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Editor:  Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.; WTSP Project Leader)

Posted:  Sept. 21, 2023

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 21, 2023)

This page intends to be a short summary of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" (especailly English pages), by using (mainly) the articles posted in LinkedIn.  I have been posting short articles in LinkedIn more or less regularly every two weeks or so to promote especially the WTSP project towards a much wider audience interested in TRIZ and Innovation. Series of my postings in LinkedIn is accessible openly via  https://www.linkedin.com/in/toru-nakagawa-b2453216/recent-activity/all/     It now has 14 postings.



Germany Part of the World WTSP Catalogs Is Posted, Containing 19 TRIZ Sites and 35 Around-TRIZ Sites

LinkedIn Dec. 18,2022




Full Site Introduction of DE-03 Website (◎ Modern TRIZ Academy) is contributed by the site owner, and is included in WTSP Catalogs and posted in THPJ.

LinkedIn Jan. 1, 2023




Call for Contributions to the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites in the World (Gamma Edition, Sept. 2023). Country Manuscripts by Apr. 16.

LinkedIn Jan. 25, 2023




Call for Contributions to the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites in the World (Gamma Edition, Sept. 2023). See Instructions and References.

LinkedIn  Feb. 2, 2023




Call for Contributions to the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites in the World (Gamma Edition, Sept. 2023). Our New Regional Editors of Middle East and Africa

LinkedIn  Feb. 19, 2023




WTSP Activities in Korea: Great achievement with TRIZ, but NOT so many great open TRIZ sites in Korea. (V 0.7) (Min-Gyu Lee). -- Why? What to do?.

LinkedIn  Mar. 16, 2023




Invitation to Build and Revise each Country Part of World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Sites. Build the Gamma Edition (Sept. 2023) "Useful and Attractive"​

LinkedIn  Mar. 25, 2023






Values of the World WTSP Catalogs: for Site Owners, for TRIZ Experts, for TRIZ Users, and for TRIZ. -- Who then Creates the Values?.

LinkedIn  Apr. 7, 2023




Please Help to Enhance the WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ Websites in the World: Many Good Websites Are Still Missing in the Catalogs

LinkedIn  Apr. 27, 2023




TRIZ Websites in Malaysia: MY-01 ◎ MyTRIZ (Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association): Most Active & Successful TRIZ Association in the World

LinkedIn  May 7, 2023




World WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ & Around-TRIZ Websites: Preparation Process and Documents

LinkedIn  Jul.  1, 2023




Evaluation of Websites for the World WTSP Catalogs: Delicate but Necessary for Creating the Values of the Catalogs

LinkedIn  Jul. 20, 2023




World WTSP Catalogs Accept Diversity of Websites To Get Overall Views of TRIZ from Multiple Perspectives

LinkedIn  Aug. 13, 2023




Reliable, Useful, and Attractive !! Information Source to Study TRIZ and Related Methods: WTSP Catalogs of TRIZ-related Websites

LinkedIn  Sept. 6, 2023




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