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TRIZ Statement Paper
Wolfgang Sallaberger (congelo, Austria)
Aug. 20, 2009
[Posted on Sept. 30, 2010] 

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 30, 2010)

On August 20, 2009, i.e. three weeks before the last-year Japan TRIZ Symposium, Wolfgang Sallaberger sent this article to my email address as the Program Chairperson saying: "Dear Toru, and collegues:  in the attachement you find the TRIZ statement paper. I apologize, it is maybe too individual.  You will decide what to do with it.  Thank you.  Best wishes to all, wolfgang sallaberger."

Unfortunately, he found himself not able to attend at the Sympsoium at the last minutes.  His paper "The Evolution of Cooking with TRIZ" was published in the Symposium Proceedings, and is posted on a separate page in this Web site. The present article, written in one page of a 'Position Paper' of the Symposium, has found its place here in the TRIZ Forum of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", so as to express the Author's thoughts frankly, in a form of an essay.

The essay is nice and vivid, full of joy of using/thinking with TRIZ.  I am happy to post it on this Web site finally after a year, and apologize him and readers for not posting it much earlier.

See the PDF file in the Author's original format, and also the HTML page here which may be easier for you to access.  At the end of this page, I have written a brief introduction to the Author, who has been an owner chef of a restaurant and has recently started his new life as an inventor. 

TRIZ Statement Paper

Wolfgang Sallaberger (congelo, Austria)
Aug. 20, 2009


I started to develop new ideas in 2004 my first TRIZ experience came in an innovation manager training.

The understanding was clear to me and it is fun. TRIZ allows to begin with small steps, for me that was 40 principles. This is good to handle. Thru carrying on the work on the congelo project TRIZ was used in every stage, also for the IP protection strategy. So it was possible to me to carry out a Project which was much bigger than my economic resources were at the beginning.

By the time I could use TRIZ for various ideas and new concepts, from small gimmicks to Person rescue system and some more. So I could enter complete new areas, and without being an expert I could find solutions.

I also use TRIZ to prove ideas for myself.


TRIZ is very good and real FUN. Problem solving and creating of new ideas is fun.
TRIZ gives structure especially in cases where no structure exists on first glance.
Sometimes it is hard to explain a solution to others but with TRIZ it is easier, winning people is important.

According to the gold digger analogy from Darrell Mann,
“I see myself as gold finder and searcher. Not as mining company”

The motivation is to find new solutions in diverse fields.
Solve problems and go on to the next project, independent of industry or profession.

Beside TRIZ I like to use consciousness. For example “food creates landscapes” and the +/- effects are effects of the “actions performed in kitchens, tables and plates”

My background is atypical, it is the kitchen and cooking.
In this profession you see 1000´s of animals like birds and fishes, also other goods of nature.
Following the sentence “all solutions already exist in nature” gives a general scope. And allows us to search and find a specific scope.

My life with TRIZ

I was turned upside down since I use TRIZ, most of my old life structure. Is gone now, the change is radical, profession, location, language, people, goals and values.
It could not be more radical.

On this way from old to new, I often did not know what the next month will bring. To me this is “typical” for innovation. You come to “places” where no one was before. You can meet very good new people in this “new undeveloped outback”.

The work you find in my presentation is the result of a “one man show”.

With zero experience before
The will to Invent and innovate
The feedback of people
Is my energy source for this new TRIZ life


Every user does develop his/her individual way.
Discussions if something is 100% or 50% TRIZ is secondary to me.

I believe that Altshuller gave the “advice” to create new and innovative ways.
With TRIZ as fundament or frame people can overcome many contradictions. So I do recommend TRIZ to many people I meet.

But only few understand or like TRIZ. It is not every one’s business to innovate, invent or improve.

TRIZ is very universal, like creation itself. You find connections to almost everything.

You get entrance to the solutions.
The door to solutions opens.
You think in solutions.
So solutions come!
This is TRIZ.

I apologize for this very individual statement. My education comes much more from the spiritual (11 years) than from the school education side (9years).
School to me was not interesting. You learn many things you never need. A standard answer is not enough for learning with motivation.

With TRIZ you are able to dig deep in the things of individual & social priority without being a specialist.
You can learn when you need to learn, a very important point. “You can grow when you need to grow”


==> PDF file in the Author's original format


Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 30, 2010):  Brief Introduction to the Author

The Author is quite unique in his carrier.  He has long been an owner chef of his restaurant in Austria.  Since 2004 he started to invent a process and its equipment of making prefabricated convenience food of vegetable side dishes as shown in the following slides.  He gave a presentation of this work in the ETRIA TFC 2007 and served his food in the dinner time.  These dishes are kept frozen, and need only one more step of heating in a steam oven for 6 minutes just before serving.  -- Thus, I got acquaited with Wolfgang Sallaberger for the first time in Nov. 2007 at ETRIA TFC.

In April 2008, I received an email message from him saying that he is coming to Japan to present a paper in the Symposium and and that he is planning to sell his whole restaurant estate for becoming a professional inventor.  His presentation at our TRIZ Symposium 2008 was on "Tributes to the Work of Victor Schauberger (Austria 1885-1958) with the Eyes of TRIZ", as is posted in this Web site. 

When he wrote me again in April 2009 wth the intention of presenting at our Symposium, I suggested him to show his vision of new kitchen, because it is his original working field.  Thus he submitted the paper "The Evolution of Cooking with TRIZ" to Japan TRIZ Symposium 2009.  Even though he could not attend at the Symposium, we can learn his thoughts in this unique paper. 

The "TRIZ Statement Paper" you see above expresses the Author's position, work, or life with TRIZ vividly.  It is full of joy of thinking with TRIZ.  I wish the Author, Wolfgang Sallaberger, work and live with TRIZ and be unique as ever.


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