific reference.  On my request, he wrote the introduction of his site (coded as TN3E-23 in WTSP Catalog) in our standard Site Description Form.  Since it is a so nice example written by a professional in Intellectual Properties (i.e., an area AROUND TRIZ), I asked him to write a message of his impression of WTSP.  For doing so, he wanted to understand the structure of the WTSP project and the WTSP Catalogs.  After my explanation he sent us his message.  It expresses the heart of the WTSP project and WTSP Catalogs.  I am very grateful to Dr. Bill Fowlkes and very happy to cite his message below. 
All the communications between Dr. Bill Fowlkes and myself are posted in the English page.  In the Japanese page, I explain the communications briefly and cite his message in Japanese translation.

To the World TRIZ-related Sites Project (WTSP) Global Co-editors:

I welcome the work you are doing to collect, organize, describe and link to the many internet sites that are of interest to students and practitioners of innovative methods such as TRIZ.

I have created a new bookmark folder with links to the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ sites and the WTSP Catalogs of AROUND-TRIZ sites, and I expect that I will be referring to them frequently.

The aggregation of these sites is much better than trying to find the data with a Google search, because the information is curated and brief descriptions are provided.

I encourage TRIZ providers and other content creators working in TRIZ related fields to participate in this project and make the World TRIZ-related Sites Project the best it can possibly be.

Dr. William Y. Fowlkes                                                            Oct. 30, 2019
VP, Analytics and Workflow Solutions|

WTSP Mails and Letters: Sept. - Oct. 2019 (Editor: Toru Nakagawa) (Nov. 4, 2019)

(1) TN : [WTSP] Letter: (13M-3)  WTSP presentation at Japan TRIZ Symp.; Your urgent contributions requested. (Sept. 9, 2019)
(2) TN: [WTSP] Letter: (13GC-2) Urgent request for manuscripts of Revised World WTSP Catalogs (Sept. 9)
(3) TN: [WTSP] Letter: (13M-4) TRIZ Sites Catalogs and Around-TRIZ Sites Catalogs (Sept. 12)
(4) TN: [WTSP] Letter: (14M-1AB/DE) WTSP Catalogs (version Sept. 30, 2019) World AROUND-TRIZ Sites Basic Index complete (Oct. 1)
(5) TN: THPJ Update Announcement (in Japanese): WTSP presentation at Japan TRIZ Symp., World WTSP Catalogs: (C) World Around-TRIZ Sites Basic Index (◎○) (Oct. 1)
(6) TN: Posted in LinkedIn: AROUND-TRIZ Sites in the World (WTSP Catalog, Basic Index (C)) Completed and posted (Sept. 30, 2019) ◎34, ○128 sites (Oct. 17)
(7) TN: [WTSP] Letter: (15M-1) ETRIA TFC2019 Presentation of "WTSP Catalogs (2019)"; For further revision (Oct. 21)
(8) TN: THPJ Update Announcement (in Japanese): ETRIA TFC2019 Presentation of "WTSP Catalogs (2019)" (Oct. 21)
(9) Michael Orloff <==> TN: On WTSP manuscript of TRIZ sites in Germany; WTSP Team activities in Germany (Oct. 21, 22)
(10) Shireen Al Jaouni ==> TN:  Appreciation of the WTSP project (Oct. 21)
(11) TN <==> Joanna Majchrzak, et al.: [WTSP] Letter (15C-1PL) For starting the WTSP work in Poland (Oct. 26, 27, 28)
(12) TN <==> Pavel Livotov et al.: [WTSP] Letter (15C-1DE) For starting the WTSP work in Germany (Oct. 29)
(13) TN ==> Roland De Guio et al.: [WTSP] Letter (15C-1Fr) For starting the WTSP work in France
(14) Bill Fowlkes (USA) <==>TN: (1) Start of our communications; (2) Introducing the site by filling in the WTSP Site Description Form; (3) Clarifying the page structure of the WTSP Project and the WTSP Catalogs; (4) Fowlkes' Message to the WTSP Project (Oct. 12, 17, 18, 29, 30)   *** See the full detail in a separate page 

