TRIZ Paper: Japan TRIZ Symposium 2008 Presentation

Updating TRIZ: 2006-2008 Patent Research Findings
Darrell Mann (Systematic Innovation Ltd, UK)
The Fourth TRIZ Symposium in Japan, Held by Japan TRIZ Society on Sept. 10-12, 2008 at Laforet Biwako, Moriyama, Shiga, Japan
Introduction by Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.), Oct. 26, 2008
[Posted on Sept. 18, 2009] 

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Sept. 15, 2009)

This paper was presented at the Fourth TRIZ Symposium in Japan, 2008 , which was held September last year by 'Japan TRIZ Society, NPO'. 

Japan TRIZ Society has posted the presentation files (in Japanese) of all the Contributed Presentations in the 'Members-Only' area of its Official Web site ( ) in PDF on July 1, 2009.  Files in English are going to be posted in a similar way.

The present site, "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", on the other hand, is going to post several selected Contributed Presentations publicly, under the desire & permisson by the Authors.  Presentation slides of them will be posted in PDF, with the policy of updating prohibited, copying and printing permitted.

This page has the following contents in English and in Japanese:

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Abstract of the paper  (HTML) Abstract  Abstract
Presentation slides (PDF) (30 slides, 569 KB) (30 slides 673 KB)
(Translated by Masaoshi Hotta (Sozo Kaihatsu Initiative (SKI)))
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Introduction by Nakagawa: An excerpt from "Personal Report of Japan TRIZ Symposium 2008"  (HTML) Nakagawa Introduction  --


[1] Abstact


Updating TRIZ:
2006-2008 Patent Research Findings

Darrell Mann (Systematic Innovation)


The paper discusses findings from an ongoing programme of patent research. The primary aim of the research is to distil best practice and update three main knowledge databases; trends of evolution, function and contradictions. The paper summarises some of the key findings from these areas. A particular focus is applied to the contradictions with the detailing of 100 quasi-randomly selected patents included in order to show how the latest Contradiction Matrix tool is being calibrated relative to the original, Classical TRIZ Matrix. In this section we see the current relative effectiveness of the two matrices is 96% and 18% respectively.

[2]  Presentation Slides and Full Paper in PDF

Presentation Slides in English in PDF (30 slides, 569 KB)

Full Paper in English in PDF (13 pages, 143 KB)

Presentation Slides in Japanese in PDF (30 slides, 673 KB) (Japanese translation by Masaoshi Hotta (Sozo Kaihatsu Initiative (SKI)))

[3]  Introduction to the Presentation (by Nakagawa)

Excerpt from: 
Personal Report of The Fourth TRIZ Symposium in Japan, 2008
by Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University), Oct. 26, 2008
Posted on Oct. 26, 2008 in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"

The paper by Darrell Mann (Systematic Innovation Ltd, UK) [O-20 #43] was presented Orally by Paul Filmore (Univ. of Plymouth, UK) with the title of "Updating TRIZ: 2006-2007 Patent Research Findings".

This paper is an extension of Darrell Mann's important work of patent research done at CREAX (in 2000-2003) and resulted in his books of "Hands on Systematic Innovation" and "Matrix 2003".  The following slide shows the background and aims of this research.  The flowchart in the right is the process of investigation of each patent.  20 % of patents are now passed over to further analysis as shown at the bottom.


The slide shown below-left is the results of the accuracy of obtaining appropriate Inventive Principles by the use of the problem formulation in Technical Contradiction and then the Contradiction Matrix either built by Altshuller in 1973 or rebuilt by Mann et al in 2003.  The survey of the accuracy is based on 100 patents for each year, which were selected quasi-randomly and having 'WOW' ideas from the Author's eyes.  The Author recognizes a slight decrease of the accuracy of the Matrix, so he is planning to re-issue the Matrix in the year 2010, as shown in the right slide.


The slide (see right) demonstrates another aspects of the research.  The Trends of Evolution are recorded and accumulated in this patent analysis.  The trends shown in black characters are the ones recognized in the Classical TRIZ.  On the other hand, those written in red are recognized in the 2003 research, and those in dark red are recently recognized in the present 2008 research. 

*** It is remarkable that the Author's group is investing much to this basic research work.  We appreciate very much the efforts for the work and for the feedback of the results in their publications.



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