Basic theory:  Toshio Takahara's Papers (2018-2019)

Papers by Toshio Takahara (2018 -2019):

Never-Finished Notes on Philosophy:
Logic, World View, Way of Life, and Preparing for Post-Capitalism

Contributed to TRIZ Home Page in Japan, Dec. 6, 2019; Posted on Jan. 14, 2020

Posted:  Jan. 14, 2020

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jan. 13, 2020)

As you might know already, this site, TRIZ Home Page in Japan, has been posting all the papers/presentations written by Mr. Toshio Takahara since 2003. The postings of Collections of Toshio Takahara's Papers include: First Collection (14 papers, 2003 - 2007) , Second Collection (13 papers, 2008 - 2012) , Third Collection (13 papers, 2013 - 2015) , and Fourth Collection (11 papers, 2016 - 2018) .  This time, we post his 9 papers in Japanese and 2 more in English , written from Sept. 2018 to Dec. 2019.  Because of its short period of time, I would like to make this rather informal without calling it the Fifth Collection. 

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Full text (PDF)


Revised Abstract (2019) of "A Working Research Note on Philosophy (2018)"
― A Note on the Principle of Way of Life of Homo Sapiens Based on Contradiction Model and Radical Enumerable Thinking (2018)

THPJ (2019)




Logical Possibility of Ideal Way of Life; Barter as a Background of Homo Sapiens

FIT2018 (2018)




The Time to Realize the Way of Life in Which Happiness and Objective Value of the World are Compatible

CGK (2018)




For Logic, the World View and the Way to Live - Never-finished Notes on Philosophy, Part 1

Book, Published by Design Egg KK (2019)




For Logic of the intellects in the Universe and Preparation for Post-Capitalism - Never-finished Notes on Philosophy, Part 2

Book, Published by Design Egg KK (2019)




On the Structure of Building Dialectic

FIT2019 (2019)




A Note on Enumeration - For Essence and Totality of Facts and Values -

CGK (2019)




Logical Enumeration: Summary (Dec. 2019) of "Never-finished Notes on Philosophy"





In Aug. 2018, Takahara contributed an overview of his intensive research results to this Web site in the form of [44-47] with the title "A Note on the Principle of Way of Life of Homo Sapiens Based on Contradiction Model and Radical Enumerable Thinking -- A Working Research Note on Philosophy (2018)".  The work was posted with a top page [41-47] and four parts [44][45][46][47], having about 80 A4 pages in total.  Since then for these year and half, he revised the Note many times and published it for himself in books, in March, in September, and in December, 2019.  The current revised version is posted here in two parts [50] and [51], with the slightly changed title "Never-finished Notes on Philosophy".  The full texts are posted in PDF, while Abstracts of them are posted in HTML as well (in Japanese). A Summary of the new findings in the Notes is written newly and posted in [54].  For the English readers, the Abstract of [44-47] in English (2018) has been revised by reflecting some of his new findings and is posted as the Revised Abstract of [44-47]  in English.

The papers [48][49][52][53] were presented in academic conferences in Japan, for disscussing specific and important topics newly found in relation to the Notes [50][51].  There are many valuable insights found through his radical ways of thinking (Radical Enumerable Thinking and his dialectic logic) and are stated clearly in Japanese.  It's a pity he (and I) do not have enough time and fluency in translating his whole work into English.    

We heartily wish Mr. Toshio Takahara to be good in his health and active to investigate further.  It should be nice if you readers, including myself, would understand the contents and their significance of these pioneering works by Takahara and would adapt and develop them further in future.


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