  On the 21st Anniversary of  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan":  Toru Nakagawa (Nov. 1, 2019)

This Web site "TRIZ Home in Japan" celebrates its 21st Anniversary today, Nov. 1.  I am very grateful to you all, including authors, translators, and readers in Japan and around the world, for your continuing support.  This site serves as an open forum of information exchange for better understanding and usage of Creative Problem Solving Methodologies.  Initially, I intended to introduce TRIZ, a Russian-based methodology for mostly technological areas, but year after year the scope of this site became wider and deeper along with the development of such methodologies.  TRIZ itself has evolved to wider application including business and marketing, and has been spreading widely in the world.  My own research has extended to USIT as an easy-to-learn TRIZ, the Six-Box Scheme as a new paradigm of creative problem solving, and CrePS (General Methodology of Creative Problem Solving) which intends to integrate and unify various methods by using the Six-Box Scheme.  Since 2015, I have been trying to apply them to social problems, and in 2018 I presented papers on the fundamental contradictions in Human Culture and their solution directions in the relationships of Liberty-Love-Ethics.  Thus the scope and contents of this site have been slightly changing as a result of natural evolution.

This site is meant to openly publish information and communications on a not-for-profit basis.  Though I have been operating this site as a volunteer, this site is not a personal site but a public forum to be composed of the contributions by readers, as you see already.  Most pages are published in Japanese and in English in parallel for the purpose of mutual understanding and collaboration between Japanese and overseas people.  Four Entrance Pages have been installed in 2012 for your easy access to articles.  Since November 2017 I have initiated the World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP) for building catalogs of TRIZ-related sites in the world, and October this year we have reported the completion of the "World WTSP Catalogs (2019)".  We are going to improve them further by voluntary collaboration of many TRIZ leaders over the world.

The number of visits since November 2005 is (on Oct. 31) 239,693 (increasing by about 2,500 for the last 1 year) to the top page in Japanese and 44,785 (increasing by about 1,500) to that in English.  I wish this Home Page be useful for you readers to solve your various problems.  Readers' contributions either in English or in Japanese are heartily welcome.

TRIZ Forum: Memorial of Dr. Ed Sickafus (1931 - 2018) (Toru Nakagawa, Late Dr. Ed Sickafus, Kurt Edward Sickafus) (Oct. 31, 2019)

Dr. Edward Nathan Sickafus (the developer of USIT) passed away nearly a year ago, on November 15, 2018. 
I noticed the sad news on July 5, 2019 as a result of Internet search, after wondering why no email response from him for several months. I sent an air mail to his deceased wife, Mrs. Mary Sue Sickafus, and got an email response from his elder son, Dr. Kurt Edward Sickafus on Aug. 3, 2019. I am sorry to be late in announcing this sad news to TRIZ/USIT community, because I was waiting for some more information from the family. 
The present page posts: Heritage News (Nov. 2018); Communications between Nakagawa and the deceased family (Jul., Aug. 2019), Our last email communications with Dr. Ed. Sickafus (Sept. 2018), Messages in memory of late Dr. Ed Sickafus (from TRIZ/USIT community), Plan of the Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives.
Remembering Dr. Ed Sickafus' work of developing USIT (Unified Structured Inventive Thinking) and its further extensions and his insightful papers, news letters, and books, I am planning to open the Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives in this "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", according to his permission I obtained 3 years ago.
Please contribute your tributes to Dr. Ed Sickafus to the present page. 

