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(A2) Organization of WTSP (World TRIZ Sites Project)

Editor:  Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader, Osaka Gakuin Univ.),  Dec. 21, 2017

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Posted:  Dec. 27, 2017;  Updated: Jan. 30; Feb 12; May 19; Jun. 15, 2018

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Dec. 20, 2017)

This page shows the Organization and Membership roles of WTSP in its up-to-date form. 

Invitation to Membership  ,   Joining as a Member  ,   Organizing a Team and Roles we need  ,
Current organization , List of Members and their Roles

Ref.  Proposals of World TRIZ Sites Project (1) (1A) (1B) (1C):  Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 21-27, 2017
        Plan and Invitation to World TRIZ Sites Project:  Toru Nakagawa, Dec. 2, 2017 

Editor's Note 2 (Toru Nakagawa, Feb. 12, 2018)

We have now prepared a collaborative working environment where most WTSP Members can work without directly using the Bitrix24 platform. 

I now realize my former mistake that I implicitly requested all the WTSP Members to use the WTSP platform for themselves, i.e., to learn how to operate the Bitrix24 groupware system and to handle various documents in the platform by using somewhat tedious and unfamiliar operations.  This was a mistake of requesting people to use one specific tool, however convenient and powerful it may be from an aspect. So, let's make our way of cooperative work relaxed as follows:

We use the WTSP platform on the Bitrix24 system in Cloud as before for the collaborative documentation work; but various working documents may be handled either in the platform or off the platform.  This way becomes possible by (a) using a base document in the ordinary .docx format, (b) openly displaying the document to be reviewed, (c) working for revision individually or in small groups off (or on) the platform using ordinary communication tools such as emails, (d) collecting the revision manuscripts via email to a number of members for editing, and (e) upload the edited revision manuscripts to the WTSP platform, (f) editing them into a revised document and display it openly in the platform for further revisions.  In this process, operation in the Bitrix24 platform is necessary only in the steps (b)(e)(f).  Hence such operation may be carried out by a rather small number of members who get familiar with the Bitirx24 system. 

Thus WTSP Members may or may not use the Bitrix24 platform.   Won't you join the World TRIZ Sites Project to work Together ! Connected !!

Editor's Note 3 (Toru Nakagawa, May 19, 2018)

WTSP Letter to about 100 TRIZ leaders (Apr. 24, 2018): "For Forming WTSP Teams to Build WTSP Catalog in Each Country" is now posted in a separate page .  Current Organization and List of Members are shown below.  We need your help and contributions for building the Catalog.


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Invitation to Membership (4 ways of contribution)

Joining as a Member

Membership Application Form (.doc)

Access point for opening the User Account of Bitrix24 platform

Roles in WTSP Current Organization List of WTSP Members

WTSP Index page


(A2) Organization of WTSP

 Invitation to Membership   (Ref.  (A1) Policies - Organizing the Project Team )

Note (TN, Feb. 12, 2018):  Members may or may not use the WTSP platform on Bitrix24 system.  Voluntary statement with the Membership Application Form is the only requirement for joining WTSP.

 For supporting/contributing/joining the WTSP Project, there are four ways/stages as follows:

(a) Supporting and Contributing to the WTSP from outside the Project without becoming a Member.

Describe your own Web site, or visit and describe various Web sites around you either in English or else in you own national language, and contribute the draft descriptions/suggestions to the Project by sending them to WTSP Members in your country (or some other suitable Member) via email.  Please use the templates of Site description and List of Sites description the ListSites-Global document as the base of revision/addition.  Please not to be in the commercial/advertizing stance.  Your drafts will be used by the Members as the basic description or comments or recommendations about the sites, while citing your name as a Contributor.

(b) Becoming a Member of WTSP working only in your own (non-English) national language.

People in over 3/4 (?) of countries in the world speak non-English national languages (e.g., in Germany, France, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, Brazil, etc. etc.).  In such countries most of Web sites are written in their own non-English language, and they are very important and useful for the people. Hence:
You are invited to become a Member of WTSP and to describe such non-English Web sites in your own language and edit the List of Web sites in your county (while using the ListSites-Global document as samples).  You may work only in your own national language by using our Bitrix24 platform, in collaboration with some of your colleagues who are WTSP Members (c). 
If you want to use our Bitrix24 platform, please use your own In this case you will mostly work using 'My Drive' storage area of our Bitrix24 platform, sharing 'My Drive' of your colleagues. 

