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CrePS-SB Project for Trial Use and Evaluation of the
Southbeach Notation and Modelling

Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.)

Posted: Oct. 20, 2013

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Oct. 18, 2013)

For the purpose of encouraging the trial use and evaluation of the Southbeach Modelling, I started the "CrePS-SB Project" in Japan in June 2013 and it is now open to the users outside of Japan.  For reducing the cost barrier for the trial of making models with the software tool, I have arranged, under the permission of the Southbeach Solution Co., to offer free '3-month Editor mode license' to any voluntary users who are willing to share their experiences.  Please communicate with Toru Nakagawa following the instructions written below:


  Instructions to the "3-month free Editor-mode license" of the Southbeach Modeller under the CrePS-SB Project

(1) Free downloading of the Southbeach Modeller for using it in the Player mode

Go to the site of the Southbeach Solutions Co.:

Go to the page for free downloading, and download the Southbeach Modeller 3.0

Install it with the installer wizard.  (Windows 8, 7, vista, xp, and Mac and VMware)

In the Player mode, you can view a large number of example models in the library (and also any models your friends have made).
Features of the tool and many documents on the Southbeach project can be read freely without any registration.

(2) If you want a '3-month free Editor-mode license' of the Southbeach Modeller, you should first make a contact with Toru Nakagawa.

Please send me the following information via email to:

- Your name, affilication, and email address

- Your intention of joining the CrePS-SB Project and obtaining a 3-month free Editor-mode license of the Southbeach Modeller. 

- Your background and your plan of trial use

- 'Site ID' of your PC in which you are going to install the tool.   This information can be obtained as follows:

Start the Southbeach Modeller, click [License] at the right end of the menue bar, and click [View site code].  You will see the screen as shown below.  Copy the information.

Product: Southbeach Modeller
Site Code: xxxxxxxx
Machine ID: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
License state: 0

Following your information, Nakagawa will communcate with the Southbeach Solutions Co. to introduce you as a new member of the CrePS-SB Project.

When you receive an email of approval from Nakagawa, you should go ahead to (3).

(3) You should request the Southbeach Solutions Co. for a license as a CrePS-SB Project member by informing your PC's 'site ID'.

For this purpose, you should start the Southbeach Modeller, click [License] at the right end of the menue bar, and click [Send site code]

Then, in your mailer software, a mail message having the following information will be composed:

From:  Yourself
Subject:   Southbeach Modeller License information

FAO: Southbeach Team
Site code: xxxxxxxx  MID code: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

Application: Southbeach Modeller
Name:     yyyy
Company:   yyyyyyyyyyy

Add the following sentence to the mail, and add Nakagawa to the CC address, and send the mail:

"I am a new member of the CrePS-SB Project as approved by Prof. Toru Nakagawa."

(4) When you receive your activation code from the Southbeach Solution Co., you can install it:

You will receive an email from the Southbeach Solution Co. telling you the activation code
       in the format of   zzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzz

For installing the code and unlocking the key to the Editor mode of the software, follow the instructions, with reference to:

1.  If your Modeller is running, shut it down.
2. While pressing the Ctrl key, start the SB Modeller.
3. On the initial panel of the license application, choose [Unlock New Features].
4. Enter your activation code.
5. Press [Continue].
6. Now the SB Modeller will start running and you can use it with the Editor mode.

(5) You may use the Southbeach Modeller freely for 3 months.  Please send a brief communication in a month and a report in 3 months to Nakagawa:

If you have any question or suggestion while using the software, please communicate with the Southbeach Solution Co. and/or Nakagawa.

In a month, please send an email about your impressions and your progress to Nakagawa.

In 3 months, please submit a report of your trial usage via email to Nakagawa, for the purpose of sharing your experiences with the readers.  Any format will do.  [Note that you may try to use the software in your own language, such as Korean, Chinese, Thai, Farsi, Russian, etc., but please write your report in English with some sample diagarams.]

These communications and reports will be posted in the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", with some editorial revision if appropriate.
Your name will apear in the postings, with/without your affiliation as you prefer.

(6) By the end of 3 months, you will lose the right of free trial use under the CrePS-SB Project.  Please carry out the de-activation process as follows:

The deactivation process is:

1.  If your Modeller is running, shut it down.
2. While pressing the Ctrl key, start the SB Modeller.
3. On the initial panel of the license application, choose [Remove license].
4. Press [Continue].
5. Now the SB Modeller will start running, and you can use it in the Player mode but not in the Editor mode.

If you want to buy your own license of the software, you should go to the Southbeach Solutions site to pay and do the process similar to (4). 

You are cordially requested to finish the deactivation procedure after the 3 months.  In case a user do not carry out the deactivation, Nakagawa may ask him/her to pay the ordinary license fee.

(7) With the people who once joined the present project, we would like to start a Users Group of the Southbeach Modeller, in future.


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