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"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Operation Policy

Editor: Toru Nakagawa (Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University)

Posted on Apr. 9, 2012
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  Editor's Note  (Toru Nakagawa, Apr. 6, 2012)

As written in a separate page , I have retired Osaka Gakuin University by the end of March at the preset age (plus 1).  Hence, in an ordinary arrangement, I should have moved the present "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" out of the OGU Web server. 

Fortunately, on April 1, I was given by Osaka Gakuin University the title of Professor Emeritus, and was allowed to continue to use my email address and the Web site for my TRIZ/USIT activities in a way almost same as before.  More specifically, I will continue to use my present email address  in future (without any plan of changing it).  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" will continue to be operated in the Web site of Osaka Gakuin University .  This is a special, kind arrangement by OGU with respect of its public nature and achievements so far.  We thank Osaka Gakuin University and its staff deeply for their thoughtful arrangements and support from now on.  And I also thank you all the authors, voluntary supporters, and readers of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" for your contributions and supports for these many years.

As the Editor, I am going to operate "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" essentially in the same policy as before.  On this occasion, however, I would like to write down the policy more explicitly.  I would like to ask you for your contribution, collaboration, supports, and subscription of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", as ever.

  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Operation Policy  (Editor: Toru Nakagawa, Apr. 6, 2012)

This Web site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" is operated under the policy described here.  This policy is essentially the same as before.

(1) Name:

"TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  (in English)     『TRIZホームページ』  (in Japanese)

(2) Editor:

Toru Nakagawa (Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University)

The Editor is in charge of the contents and the operation of this Web site.

(3) Web site URL:     (In English,  English top page)      (In Japanese,  Japanese top page)

[Note:  The present site exists inside the official OGU Web site for public access.
However, since it is a special case for OGU, finding it through the OGU top page may be difficult.  You should better go directly with the URL described above. ]

(4) Access point:

Editor:    email:   [Same as before.  Will not be changed in future.]

Editor: Postal address:    3-1-13 Eirakudai, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-0086, Japan   (Home)
Editor:  Phone & FAX:  +81-4-7167-7403

(5) Purpose:

This home page serves as an open forum of information exchange for better understanding and usage of TRIZ ("Theory of Inventive Problem Solving"), especially based in Japan.
Readers' contributions are very welcome, including introductory articles, papers, technical reports, case studies, news and topics, questions, comments, etc.

This home page is to accept contributions of many people from Japan and the world and to post them publicly for the public purposes and on the not-for-profit basis; hence it intends to be a Public Web site and not a Private/Personal Web site of the Editor.  In order to keep the quality of the contents high, to promote its activities, and to operate the Web site, the Editor is working for editing and posting all the contents with responsibility.  The Web site tries, as much as possible, to post Japanese pages and English pages in parallel by bidirectional language translation, so as to enable Japanese people to see the World and also to enable people in the World to see inside Japan.  In this manner, "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" wants to be a model of its vision of establishing "Global Network of Public Web Sites (in TRIZ)".  

(6) Contribution of article:

For contribution, please send your article to the Editor via email with attaching MS Word file(s) in the .doc format. 
Please write your intention of contributing the article in the email text. 
Figures and photos may be included in the Word documents.

Decision of whether and when to post the article should be left to the Editor, while the Editor will try to do the best. 
An article may not be posted if it is offensive to public order and morals, infringing other party's rights, more like an advertisement, irrelevant to the themes of the site, poor in the quality of contents or expressions, etc.

The editorial work of converting the article into HTML and of posting it will be carried out by the Editor.

Contribution is free of charge, and will not be paid. 

(7) Posting the article

Articles are posted with explicit description of the author's name and his/her affiliation.
In some cases, the affiliation may not be disclosed and the author's name may not be disclosed.  (However, anonymous submission of an article is not acceptable.)

To each article, the date of writing (or Editor's acceptance) and date of posting (and later updating) will be shown explicitly.

