TRIZ Textbooks:  CID Course for Children, 1-1W3
Topic 3: How feels this or that? How seems this or that? 
     (Properties of the systems)
Fairy Tales School:
Course of Creative Imagination Development (CID), 
1st Grade, 1st Semester, Children Workbook
Natalia V. Rubina, 1999 [published in Russian]
English translation by Irina Dolina, May 23, 2000
Technical Editing by Toru Nakagawa, Feb. 28, 2001
Published in this "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" in English on Feb. 28, 2001 under the permission of the Author. 
(C) N.V.Rubina, I. Dolina, T. Nakagawa, 2001

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Topic 3: How feels this or that?  How seems this or that?
     (Properties of the systems)
     Deli-Davai gave Emil a riddle: in a black box there is a small object.  What is it?
     (Emil asked the Sorcerer only three questions)....................................
     Draw a picture of inventive Emil

Properties are features of a system that can be changed.  One system can differ from the other one by properties.  For example, all the systems have a property to split into parts.

     Try to recognize by a description:

white, rectangular, small, leaves traces: ________________________

white, thin, crumple: _____________________

round, with a pattern, clinks and can be broken: _________________________

rectangular, soft, white, erase the traces of a pencil: _______________________

long, shine, sharp, solid: __________________________

     In order to solve all the riddles of the Sorcerer Deli-Davai, you have to remember about the changing properties of systems.
1.  The big ship "Great Britain" after repairs couldn't leave the dock.  Why?

2.  A man announced that on a certain day and at a certain hour he will cross the river Hudson "as if it is dry".  At the fixed time in the presence of crowds of   people he stepped into the water of the river in the widest point and twenty minutes later he successfully reached the opposite bank.  How did he manage to do that?

3.  What color is  "Stop-cock" in a plane?

4.  Very black, on one leg.  What is it?

5. Very black, on two legs.  What is it?

6. Very black, on three legs.  What is it?



     This is a riddle designed by Pythagoras.
     Name the shapes that you saw.  Cut the shapes neatly.

             And now put the square together.

     There was quiet in the house.  Emil, tired of games and lessons, decided to go to bed early, about 6 o'clock and not to oversleep in the morning, he set  an alarm-clock at 7 o'clock as usual.  The night passed...   The alarm-clock  rang...   Emil jumped from the bed, got dressed.
     "How long have I been sleeping?" - Emil thought.
     And what do you think?....................................

     Emil woke up early in the morning, looked out of the window and saw a wonderful picture: a colorful yoke hanging over the river.  What is it?  -  Rainbow!

     -  What does rainbow consist of?

Each        -
Hunter    -
Wish        -
To know  -
Where     -
Sits          -
Pheasant  -
     Draw a picture of a rainbow.


[Translation Note:  Lesson 2 of this Topic is missing in the text.  (Feb. 28, 2001)]

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