TRIZ Papers
Problem-Solving Systems:  What's Next after TRIZ? 
 (With an Introduction to Psycological Inertia and Other Barriers to Creativity) 
     James Kowalick (Renaissance Leadership Institute)
    4th Annual International TPD Symposium - TRIZ Conference, at Industry Hills, California, on Nov. 17-19, 1998, pp. 67-86. 

Preface for the publication in this "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"
            (Toru Nakagawa, Jan. 8, 1999)

This paper by James Kowalick was presented at the First TRIZ International Conference
as cited above, and translated into Japanese by Toru Nakagawa under the kind
permission of
   American Supplier Institute ,
   The TRIZ Institute (The TRIZ Journal) , and
   The author, Mr. James Kowalick.

The Japanese version has been published in the Japanese page of the "TRIZ Home Page
in Japan" under the permission.  We are grateful to ASI, TRIZ Institute, and Mr. Kowalick
for their permissions which help Japanese readers understand TRIZ in depth and utilize
TRIZ in their practices.

In my personal report of the TRIZ Conference , I have cited Kowalick's paper most
important for understanding TRIZ and developing it further.  Mr. Kowalick views the TRIZ
approach to be in a mature stage of the S-curve in Russia and yet in an infancy stage
in USA and western countries.  He summarizes the history of TRIZ especially in the
recent years in USA, and discusses the "limitations and problems of TRIZ" in his twelve
subsections.  He further presents a few approaches for further advanced development
of TRIZ; his new theory, the "Triads", is also demonstrated with a number of examples.
I believe this paper gives us deep and wide range of advises for us to understand
the essence of TRIZ in its new form to be used in our real applications.

The original, English version is not published here, because it will appear in the TRIZ Journal
in the near future.   [Note (April 1):  It appears in the March issue.  Click:   ]

Access to the author should be:
    James Kowalick, President, Renaissance Leadership Institute
    Voice: (530)692-1944,  FAX: (530)692-1946,  E-mail:
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