TRIZ Case Study (Paper and Lecture Slides):

Changing the Paradigm in Business English Learning Using TRIZ
Padma Rajeswari Tata and Manoj Kumar Jaiswal
(Infosys Technologies Limited, India)
Presented at The Second TRIZ Symposium in Japan
Held by the Collaborative Board of TRIZ Promoters and Users in Japan
August 31 - September 2, 2006
[Posted on Dec. 23, 2006] 

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Dec. 20, 2006)

The paper and slides posted here were originally presented at the Second TRIZ Symposium in Japan held by the Japan TRIZ CB.  Please refer to the official documents and reports of the Symposium posted in the official page of the Japan TRIZ CB.  Nakagawa has also posted his 'Personal Report' of the Symposium for the purpose of introducing the Symposium by reviewing all its presentations.  The part of the 'Personal Report' reviewing this Tata and Jaiswal's presentation is cited below. 

Here we post the paper and the presentation slides both in the PDF format.  In the Symposium the slides were projected in Japanese translation as well; and they are posted in the Japanese page of this site.    

We wish to express our sincere thanks to the Authors who achieved this excellent case study, publicized it in the Symposium, and agreed to post it in this Web site.

Introduction & Review of this Presentation (Toru Nakagawa (OGU), Nov. 4, 2006)

Excerpt from Nakagawa's 'Personal Report of The Second TRIZ Symosium in Japan' (posted on Nov. 8, 2006)

Padma Rajeswari Tata et al. (Infosys Technologies, India) [16] gave a paper on "Changing the Paradigm in Business English Learning Using TRIZ".  This is the only-one (in this Symposium) and a very nice presentation of applying TRIZ to non-technical area.  The Authors attended a year ago at Darrell Mann's Seminar of Systematic Innovation for Business and Management held in India, and later applied Mann's method very smoothly to their own problem.  The problem was 'How to make the Business-English Training of their employees effective with minimum cost'. Their procedure of applying TRIZ is outlined below:

1) Defining Ideal Final Result: All Infosys employees learn Business English and get certified in the minimum possible time, with minimum possible effort and least possible cost.

2) Perception Mapping:  Answers to the inquiry "Business-English learning is not effective because ..." were collected, and their relations were shown in the form of Perception Mapping (as schematically shown in the following figure).  Analyzing the map revealed the Contradiction:  The improvement of effectiveness in BE learning was stopped by two factors, i.e. very little time available to spend for the BE learning and the perception by the employees that they are strong enough in BE.

3) 'Matrix 2003 for Business and Management' was applied to obtain Inventive (Business) Principles for solving the contradictions.  Then, with the guidance of such Inventive Principles, the Authors have generated specific solutions.

4) The solutions were implemented on the basis of BULATS (Business Language Testing Services) offered by Cambridge University, and were carried out successfully with the following results in several months:

(1) Certification Test was introduced pre and post the BE Learning Intervention.

(2) Approximately 80 hrs Intervention was created with the mix of
   2 days face-to-face classroom,
   44 hrs self-study (segmented with post-tests),
   English labs with video/audio, etc.,
   Pre-scheduled events, etc.

-- This presentation is nice and simple. Darrell Mann's method has been applied very smoothly to obtain actual results.  We can learn the method easily.

Paper and Slides

Paper  (PDF, 13 pages, 101 KB)  Click Here. 

Presentation Slides  (PDF, 32 slides, 4 slides/page, 378 KB)  Click Here. 



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