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Heuristic Innovation and its Development

Ed Sickafus (Ntelleck, LLC, USA),
U-SIT and Think News Letter - 69 ,
Mar. 19, 2007

[Posted: Mar. 30, 2008]  Under the permission by the Author.

[Also posted: Japanese translation by H. Kosha, K. Kawamo, and T. Nakagawa, Mar. 30, 2008]

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Mar. 30, 2008)

In our corresponding Japanese page , we are posting the Japanese translation of Dr. Ed Sickafus' essay having the title shown above. This essay was written just a year ago and was delivered to us in No. 69 of USIT News Letter , which is the mail magazine issued by Dr. Sickafus sometimes weekly and some other times with longer intermissions. 

On reading the essay, I found it a very important document and requested the author for a permission for us to translate it into Japanese and to post it both in Japanese and in English in my Web site. Dr. Sickafus kindly gave us the permission, to our pleasure. However the translation work was much harder for us than I expected. Because it describes the inner history of the Author in his thinking process of jumping from USIT up to a new methodology named 'Heuristic Innovation'. 

The main motive described in this essay was already presented in his Keynote Lecture given in the Second TRIZ Symposium in Japan (held on Aug. 30 - Sept. 1, 2006 at PanaHills Osaka). Dr. Sickafus proposed to utilize in the problem solving not only logic mostly performed in the left hemisphere of our brain but also intuition mostly performed in the right hemisphere. He says that the logical structure in the structured problem solving methodologies, such as TRIZ and USIT, serves just as the means for learning, teaching, and communication. Once anybody masters the methodology, he/she can carry out the (essence of) methodology in an advanced way without strictly following the logical structure. For this purpose he advises to utilize 'metaphors', not only in its verbal forms but also more importantly in the nonverbal forms like sketches of problem situations and diagrams. 

'Heuristic Innovation' (or the HI methodology) is a new methodology which Dr. Sickafus was writing at that time. In March, 2007, he finished writing his new textbook "Heuristic Innovation" (of about 240 pages) and revised his Web site so as to announce this textbook. The No. 69 of USIT News Letter was the announcement of this new publication. The preface part of the News Letter writes as follows:

Dear Readers:

The Japanese translation of this essay was volunteered by Mr. Hideaki Kosha (Fuji Film Co.) and Prof. Keishi Kawamo (formerly Shibaura Inst. of Tech.). During the Golden Week vacation Mr. Kosha made the first draft, and then Prof. Kawamo revised it. However, this essay was found quite difficult to understand, or rather to agree in its claims, and hence we decided to translate Dr. Sickafus' Keynote paper first (cf. the presentation slides were translated already for the Symposium by Mr. Yuji Mihara (Fuji Film) and posted). The Keynote paper was posted in this Web site on Jun. 24, 2007 in Japanese translation  by K. Kawamo and Toru Nakagawa. Prof. Kawamo made the third draft of this essay last June. I was responsible for the final brushing up of the translation, but was so busy; and I finally completed the translation work just a week ago. I apologize my so much delay and express my sincere thanks to Mr. Kosha and Prof. Kawamo. 

Dr. Ed Sickafus was working in the discipline of experimental physics. He got interested in the thinking methodology for problem solving at the age over 60 and developed USIT with the stimuli of TRIZ and Israeli SIT, and further developed HI by overcoming USIT with the stimuli of cognitive psychology. He describes his mental process of his developing the new methodology, frankly and vividly. We are very grateful to Dr. Ed Sickafus for his kind permission of our Japanese translation and our posting it both in Japanese and in English in this Web site, "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".

In this English page, I am posting the News Letter in the PDF format . Readers, being interested, can subscribe Dr. Sickafus' News Letter through his Web site.

U-SIT and Think News Letter - 69 ,
Ed Sickafus (Ntelleck, LLC, USA), Mar. 19, 2007

   PDF (5 pages, 58KB)   Click here.


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