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Topic 6.  Reports from Fantasy City  (Fantogram)


Fantasy City:
Course of Creative Imagination Development (CID), 
2nd Grade, 1st Semester, Methodical Guide-Book
Natalia V. Rubina, 1999 [published in Russian]
English translation by Irina Dolina, April 2, 2001
Technical Editing by Toru Nakagawa, July 15, 2001
Posted in this "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" in English on Jul. 17, 2001 under the permission of the Author.
(C) N.V. Rubina, I. Dolina, and T. Nakagawa 2001

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Topic 6.  Reports from Fantasy City
     This is the final lesson of the first semester.  Christmas and New Year holidays are ahead and then the long winter vacation will come.  Try to arrange a conversation at this lesson in such a way that the children should feel that fantasies, new ideas, dreams surround them everywhere in the city where you live.  A version of the home work for the vacation: write about your vacation impressions in the form of a report from Fantasy City.

1.  Warming-up

     The games connected with the work on text information.  “Card Index to the CID lessons for the second grade”.
2.  Home work
1-2 most interesting stories using “the binomial of fantasy”.
3.  Introduction to the lesson
“Somewhere there is a city as beautiful as a dream…”
4.  Main topic

     Something unusual happens in every street of Fantasy City: very big ants live in the very small houses; at the foot of the highest city tower the clock shows the  time on Mars and  the stairs from the dome lead right to the sky…

     Today we have a trip around Fantasy City as journalists, making reports from the scenes of events.  Try to imagine what kind of festival might be in Increasing-Shrinking Street, or what happens if in Upside-Down Street the construction of sports palace has started.  So what will happen, if the city clock increases its speed twice, or 10 times?

5.  Psycho-technical and developing games

     Close your eyes and imagine that you have climbed to the roof of the highest building in the city.  What do you see?  What do you hear?   What do you feel?

     Find the most mysterious and the most attractive place in the city.  Today we are all the magicians to some extent.  And we can move everywhere we want to get very fast.  So, where have you got and what has happened there?

6.  Activities on speech developing and designing a creative product

     Review, what methods of making images we have used for obtaining new ideas.

     Use your knowledge for making reports from Fantasy City.



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[End of the Guide Book 2-1.]

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