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Links to TRIZ Consulting Firms, etc.
  Note:  This is a supplement to the main page of TRIZ Links.  Many leading TRIZ consulting firms open Web sites with valuable information for public, and are listed in the main page, though not listed here for the sake of easier maintenance.  (Jul. 16, 1999) 
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American Supplier Institute
          [Promoting Taguchi Method, QFD, TRIZ, etc.  Organizing international conferences.  President: Shin Taguchi. ]

            [  ]

  Technical Innovation Center
             [Lev Shulyak.  Promoting The Altshuller Inst. ]

TRIZ University
             [Renaissance Leadership Inst. (Dr. James Kowalick)]

Cal Tech Industrial Relationship Center, Executive Course
          [A lecture by Dr. James Kowalick]

   Ideal Final Results Consutants Ltd.
              [United Kingdom]

Responsible Management
          [John Terninko]

  TIPS Innovation

Virtual TRIZ College at the Internet
          [Operated by The TRIZ Experts (S. Savransky)]

Next Step Associates
           [ A virtual consulting company on the Internet]

The Quality Homepage
         [Kees de Bondt, The Netherlands]

Qualiplus/ASI Brasil

ASI Korea

   TRIZ Corporation, Korea

  TRIZ-Novosibirsk  (in Russian)

  TRIZ-Chance Project      (in Russian)

  Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Qualität und Umwelt

  Think Tech Center  (in Israel)    (in Hebrew,  English and Russian)

  ENSAM Project TRIZ   (in French)

  TriSolver Consulting    (in German and in English)

          [Spain.  A project at Valencia Polytechnique Univ.  Posts some articles of TRIZ Journal translated into Spanish.  ]


   The TRIZ Group (Victor Fey and Eugine Rivin)

  Insytec B.V.
          [Valeri Souchkov, The Netherlands]

   TRIZ/TIPS Forum  (TIPS Innovation, Sweden)
          [An open forum on TRIZ.   Discussions among TRIZ specialists in US, etc.   Specialized in TRIZ, IM software, Indusstrial TRIZ, and creativity.   ]

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