TRIZ Lecture Slides:

Promotion and Application of TRIZ in High-Tech Companies:
Lectures by a TRIZ Expert Who Guided Samsung Electronics, Korea
Valery Krasnoslobodtsev (TIC, USA)
Presented at TRIZ Special Open Seminar Held by IDEA Co.
on August 28, 2006 at World Trade Center, Tokyo
[Posted on Nov. 1, 2006] Posted here under the permissions by the Author and the Organizer. Copyrights Reserved.

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 9, 2006; Oct. 19, 2006) [Translated from Japanese, Oct. 20, 2006]

This article represents the full set of slides which Valery Krasnoslobodtsev presented at a special TRIZ Open Seminar in Tokyo on August 28, 2006.  Valery Kraev (i.e., the pen-name of the Author) visited Japan on the occasion of the 'Second TRIZ Symposium in Japan' (held by Japan TRIZ CB, on Aug. 31 through Sept. 2, 2006 at Suita, Osaka).  IDEA Co. Ltd. , a TRIZ consulting firm in Japan, held the Open Seminar in collaboration with myself.

Profile of Dr. Valery Krasnoslobodtsev was introduced in advance as follows:

Dr. Valery Krasnoslobodtsev was originally from Sankt Petersburg, Russia, and an expert of system control engineering and robotics. He has a carreer as Associate Professor of State Technical University at Sankt Petersburg, an industry engineer/manager, TRIZ specialist/consultant, etc.  Especially, during the period of 2001 through 2004, he guided the introduction, application, and penetration of TRIZ in Samsung Electronics Co., Korea, resulting in a big success.  Since 2004 he has been working as a TRIZ Consultant for Technical Innovation Center, USA

He has been publishing a series of TRIZ case-study papers based on his work at Samsung and others.  He gave a paper on wall-climbing robot last year at our First TRIZ Symposium in Japan.  His paper presented at TRIZCON2006 was of much interest reporting how to promote TRIZ.  Dr. Kraev is coming to visit Japan for the purpose of presenting a paper at the Second TRIZ Symposium in Japan to be held by Japan TRIZ CB. On this occasion, IDEA Co. is going to hold a special Open Seminar by Dr. Kraev in order for Japanese TRIZ people to have chances of listening to and discussing with him. 

As we found at the Seminar, his period of nondisclosure agreement with Samsung has just expired over two years after his finishing the consultancy.  Thus his presentation on the TRIZ promotion activities at Samsung Electronics was the real first for him to talk in its full scope.  His Seminar, with a not-low fee, attracted as many as 83 people from various industries in Japan.

While translating Kraev's slides into Japanese, I have understood that the Author led Samsung Electronics with a powerful strategy with a big vision and practical methodological approaches, having resulted in a great success.  The best key to promote TRIZ in the high-tech company was to apply TRIZ to real industrial projects and to show the results of success in the prototype solutions within 3 to 4 months, he says. Not only teaching TRIZ theories, but also applying them practically and producing inventive industrial solutions are his work. 

This Seminar had two parts: Part 1 is "For Managers", while Part 2 "For Engineers".  In order to produce good results in real industrial projects, as mentioned above, it is important to understand TRIZ and to apply it practically in engineering as explained in Part 2.  Even more importance in this Seminar, however, was found in the lecture of Part 1.  For many of you who are trying/promoting to introduce and apply TRIZ in industries, it should be a big task to make your (top) managers convinced about the merits of TRIZ and to let them promote it decisively for achieving innovations in your own industries.  Part 1 of this Seminar should be very helpful for you for this purpose.

The lecture slides are posted in English here, and in Japanese at IDEA Co.'s Web site in the following way:

English version:  Posted here in the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan":  Title slide and Table of Contents (both Parts) in HTML, and Slides Part 1 (in PDF, 991 KB) and Slides Part 2 (in PDF, 797 KB).

