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The Role of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan":
Towards a 'Public Site'
Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University),
Nov. 1, 2007
[Posted on Nov. 1, 2007] 

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From the Editor (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 1, 2007)

This site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" is happily celebrating its Ninth Anniversary today.  We are very grateful for all the authors, translators, communicators who contributed much with their papers, articles, and communications, and for many more readers in Japan and in the world who have accessed to this site and and have encouraged me with their emails and conversations.  By the support of all of you, I have been able to keep this site running actively. 

In Japan we are now entering a new era in TRIZ: The Japan TRIZ Society has been established and has started its Official Web site, and consequently the Japan TRIZ CB has finished its role.  Thus, I would like to explain current situations and future directions of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", and to ask for your kind support.

(1) (NPO) 'The Japan TRIZ Society'.  Official Web site:  URL: (in Japanese)       

'The Japan TRIZ Society' was established in March, 2007 for the purpose of extension by reorganizing 'Japan TRIZ CB'.  It has submitted an official paper for requesting the approval as an NPO (Not-for-Profit Organization) to Tokyo Metropolitan Office.
Its Official Web site has started the operation (on a temporary basis), with the URL shown above.  The Editor is not named yet.  The site is going to post official messages, announcements, activity reports, agenda and contents of symposia and other meetings, resultant papers, articles, links, etc. from the official, organizational standpoints. 
Some parts of Official Pages of the (former) 'Japan TRIZ CB' are reproduced in this site.

(2) (Former) 'Japan TRIZ CB'.  Official Pages (located inside "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"), (edited by T. Nakagawa)

This Web site was active during the period from Mar. 2005 to Oct. 2007, and posted the announcements and papers of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd TRIZ Symposia in Japan (2005 - 2007), among others
This site will be fixed as it is, without updating in future, and has hyperlinks to the new 'Japan TRIZ Society' site. 
The present pages will not be removed; thus you can use them as before without problems.

(3) "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", Editor: Toru Nakagawa (OGU). 

As before, I will continue to be the Editor of this Web site and to run it.  However, this site is not a private site but a 'Public Web site' in its nature.

Now I would like to explain some more about the differences between an 'Official Site' and a 'Public Site'. 

'Official Site' means a site which officially represents an organization.  In addition to an Editor (or Editor in Chief), it usually has an Editorial committee.  The contents to be posted in the Official Site should be officially decided by the organization (e.g. by the Editorial committee) or at least need to be authorized for the posting.  Such procedure for official decision or authorization often delays the timing of posting any article.  And any issue on which there are different opinions in the organization can not be posted; thus individual opinions and unique papers may not be posted.  Organizations who collect member fees often meet the requests that some information should be open limited to the members.

On the other hand, a 'Public Web Site' means a site which is not operated for commercial or advertisement purposes by specific individuals or companies and which intends to deliver the information to a wide range of people for the purposes and standpoints of serving to the public.  The site, of course, must be edited, operated, and managed by somebody (or some group).  Such sites operated by some individuals or some groups can be considered to be 'not private but public' only by their activities and history.  It depends on what the editor writes, of course.  Another important criterion is whether other people involved in the theme and field are actually contributing and supporting the site. In the field of TRIZ, "The TRIZ Journal" has served as a public site in the western world (Ellen Domb served for a long time as the main Editor of it, but nobody said that TRIZ Journal was her private site). 

For a public site to be active, the Editor (or Editor group) should collect (or write) many good articles and papers and post them with appropriate and quick decisions.  The information in the site is requested to be rich, easy to understand, and high quality.  Everything must be carried out by the responsibility of the Editor (or Editor group) (it may be desirable for the Editor to obtain advices from some group of people).  It is desirable that a variety of opinions, information, articles, and papers written by various people are posted, and the readers have interactive communication with them.  Once these postings and readers' communications are developed well, Public Web sites can be much more active than ordinary Official Web sites. 

"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been trying to be a 'Public Web site' in the sense mentioned above, and has made such a role, to some extent, I believe.  However, for the last few years, I have been too busy to update and enhance some parts of the site.  Thus, since last year, I requested the Japan TRIZ CB (and Japan TRIZ Society) to regard "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" as a 'Public Web site' and to name a member as the Co-Editor for supporting the editing and operation of the site.  But this request was not accepted by the CB (and Society).  So I will serve as the only Editor as before. 

In this situation, I would like to ask readers (in Japan) to give me help in the following tasks on a voluntary basis.  It is nice if one or up-to-three people would work on each item (or sub-item).  (Essentially the same has been posted in my (Japanese) page of 'To Do List for TRIZ'.)

Updating the pages of 'TRIZ Textbooks and References':  List of TRIZ-related textbooks, references, and other books; List of the contents of TRIZ textbooks.

Updating the pages of 'Collection of TRIZ Links':  TRIZ Links in Japan; TRIZ Links in the world.

Updating and enhancing the pages of 'Software Tools in TRIZ (and related area)':  Objective information about TRIZ software tools.

If you would volunteer any of the above items or others, please send me an email.  Thanks so much.


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