TRIZ Case Study Paper:

TRIZ Predicts Major Shift in Information Technology
Filip Verhaeghe (Self-Star Corporation, Belgium)
Presented at ETRIA World Conference 'TRIZ Future 2006' Held at Kortrijk, Belgium, on Oct. 9-11, 2006
[Japanese translation by Jiu Ishino and Toru Nakagawa, posted in the Japanese page on Jul. 3, 2007]
[Posted on Jul. 3, 2007]  Under the permission by the Author.   

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jul. 3, 2007)

The paper posted here was originally presented last year at ETRIA TFC 2006 held at Kortrijk, Belgium. 

In my 'Personal Report of ETRIA TFC 2006' posted in this Web site in English, I reviewed this paper in some detail.  The part of reviewing this paper is cited below.

This paper describes the current status of IT in a wide perspective.  In the IT field, we now face with two very different world, i.e. 'On Premise IT' and 'On Demand IT', the Author says.  And the 'On Demand IT', already at the first stage of S-curve, will overcome the currently popular 'On Premise IT', the Author writes.  The Author has found that various TRIZ Principles and Trends of Evolution of Technological Systems support the shift from 'On Premise IT' to 'On Demand IT'. 

About 10 years ago many IT and software people in Japan (and in many other countries) refused to accept TRIZ by saying TRIZ is hardware-oriented and not applicable to IT/software fields.  During these few years, some people who understand both TRIZ and IT have gradually got the feeling that TRIZ can be used in IT/software, but they still do not know good examples and guidelines for doing so. In such a situation, this paper was presented by a young engineer who is working in the frontier of IT.  He reviewed the big trends in IT with the eyes of TRIZ and has found that the direction to which he and his company are working hard is supported by the TRIZ principles and TRIZ trends.  The descrition by the Author is clear and convincing.  I would like to recommend this paper to many people who are inerested in IT and in TRIZ. 

Under the permission of the Author, we have just translated this paper into Japanese and are posting the Japanese translated version in the Japanese page (in HTML and PDF), and the original version in the English page ( in PDF) of this "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".  We are very much grateful to the Author, Mr. Filip Verhaeghe, for his kind permission. 

The Japanese translation was carried out by Mr. Jiu Ishino, 4th-year undergraduate student of my Seminar Class in Faculty of Informatics, Osaka Gakuin University, under my supervision.  I am very happy and proud of posting this nice paper in Japanese translation together with my young student.


Introduction & Review of the Presentation (Toru Nakagawa (OGU), Dec. 31, 2006)

Excerpt from Nakagawa's 'Personal Report of ETRIA TFC 2006' (posted on Jan. 7, 2007)

Filip Verhaeghe (Self-Star Corporation, Belgium) [36] gave a presentation with the title of "TRIZ Predicts Major Shift in Information Technology".  This presentation is related to the foreseeing of evolution of Information Technology in a wide perspective by using TRIZ and has confirmed a big trend in IT as becoming a major shift.  The Author's Abstract is quoted here first:

This paper uses TRIZ to show IT will shift dramatically towards the On Demand model.  We show the model is already in the first phase of the S-curve, and highlight which TRIZ principles have made the On Demand approach possible.  Next, we focus on the TRIZ trends to show how the currently most active part of IT can be expected to change in the future.  While studying these trends, we see that the On Demand approach is best suited  to implement these trends.  Self-Star has created an On Demand solution in line with the TRIZ trends, and its R&D works to achieve the full potential of the predictions.

Business IT users today are confronted with two very different worlds of IT, the Author writes.  They are abbreviated as the "On Demand" world and and the "On Premise" world:

In case of searching for information, whereas we can search billions of pages online in less than 0.2 seconds on the Internet (by Google, i.e., On Demand), it usually takes a long time to find anything within the company (On Premise).  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software used to be one of the key software packages that need to be run On Premise, but now provide CRM On Demand on the Web.  It runs the software and the servers, and corporate users can use the solution without any local installation, integration or set up; they can use it from any Internet-connected PC. -- This is an introduction to current IT situations by the Author. 

Then the Author discusses that the On Demand IT uses many TRIZ principles in achieving its basic scheme:

The Author further goes on to discuss the On Demand IT trends in the field of Business Intelligence (BI).  BI today consists of huge data tables that can be queried along many criteria, with formulas calculating totals, averages, etc.  

***   However, I would like to stop here, partly because the paper sounds like a promotion of his company policy at the end.  Please read the original paper if you are interested in IT and TRIZ.   Anyway this is a nice overview of IT with the eyes of TRIZ.

Original Paper in PDF

Original Paper (in English)   (PDF, 40 KB, 6 pages)  Click Here. 



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