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An Award Is Presented
to Dr. Simon S. Litvin
for His Contributions to TRIZ

The "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Foundation
Toru Nakagawa
Posted on Aug. 3, 2011; Updated: Oct. 28, 2011

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Announcement (Toru Nakagawa, Aug. 3, 2011)

The "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Foundation (Editor: Toru Nakagawa) is going to present its Award to Dr. Simon S. Litvin for appreciating and thanking for his many years of contributions to TRIZ.

The "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Foundation was established two years ago .  The present Web site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" was established voluntarily on November 1, 1998 as a public Web site for information exchange for better understanding and usage of TRIZ.  Since then for nearly 13 years, the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has posted a large number of articles and papers useful for promoting the penetration and application of TRIZ, thanks to the contributions and supports by many authors and readers in Japan and in the World.  So in 2009 I deposited a part of the income obtained from my activities based on the present Web site to the Foundation for utilizing it for the purpose of further penetration and development of TRIZ in Japan and in the World.  The Foundation presented its Award to Mr. Darrell L. Mann, UK. in 2009, and to Dr. Nikolai Khomenko, Canada  in 2010 [Dr. Khomenko passed away in March 2011, to our sorrow].   This is the third year of the Awards.

Dr. Simon Litvin was a direct student and close colleague of Mr. G. Altshuller, and is one of the most active TRIZ Masters certificated by Mr. Altshuller.  Since 1990s he moved to USA and founded Pragmatic Vision and then GEN3 Partners to promote TRIZ to industries.  He has been working for furthering TRIZ in the direction to make the TRIZ methodoogy more useful and effective for real business in industries.  For more detail, please refer to his Profile, written by himself and shown below.

Every year since 1998 I took part in international TRIZ conferences (such as TRIZCONs and ETRIA TFCs), but I do not remember when I met Dr. Litvin for the first time.   I knew him only by his name for several years, and met him later in some ETRIA TFC.  I attended at his lectures several times so far and was much interested in his work.  He did not have occasion to visit Japan, except the one in Oct. 2009 when he gave a 3 hour seminar in Tokyo on his way of a business trip to other country.    

Last November at the ETRIA TFC in Bergamo, Italy, I informally asked him about the possibility of his coming to Japan to give a Keynote Lecture at our Japan TRIZ Symposium.  And later Japan TRIZ Society officially invited him.  'How to extend and apply TRIZ to real business targets' is the main theme of his work and is most important to learn for Japanese TRIZ community, we think.  At the coming TRIZ Symposium we are going to have his net 6-hour Advanced Seminar on the first day and also his Keynote Lecture on the second day morning. 

On the second day evening of the Symposium, a brief ceremony of the Award Presentation will be held during the Buffet Dinner and Communication.   The "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Foundaton is happy to serve for the promotion of TRIZ. 


The Award Certificate (originally in Japanese) and its English translation are shown below:   


Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Oct. 28, 2011)

During the Reception Party of the Seventh TRIZ Symposium in Japan, 2011 (Sept. 9, 2011), the Ceremony of Presentation of this Award to Dr. Simon S. Litvin was held in front of nearly 100 participants.  The Award Certificate and the Award Money (200,000 yen) were handed by Toru Nakagawa.  Here is a photo.

(From left) Toru Nakagawa and Dr. Simon S. Litvin   (Photo by Osamu Ikeda)

  Profile of Dr. Simon S. Litvin

[This Profile was provided by Dr. Litvin for the Keynote Lecture. (Aug. 3, 2011)]

Simon S. Litvin is one of the world's foremost experts on TRIZ, Value Engineering, and Open Innovation. He has more than 35 years of experience developing, teaching, and implementing innovative methods, and is one of the architects of advanced TRIZ methodology - TRIZplus™ and G3:ID™. Dr. Litvin was a direct student and close colleague of TRIZ founder Genrich Altshuller.

S. Litvin is one of the authors of modern Function Analysis, Trimming and Feature Transfer techniques, Cause-Effect Chain Analysis, Function-Oriented Search, Main Parameters of Value Discovery, and some principles of Development of Creative Imagination.

Dr. Litvin is one of the founders and executives of GEN3 Partners, the biggest TRIZ-based company in the world, where he is responsible for the quality of GEN3 innovation services. He is also the CEO of Algorithm, the Russian branch of GEN3. Dr. Litvin led numerous international consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies such as Alcoa, General Electric, P&G, Covidien, Pepsi, Intel, P&W, Clorox, Siemens, and British American Tobacco.

Dr. Litvin holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Russian Academy of Science, Institute of Science of Machine Problems in St.-Petersburg, Russia. He earned a Masters of TRIZ Diploma in 1998 from the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ). Dr. Litvin has over 100 publications to his credit, including six books and more than 20 patents. Dr. Litvin is a Vice President of International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ) and Chairman of TRIZ Master Certification Board. He is also a member of Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies, USA and European TRIZ Association (ETRIA).



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