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Message for the New Year 2013

Editor: Toru Nakagawa (Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University)

Posted on Jan. 9, 2013
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Message (Toru Nakagawa, Jan. 9, 2013)

Greetings from Japan for a Happy New Year 2013!!  Wish the year be happy, healthy, and successful for you all and peaceful in the World.

I retired from Osaka Gakuin University last March and have been continuing my research and social promotion of Creative Problem Solving Methodology TRIZ/USIT.  I served as the Program Chairperson to organize the 8th Japan TRIZ Symposium 2012 held by the Japan TRIZ Society.  It was my honor to have given Keynote Lectures at the TRIZ conferences in Iran and in Malaysia.  I gave presentations at Japan TRIZ Symposium and at ETRIA TRIZ Future Conference on my vision of future of TRIZ. 

However, I have resigned by the end of last December from the Board and Management Members of the Japan TRIZ Society, NPO.  Last November at the Board Meeting and last December at the Management Meeting, a new policy quite different in the direction from our previous ones were proposed and decided.  Mr. Toshihiro Hayashi, President, and myself thus resigned, resulting in a generation change in the leadership of JTS. 

Even after stepping down the JTS management, I still have a strong will to "develop TRIZ/USIT further and make it useful for solving problems and achieving tasks in many and different issues in Japan and in the World".  By using the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" as before, I would like to keep the activities in collaboration with many people in Japan and abroad.  I am going to put much empahsis on making the site a Public site especially by posting papers/articles by Japanese authors in English and those by overseas authors in Japanese. 

As a new target I have been proposing since last year "To establish a general methodology for creative problem-solving and task-achieving (beyond TRIZ/USIT) and to penetrate it widely for application".  Hence I would like to learn relevant methods and communicate with people with the hope to form a new movement in and around the TRIZ community.

In Japan we face with a lot of difficult problems, such as a super-aging society, a long stagnation of economy, sustainable energy without nuclear power plant, etc.  I would like to collaborate with many poeple in industries, in universities, and in local communities for solving such problems by applying our (extended) methods. 

For keeping my health, besides simming 1000 m once or twice a week, I am doing light exercises every morning.

Best wishes,

Toru Nakagawa


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