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TRIZ Application in Development of Climbing Robots
Valery Krasnoslobodtsev and Richard Langevin (Technical Innovation Center, USA)
The First TRIZ Symposium in Japan, Held by the Collaborative Board of TRIZ Promoters and Users in Japan, on Sept. 1-3, 2005, at Laforet Shuzenji, Izu, Shizuoka
 [Posted here on Mar. 17, 2006]  
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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Mar. 17, 2006)

This paper was presented half a year ago at the First TRIZ Symposium in Japan.  It was a vivid presentation of a real case study of using TRIZ, or more specifically ARIZ in a slightly simplified way.  In my 'Personal Report of TRIZ Symposium in Japan', I introduced this paper as follows:

Valery Krasnoslobodtsev and Richard Langevin (Technical Innovation Center, USA) gave a presentation with the title of 'TRIZ Application in Development of Climbing Robots'. This paper describes a real project of developing wall-climbing robots, carried out from 1986 to 1998 at St. Petersburg State Technical University (ex USSR and Russia). The basic devices of the robot are the feet with vacuum suction. The difficulty at the initial stage is to make the suction of the feet effective even for the walls or glasses with small cracks. It is very interesting that they solved the problem by dividing the foot into smaller suction cells having elastic diaphragms. They explain this idea of elastic diaphragm in terms of 'Smart Little People' (this idea of elastic diaphragm is so nice that it was not easy for me to understand at first). The evolution of their devices for 12 years of actual development is explained with TRIZ views. It is of particular interest that Valery describes his TRIZ-way of thinking process all through these development, just as he did in another case study presented in TRIZCON2005 (See Nakagawa's Personal Report ).

In this page of HTML, only Abstract and Author's Profile are posted.  The paper itself is post in the PDF file and the slides of presentation also in PDF .

Note:  The Japan TRIZ CB decided last December not to publicize the papers presented at the First TRIZ Symposium in Japan in their official Web pages, for various reasons.  The posting of the present paper was made in the ordinary pages of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" in accordance with the desire by the authors as the copyrights owner.

TRIZ Application in Development of Climbing Robots

Valery Krasnoslobodtsev, Richard Langevin

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Paper is devoted to consideration of the practical application of the Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving (ARIZ) during the development process of the robot adaptive vacuum feet. Also TRIZ technology evolution trends have been used for development of the new structures of the autonomous climbing robot. These robots are being used for cleaning, finishing and diagnostics of arbitrarily oriented surfaces in space for instance shop windows, glass vestibules, nuclear reactor walls and oil tank surfaces. The new designs of the vacuum adaptive feet and climbing robots have been developed with the aid of applied ARIZ and other TRIZ tools. The specific schemes and designs of vacuum adaptive feet and robots are described. The new vacuum feet can operate on many different surfaces including uneven and cracked ones. This paper has been illustrated with the pictures of real robots and their performances. The outcome of this project was 20 patents with the application of some of them in the current robot’s design. This paper is useful for TRIZ users who like a real case study with measured results and demonstrate how TRIZ was used to develop the solutions.


Profile of the Speaker: Valery Krasnoslobodtsev

TRIZ Technology Specialist at Technical Innovation Center, Inc., Worcester, MA, USA ( He has more than 20 years of experience in practical innovation management, application, teaching and development TRIZ in the international companies such as Samsung Electronics Co. (South Korea, 2001-2004), SMC Corporation (Japan, 2000), Ford Motor Co. (USA, 1999), Invention Machine (1997-1998). After finishing Ph.D. courses from Saint Petersburg State Technical University, Russia Mr.Krasnolobodtsev started to learn TRIZ in 1982 after attending a two-week seminar taught by Genrikh Altshuller. He worked as Professor Associate at Saint Petersburg State Technical University where founded TRIZ education courses and personally taught about 600 students from 1986-2000. He has authored 155 scientific publications, including 110 inventions (US, UK, Germany, French, Russian and Korean patents) and 5 books on TRIZ, Robotics and Pneumatics. Mr. Kranoslobodtsev is a Certified Specialist in TRIZ by International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ).
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