(8) Assignment of Copyrights

The copyrights of the articles posted in the present Web site belong primarily to the author(s) (or authors of the original writing, translators, editor,etc.).
The present Web site (or more specifically, its Editor Toru Nakagawa) obtains from the authors (or copyrights holders) non-exclusive rights of posting (and editing) the the article in the present Web site, pubic disclosure in the present Web site, distribution of the posted articles, producing printed versions of the posted articles, etc. 
Copyrights of the posted pages belong to the present Web site.

In relation to the above, the authors of each article should confirm that they do not infringe any other party's copyrights and they have obtained any necessary permission of publicly disclosing the article from their affiliations etc. 
If there occurs any trouble concerning to these issues, the authors of the article should be responsible primarily.

(9) Printing, reproducing, distributing, linking, etc. of the articles.

As written above in (8), the articles and pages in the present Web site are publicly disclosed without charge but they are protected by the copyrights owned by the authors and the present Web site.
Therefore, the readers of the present Web site should handle the articles/pages in the manner observing their copyrights (or in accordance to the copyrights laws).  More specifically: 

(a) It is allowed for a reader to browse, read, pint, and download to save a copy of the articles/pages of the present site for the purpose of his/per personal use.

(b) It is allowed for a reader to make a relatively small number of printed copies or digital storage copies of the articles/pages of the present Web site available for noncommercial purposes.  It is also allowed for a reader to make a relatively large number of printed copies of the articles/pages of the present Web site available for educational purposes. 

(c) It is prohibited for a reader to use the articles/pages of the present Web site for commercial purposes (by making them available to browse, in printed copies, or in digital copies, etc.) without written permission.  If anybody wants to use the articles/pages of the present Web site for commercial purposes, please write to the Editor of the present Web site beforehand.

(d) It is prohibited for a reader to repost the articles/pages of the present Web site in other site without written permission irrespective of commercial/non-commercial purposes and irrespective of publicly-open/limitedly-open/in-house disclosure. 

(e) It is allowed freely to make a hyperlink to the present Web site (i.e., to the top page) or to individual articles/pages of the present Web site.
Nevertheless, it is a violation of copyrights to display the articles/pages of the present Web site inside a frame of the calling page as if they were the articles/pages belonging to the calling site.  Please display the called articles/pages in a way they actually belong to the present Web site.

(f) It is prohibited to modify and use the articles/pages of the present Web site without written permission.  If you have a desire of using or using-after-modification of the articles/pages of the present Web site, please write to the Editor beforehand. 

(10) Request of voluntary support for translating the articles into Japanese or into English, etc.

This site is endeavoring to post good articles written in English by foreign authors in Japanese translation and also good articles written in Japanese in English translation.  I would like to get a number of voluntary people who would do these translation work for the present Web site. 
Any help in providing illustrations, photos, Web designs, technical support, etc. is also heartily welcome.  If you are willing to do, please write an email message to the Editor.

I would like to ask such help of Japanese/English translation, illustrations, photos, Web design, technical support, etc. on a voluntary basis without any payment.

(11) Update schedule:

Updating is carried out without any prefixed/regular schedule.  The present Web site will be updated every 1 to 4 weeks. 
The latest day of update is shown at the top-right in the top page.

(12) Update announcement:

On every update of the Web site, an Update Announcement (containing the abstract introduction of the new articles) is sent via email to over one thousand people in Japan and in the world.  The announcement is free of charge.

If you want to receive the Update Announcements, please send a subscription request to the Editor.  In the request, please inform the Editor about: Your name, its pronunciation, your affiliation, working address (i.e., postal address), your profession, your relation to TRIZ, etc.
When your email address or affiliation changes, please inform me.
The registration and updates of the mailing list may take 1 to 3 months. 

(13) Any comments and requests:

Even though I am doing the editorial work carefully, there can be mistakes and failures in the contents, formats, links, etc. of the articles/pages.  Whenever you have comments and requests, please write them to the Editor via email.

In the old pages accumulated for these 13 years, there are various unsatisfactory and inconsistent points, especially in layouts and fonts, I know.  I would like to review them in future.


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