Japanese translation version (translated by Toru Nakagawa): 
Posted in the Japanese page of this site :  Title slide and Table of Contents (both Parts) in HTML;
Posted in IDEA Co.'s Web site : Slides Part 1 (in PDF,   KB) and Slides Part 2 (in PDF,   KB).
[In the top page of IDEA's Web site, click the banner of 'TRIZ Report' and then Part 1 or Part 2 button.]

We are very grateful to Dr. Valery Krasnoslobodtsev, to Technical Innovation Center, and to IDEA Co., for giving us the permission of publishing these valuable lecture slides, without charge. 

When you download the slides in PDF (either in English or in Japanese), please respect the following conditions:

Copyrights are held by the Author and the publishing Web site owner.  Without written permissions, it is not allowed to copy, re-publish, and use the PDF files.  Modifcation of the slides in the PDF files is prohibited.

Below in this page the followings are posted for Part 1 and then Part 2: Title slide, Table of Contents, and Link to the PDF file of the slides. 


Top of this page Part 1 Table of Contents Part 1 Slides (PDF, 991 KB) Part 2 Table of Contents Part 2 Slides (PDF,  797 KB) Japanese page


Part  1.  What We Can Do With TRIZ And Where We Should Use It. For Managers.

Structure of Presentation

1. Introduction

The main goals of presentation

2. Briefly About TRIZ

TRIZ:  What does it mean?
TRIZ: How does it work?
TRIZ: What is the difference?
TRIZ: Who has used it?
Main goals of TRIZ utilization
Problems where TRIZ is not used

3.  Introducing TRIZ into the Organization

TRIZ in structure of SEC (Samsung Electronics Co.)
Introducing TRIZ
Strategy of TRIZ promotion
TRIZ community in Samsung Group

4.  Business Segments Where TRIZ Is Successfully Used

Basic directions of TRIZ application
Application areas of TRIZ at Samsung Electronics
Business segments where SEC utilizes TRIZ
TRIZ products: technical, financial, and market results

5.  TRIZ Utilization with Other Improvement Methods

TRIZ use in conjuction with other methods
TRIZ usage with 6 Sigma

6.  Barriers And Requirements For Innovation And For TRIZ

What were the biggest barriers to deploying TRIZ?  How were they overcame?
TRIZ methodology education and promotion in different divisions
Key requirements to embed TRIZ in the company

7.  Training, Practical Skills And Incentives

Training structure and skills
TRIZ education in Samsung
TRIZ training through researches
TRIZ promotion through Festivals
Establishment of Samsung TRIZ Association
Training structure and methods, expertise levels


Questions And Answers


Slides of Part 1  (PDF, 991 KB)   Click here.

Part 2.  How We Can Apply TRIZ Effectively.  For Engineers 

Structure of Presentation

1.  Introduction

The main goals of presentation

2.  TRIZ Tools And Road Map

TRIZ tools
Road map of problem solving process
Types of problems

3.  Structure of Consolidated Algorithm And Its Practical Features

Consolidated algorithm

4.  The Best Practice:  Exploring The TRIZ Industrial Projects

Best Practice

4.1  Developing Robotic Vacuum Cleaning

Exploring problems situation
Formulating the problem model
Developing an ideal solution
Resource analysis
Developing specific solution: Robotic cleaning with air agitation

4.2  Developing Non-Contact Printing

Exploring problem situation
Formulating the problem model
Developing an ideal solution
Developing specific solution: Cartridge with curve electrical shield

4.3  Developing LCD with Wider Viewing Angle

Exploring problems situation
Formulating the problem model
Developing an ideal solution
Developing specific solution: Pixel with nonhomogeneous electric field

Projects' Results

Solution Area


Questions And Answers



Slides of Part 2   (PDF, 797 KB)   Click here.



Top of this page Part 1 Table of Contents Part 1 Slides (PDF, 991 KB) Part 2 Table of Contents Part 2 Slides (PDF,  797 KB) Japanese page


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