(c) Joining the WTSP Project as a regular Member working in English (and in your own non-English language).

This is a regular Member of our Project.  You will voluntarily work to describe/edit various Web sites in your country (or otherwise in your scope across the world) to introduce them in English to the whole world (using the ListSites-Global document as the base for revision).  If you are in non-English speaking country, you will need to translate the descriptions in your own language (contributed by people in (a) and in (b)) into English.  Your descriptions will become a part of documents for your Country, for your Region (e.g., Europe, Asia, etc.), and for the whole world.  You are encouraged to review and comment/revise any other documents written by various Members, and to suggest/describe any Web sites in the world, in the borderless manner across the world.
If you want, you may use and work in the 'Company Drive' storage area of our Bitrix24 platform.
Once the WTSP documents for the whole world are completed, you will find it worthy of introducing them to the people in your country, maybe in English or in your own language after translation. 

(d) Joining the WTSP Project as an active/leading Member working in English (and in your own non-English language).

Our WTSP Project needs a number of active/leading Members, who work taking responsibility for editing documents for Country (especially big ones like Russia, USA, China, etc), for Region, and for the whole world.  And we would like to have people who work particularly in the scope of various categories of fields and methodologies (in and around TRIZ) across the world.  It may be possible for active/leading Members to work with/without using our Bitrix24 platform personally. 
Members working as staff for technical support may be necessary as well; the Bitrix24 is a very powerful and useful system, but learning the operation to edit/publicizing the big documents takes time for many members
We wish to have all these active members on a voluntary basis.


 Joining as a Member

Any TRIZ (in a wider sense) leaders/colleagues who voluntarily want to join the WTSP Project (in the ways as (b)(c)(d) described above) are welcome, without any particular approval/screening process.  Please carry out the following two procedures:

(1) Please fill in the Membership Application Form and send it to the Project Leader via email.

This is the only requirement to become a Member of WTSP.  You may or may not open an account in the Bitrix24 platform. 

The Membership Application Form (in .doc) is downloadable here     (and also publicly in the WTSP platform at URL: )

The Form asks you to write about the following items (updated on Feb. 12, 2018):

Name ** :                        Family:       Given:      
Email address **
Organization **
City, Country **
What roles? (you may mark any ones):  
In which language**:   □ English,  □ Others (specify:                              )
Bitrix24 platform**:  □ Will not use,  □ Will use,   □ Will use as a technical staff
Aspect**:                      □ Focus on TRIZ, □ Wider Relevant fields, □ Others(specify:                )
Role**:    ■ Member, □ Country editor, □ Regional editor, □ Global co-editor
Experiences in TRIZ
Your Web site
Your view/interests concerning to this project
Questions and suggestions:

Note:  Information with ** will be shown publicly in the list of Project Members.
            Please adjust the table cell space, as you need.

            If you wish, please send your messages to all the Members by using Activity Stream in our platform .

To be sent to:  Project Leader:  Toru Nakagawa

(2) (If you like,) Please access to our Bitrix24 platform and open your User Account for yourself.

Note:  You may or may not use the Bitrix24 platform for yourself (Feb. 12, 2018). 

We use the Bitrix24 groupware system in Cloud, which is publicly accessible with URL:
Since we work in its Standard Cloud Plan, unlimited number of users can join without any fee, and up to 100 GB of storage is available in Cloud, i.e. you may access it from any of your device and at any location.
It has user-friendly GUI, instructions and help information, a very rich series of instruction videos, efficient technical support with online chat, etc.

For opening your User Account at our platform, please access with a specific URL:
Input your profile for the Bitrix24 System; then you are accepted as a User of Bitrix24 System and specifically belong to our WTSP Project, which is treated as '' department.
Your joining will be announced (inside the platform) to all the Members, automatically.

