TRIZ Textbooks:  CID Course for Children, 1-1W1
Topic 1.  What does this or that consist of?
        (System is a whole, consists of parts)
Fairy Tales School:
Course of Creative Imagination Development (CID), 1st Grade, 1st Semester, Children Workbook
Natalia V. Rubina, 1999 [published in Russian]
English translation by Irina Dolina, May 23, 2000
Technical Editing by Toru Nakagawa, July 12, 2000
Published in this "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" in English on Jan. 30, 2001 under the permission of the Author. 
(C) N.V.Rubina, I. Dolina, T. Nakagawa, 2001

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Topic 1. What does this or that consist of?
        (System is a whole, consists of parts)

     In  Flower city the creature has appeared with the following mysterious description:
     two pieces of cloth are hanging on a brick, the knives are placed to eat and scare, and between them there is a pink leaf.  At the end there is a black shining button.  Everything may have a meaning if you want to.  There is a cross-beam, placed on four hairy columns, with a small barrel and a broom with an engine.  All is covered by a rug.  What is this strange creature?................

     To solve this riddle and to learn how to devise similar riddles, you need a help, a little one who can see in the saddest picture the cheerful spring sun, who can draw a familiar object in such a way that you will never recognize it, who can mix colors to get the color of happiness or sadness.*1

     Remember the name of this painter.

*1 (Translation Note:) Important:  In the Workbook for Children, paragraphs written in straight letters are direct messages and instructions to the children, whereas those written in oblique letters are summerized descriptions of teacher's messages, instructions, and performances in the class.

Disassemble a pen on your table.  You will get a few parts.  Each of them can not write letters in words.  If you assemble the parts again you will be able to write or to draw anything you want.
A system is a whole consists of parts.  A system as a whole can perform an activity that can not be performed by its separate part.

     Write or draw three systems:

     Try to find a non-system.

Parts of a system are called subsystems.

     Think about  a  system.
     What subsystems does it consist of?
     Write the name of the subsystems.  Draw what do they look like.

     Now let's cover the left side of the diagram.  We are ready for mysterious description.  Ask your riddle.

     It's time to solve the riddle about a painter ..............

     Fill in the names of the subsystems that the painter has asked to solve.

  a brick
  two pieces of clothes
a pink leave 
a button
a cross-beam
four column
 a barrel
a broom with an engine
a rug

 Make a picture of mysterious creature.

Lesson 2 *2
*2 (Translation Note:)  Lesson 2 of Topic 1 starts here.  Please remember that the lessons should be created with the children, so there needs no clear-cut border between Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 of a topic.

     Emil was asked to write or to draw what parts does a cat consist of.


--A system


     Fill the following two diagrams by yourselves:


     Do you know why Emil always easily solves such riddles?  His friend the Magician Deli-Davai can assemble and disassemble everything.  Once Deli-Davai was helping to fill the diagram and mischievous Emil began to retell a funny story and the Magician didn't notice how he mixed up the parts of different animals.

     Make a picture of a fantastic animal, that Deli-Davai has created.

     Do you want to see the portrait of Deli-Davai now in your exercise book?  Draw a button and a brush on the left and on the right.  What will appear if you assemble them?


     Deli-Davai and Colabo are playing with words.  When answering to the Sorcerer's questions, don't forget that the words like all the systems consist of parts.

-  What is there in a sea, in a lake, in a swamp, in an ocean but not in a river?2
-  A small flock was flying.  How many birds and what kinds are there?3
-  Is there a letter "L" in a brush?4
FootnoteAnswer:  The letter "O". *2
FootnoteAnswer:  The seven owls.*2
FootnoteAnswer:  For example, the brush is covered with lacquer. *2

*2 (Translation Note:)  See the Guide-Book for explanation of these three riddles.

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