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Messages, Reports, and Photoes of
The First TRIZ Symposium in Japan
Held on Sept. 1-3, 2005, at Shuzenji, Izu

Message from Toshihiro Hayashi (Chairperson of CB),

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This page shows messages, summaries, reports, and photoes, etc. of the First TRIZ Symposium in Japan, held on September 1-3, 2005 at Shuzenji. Readers contributions are welcome; they may be posted either in this page or in the pages of TRIZ Forum.


Our Thanks to Successful First TRIZ Symposium in Japan

Toshihiro Hayashi (Hitachi Ltd.)
Chairperson of the Collaborative Board
of TRIZ Promoters and Users in Japan
September 20, 2005 (English transltion: October 11, 2005)

Ten years shall have been passing after introduction of TRIZ into Japan. During this decade, through magazines/books by engineering journalism and seminars by TRIZ service providers, many dissemination movements for TRIZ have been promoted and many seminars, training courses and consulting services have been provided for it. As a result, various application experiences of TRIZ to actual problems have been accumulated among users of many companies and some academies.

In such a situation, users meetings by a particular TRIZ vendor have been taken place every year since several years ago, but there have been no open opportunities where TRIZ users and service providers in Japan meet together, discuss the TRIZ and related matters, and share their experiences and problems through the actual applications of TRIZ. Many TRIZ users have been hoping to have such an open TRIZ symposium in Japan

To respond to such wishes, we started a voluntary activity in May 2004. And then, in January 2005, we organized the “Collaborative Board of TRIZ Promoters and Users in Japan” to take place “The First TRIZ Symposium in Japan”.

We called for papers and participants from Japan and worldwide TRIZ societies for the symposium. As a result, 21 papers including 2 invited papers were submitted and over one hundred of participants including 4 persons from abroad participated in at Shuzenji near Mt. Fuji in Japan. The first 3-day symposium started on September 1, 2005 and closed on September 3, 2005, with presentations of new knowledge and information.

We would like to express our thanks to the eager supports by the persons concerned with TRIZ. Especially, the presentations of actual applications and promotions of TRIZ in companies were very substantial and fruitful to participants, in spite of constraints of company’s confidentiality.

Through the Symposium, we could get and share a lot of new knowledge/experiences through TRIZ applications by different approaches and various service approaches by each TRIZ service provider, and re-recognize TRIZ effectiveness through the actual TRIZ applications in various industries. We could also achieve deep personal communications among all participants at the evenings of Shuzenji Spa.

Participants' answers to questionnaires say the total degree of satisfaction of the Symposium was very high, exceeding our pre-assumption.

We assumed beforehand that the participants would have some experiences in TRIZ or be TRIZ promoters in companies, but we found in the questionnaires that one third of the participants were relatively new to study, apply, and promote TRIZ. In the next symposium, we should better have some tutorial sessions.

The First TRIZ Symposium in Japan finished successfully; but we should warn ourselves that the success or failure in the next symposium depends on the enthusiasm of and steady efforts of the persons concerned with TRIZ.

We would like to sincerely ask your supports and cooperation toward the success of the next symposium.


Photo of All the Participants (Evening, Sept. 1, 2005)


See: 'Personal Report of First TRIZ Symposium in Japan' (Toru Nakagawa) [Posted in TRIZ Forum page] (Oct. 12, 2005)


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