TRIZ Paper: Japan TRIZ Symposium 2008 Keynote

Directions for Future TRIZ Development and Applications
Sergei Ikovenko (GEN3 Partners / MIT, USA)
The Fourth TRIZ Symposium in Japan, Held by Japan TRIZ Society on Sept. 10-12, 2008 at Laforet Biwako, Moriyama, Shiga, Japan
Introduction by Toru Nakagawa (OGU), Oct. 26, 2008
[Posted on Mar.  9, 2009] 

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Mar. 6, 2009)

This paper was presented as one of the two Keynote Lectures at the Fourth TRIZ Symposium in Japan, 2008 , which was held last September by 'Japan TRIZ Society, NPO'. 

Japan TRIZ Society decided last January to post the presentation slides of Keynotes publicly in its Official Web site (and also in the Official Pages of Japan TRIZ CB) both in English and in Japanese.  (Note: Japan TRIZ Symposium requests the authors to provide presentation slides (and optionally full paper, in addition) in advance as the final manuscripts for the Proceedings.  The present Keynote does not have a full paper.)

In the present page, I would like to post my introduction to this valuable Keynote Lecture for making it familiar to wider range of readers.  The introduction is an excerpt of my "Personal Report of Japan TRIZ Symposium 2008" posted on Oct. 26, 2008.  The introduction is now translated into Japanese and posted in my Japanese page of this site.

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  Introduction to Sergei Ikovenko's Keynote Lecture

Excerpt from: 
Personal Report of The Fourth TRIZ Symposium in Japan, 2008
by Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University), Oct. 26, 2008
Posted on Oct. 26, 2008 in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"


Dr. Sergei Ikovenko (GEN3 Partners / MIT, USA) [K-2, I01] gave the second Keynote Lecture on the Third day morning, with the title of "Directions for Future TRIZ Development and Applications."  In the early days of TRIZ introduction into Japan, around 1997-2000, Dr. Ikovenko visited Japan many times as the instructor of TRIZ and TechOptimizer.  Thus a large number of Japanese participants are already familiar with him. 

His main message is to think of innovation from the eyes of business management.  For this purpose, TRIZ can provide a new view of 'Voice of the Technology' to the product in addition to the standard, but not certain, approach of 'Voice of the Customer'.  

[*** Correction (Mar. 6, 2009, Nakagawa): In my posting on Oct. 26, 2008, I made a mistake to put a wrong (different author's) figure here.  Corrected here with sincere apologies.]

The main concepts for revealing the 'Voice of Technology' are shown in the right slide. 
The table shown at the right illustrates a method of breaking down the concept at the Strategic MPV level into more closely related technical terms.
The process for the product innovation are shown in the right figure.  Various tools coming from TRIZ and some modern methods are shown in this figure.
The directions of extending TRIZ are summarized in the figure shown right.  At the central row of the figure, the methods are show to be used in the earlier stages of market analysis and problem identification and in the afterward stage of concept substantiation.  At the bottom, necessity of further development of some components of classical TRIZ tools is described. At the top, needs of utilizing TRIZ in new applications are illustrated.

The components of various tools are well summarized in the figure shown right.  TRIZ evolves towards a science of innovation by extending its target, or the issue of question. 

During the discussion, 'the range of TRIZ' was asked.  Dr. Ikovenko answered that 'TRIZ Body of Knowledge' was recently defined as the materials approved by Mr. Altshuller, and that the red circles (added by TN) indicate such items. 

Dr. Ikovenko also discussed the usage of S-curve analysis, in particular the S-curve analysis of TRIZ itself.  He said that TRIZ in the global scale is still in the infancy stage.  Any product in such a stage should find its proper niche field to grow.  For TRIZ, its proper niche is the filed of 'problem solving in technologies' without doubt. Thus we should make our best to apply TRIZ to solve industrial technical problems and to make TRIZ strong in such field. 

*** The last message for TRIZ to find its own niche in the technical problem solving was stated clearly.  Thus, even though there are various interesting and important 'Directions for Future TRIZ Development and Applications', we should remember that we need to make TRIZ strong and successful in its original field of technical problem solving.  The approach of 'Main Strategic Parameters of Values (MSPV)' is also addressed to this point.  


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