Dr. Ed N. Sickafus
(1931 - 2018)

For Further Revisions of the WTSP Catalogs: Practice Guide and Schedule (Toru Nakagawa) (Oct. 20, 2019)

As reported in our ETRIA TFC2019 presentation , we have completed the Preliminary Version of our WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites in the World, especially in the form of (A) World TRIZ Sites Basic Index and (C) World AROUND-TRIZ Sites Basic Index.  However, they are still very weak, especially TRIZ sites in many countries are missing and not introduced closely.  We wish to get voluntary cooperation by many TRIZ colleagues in every country, now that the goals and processes of building the WTSP Catalogs have become much clearer and convincing.  For further revising and improving the WTSP Catalogs, the Practice Guide is shown again in a compact form .  Manuscripts/updates by any country Teams or methodology groups will be accepted at any time by the WTSP Project Leader and will be publicized quickly in TRIZ Home Page in Japan.  And every 3 months such manuscripts will be integrated into the World Indexes for publication .  Let's work Together ! Connected !! and report much more useful WTSP Catalogs at the TFC2020 next year in Romania!!!

Presentation at ETRIA TFC2019:  World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP) (2): To Build World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites in the World (Toru Nakagawa, Darrell Mann, Michael Orloff, Simon Dewulf, Simon Litvin, Valeri Souchkov)  (Oct. 20, 2019)

Presented at TRIZ Future Conference TFC2019, held by ETRIA, on Oct. 9-11, 2019 at ENSA, Marrakech, Morocco.  I sent the final paper to TFC on Jul. 24, and since then we made much progress in the WTSP project.  I.e., we made preliminary version of World TRIZ sites Basic Index (A) on Aug. 4 ; reported at Japan TRIZ Symposium 2019 on Sept. 5 ; and completed World AROUND-TRIZ sites Basic Index (C) on Sept. 30 .  Thus at TFC2019 on Oct. 10 we could give the WTSP presentation in a much advanced form than the paper in the proceedings, and even than the Japan TRIZ Symposium presentation. 
The following items are posted in the present page: (1) Abstract of the paper with a short note, (2) Link to the full paper published by Springer: DOI: , (3) Summary slides of the presentation , (4) Slides of the presentation .  

World WTSP Catalogs: (C) World Around-TRIZ Sites Basic Index (◎○) (Toru Nakagawa) (Sept. 30, 2019)

WTSP Catalog of "Around-TRIZ" Web sites in the world has been completed and posted as an important component of the Revised Preliminary Version (Sept. 30, 2019) of the WTSP World TRIZ-related Sites Catalogs
This reflects our philosophy that we should think and work with a wider scope not limited to (classical and modernized) TRIZ but covering various methodologies and practices having common purposes and goals.  So we made intensive Internet surveys with the keywords including: Creative Thinking Method,  Creative Problem Solve; Innovation process/strategy,  Quality/value/cost/productivity,  Patent/Intellectual property, etc. In 6 cases of surveys, we detected 1008 sites in total and visited them one by one for understanding them roughly.  Thus we got and evaluated as ◎ 36 sites, ○ 137 sites, and □ 287 sites (allowing overlaps among the survey cases).  In addition, for the sense of 'TRIZ inclusive", some of ◎○ sites in the area of TRIZ (especially having some extensions from TRIZ) are included.  Also ◎○□ sites around TRIZ in Japan are also included for showing the intention of the scope.
In the present 'World Around-TRIZ Basic Index', we took the ◎○ sites and categorized and arranged them according to their (main) roles of sites.  The categories are: (a) Information sending sites,  (b) Promotor organizations, (c) Public organizations, (d) Academia, (e) Developer organizations, (e5) Training organizations, (f) Publishing organizations, (g) Information sharing, (h) User organizations, (i) Personal.  The present version includes ◎ 34 sites, ○ 128 sites, and □ 13 sites.  All the sites are described to some extents mostly by using the excerpts of the top pages or 'About us' pages of the sites. 
-- All these sites in the WTSP Catalogs are valuable and useful information sources with respect to TRIZ and related methods.  All of us, from beginners to experts in some of these areas, can learn much from them and may introduce them to many people in the world.

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