You can now enter our WTSP platform with URL:  
As a Member, you may fully use the functions of the Bitrix24 system, especially writing/editing your documents and viewing/revising all the documents in the Project Draft and Project Internal (Main Folders) in the 'Company Drive' and using your own 'My Drive' area. You may use the communication tools inside the Bitrix24 system as well.

Please try to master various efficient ways of operation in the Bitrix24 system for yourself, as they are needed. (You may refer Brief introduction of using the Bitrix24 platform for documentation .)  You are of course asked to observe standards of conduct for keeping the quality, publicity, security, etc. of the WTSP and its documents.

 Organizing a Team; Some Roles we need

Besides the ordinary roles as Members, we need Members playing the following roles:

Country Editor:  A Member who represents each country for preparing the documents, finalizing for publicizing, and later introduce the WTSP outputs to the country.   (In case of big countries like Russia and USA, we may have multiple Country Editors.)  In case of non-English language speaking countries, Country Editors play important role for preparing the documents and for later introducing the WTSP outputs to their country people.

Regional Editors: One or multiple Members who take care of the documents of all the countries in each Region, and coordinating the Members in each Region.

Global Co-Editors: Several Members who jointly participate in decision making and take care of the whole activities of WTSP Project, especially responsible for publicizing the outputs.

Project Leader: One of Global Co-Editors, who represents the WTSP Project and is responsible for the final decision making.

Special Aspects Members:  Members who take care of the WTSP Project in some special aspects, e.g., categorizing relevant fields and methodologies and preparing documents with such categorization; designing final outputs, etc.

Technical Support Members: Members who guide and support other Members technically for their effective use of the Platform.  And also Members who support the technical editorial work for editing/updating the documents and for displaying publicly in the WTSP platform.

All these roles are to be assigned on the voluntary basis.

 Current Organization (Last update: Jun. 15, 2018)

Project Leader:    Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University, Japan)
Global Co-editors:   

Darrell Mann (Systematic Innovation Network, UK)
Michael Orloff (Academy of Instrumental Modern TRIZ, Germany)
Simon Dewulf (AULIVE, Australia)
Simon Litvin (GEN TRIZ, LLC., USA)
Valeri Souchkov (ICG Training & Consulting, Netherlands)

possibly another from USA,
             another from Russia,
             another from EU

Regional Editors:

C.& S. America


Noel Leon (Mexico) (under invitation)

possibly some others (not decided yet)

Country Editors

D-jp  Japan
D-cn   China, P.R.

Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University, Japan)
Tan Runhua (Hebei University of Technology, China)

G-br  Brazil Sylvio Sylveira Santos (Virtual Classes in TRIZ and Systematic Innovation (MTRIZ-VC), Brazil)

 List of Members and their Roles  (Last update: May 19, 2018)



Member Name


City, Country




Darrell Mann

Systematic Innovation Network

Bideford, UK




Valeri Souchkov

ICG Training & Consulting

Enschede, Netherlands




Michael Orloff

Academy of Instrumental Modern TRIZ

Berlin, Germany




Davide Russo

Università degli Studi di Bergamo

Bergamo, Italy




Smolnik Maksymilian

AGH University of Science and Technology

Kraków, Poland




Helena Navas






Yuri Salamatov






Nikolay Shpakovsky






Shireen Al-Jaouni

United Nations

Jerusalem, Palestine




Toru Nakagawa

Osaka Gakuin University 

Kashiwa, Japan




Yury Danilovsky

QM&E Innovation

Seoul, South Korea



Cai Yikun






Luo Lingling

Northeastern University





Runhua Tan

Hebei University of Technology

Tianjin, China




T.S. Yeoh

Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association (MyTRIZ)





Tanasak Pheunghua

The Inventor Development Co.,Ltd.

Samutprakarn, Thailand




Simon Dewulf


Glen Elgin, Australia




Ellen Domb

PQR Group

North Palm Beach, FL, USA




Simon Litvin


Newton, MA, USA




Sylvio Silveira Santos 

Virtual Classes in TRIZ and Systematic Innovation (MTRIZ-VC)

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil




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Invitation to Membership (4 ways of contribution)

Joining as a Member

Membership Application Form (.doc)

Access point for opening the User Account of Bitrix24 platform

Roles in WTSP Current Organization List of WTSP Members

WTSP Index page


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