TRIZ Promotion

Establishing TRIZ in a global company

Pauline Marsh (BAE Systems, UK),
Karen Gadd (Oxford Creativity, UK)

ETRIA TRIZ Future 2012 Conference,
Held on Oct. 24-26, 2012, at Lisbon, Portugal;
Proceedings, pp. 553-566

Japanese translation by Toru Nakagawa (OGU), May 22, 2013

Presentation slides (in English) posted on Aug. 4, 2013

Posted: May 29, 2013; Aug. 4, 2013

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa,  May 23, 2013)

When I attended at the presentation of this paper at ETRIA TFC2012, I was much impressed and made up my mind to translate this into Japanese.  Over half a year have passed to my regret, but I am now happy to finish the Japanese translation.  The authors have kindly permitted me to post the Japanese version as well as their original English version in this Web site.  I wish to express my sincere thanks to the authors.

This is the first and detailed report of the 14 year experiences of establishing TRIZ in a global company, BAE Systems, in UK.  TRIZ has been introduced and promoted steadily since 1998 and are used company-widely.  It was rather a surprise to me.  Many big companies in the US and in Europe reported their TRIZ introducing activities in late 1990s but for these several years they have rarely publicized their TRIZ activities. So I was worrying about the TRIZ situations.  The present paper, however, showed an excellent success case established and extended for over 14 years.  I now hope that in a number of other big industries TRIZ has been established and used actively by virtue of many TRIZ enthusiasts without publicizing opportunities.    

For establishing TRIZ, the ways of promoters within BAE Systems are very interesting.  Selecting proper methods (including TRIZ) and proper instructors, incorporating the courses in the already established HR programs, they made TRIZ available to any individuals and teams as they needed.  The BAE promoters initially organized and participated the TRIZ workshops for themselves, and at some important occasions they checked the real outcomes of the method and of the trainings.

The ways carried out by the consultants at Oxford Creativity are also interesting.  They operated workshops for practical problem solving; they are regular 5-day courses designed to be taken as five 1-day courses as well.  In the workshops, they first gather initial ideas from everybody by a brainstorming, openly discuss good and bad points of the ideas, and set them all aside with the labeling of 'BAD solutions' for the purpose of exploring for BEST solutions with TRIZ.  Their workshops are always fun and enthusiastic, they say. The authors repeatedly write that 'Individual TRIZ tools are simple and straightforward, and they stimulate your thinking'.  They strove to persuade engineering managers for making TRIZ available to the whole engineers in the divisions; they have found that challenging real difficult problems to solve with TRIZ is most effective for convincing the managers.  The present paper is full of lessons based on their experiences.

The paper, with a number of witty cartoons, is posted here in English PDF and in Japanese HTML .  Their presentation slides in English are to be posted here, but after Karen Gadd's Keynote Lecture to be presented at 3rd Global TRIZ Conference in Korea, Jul. 9-11, 2013.

[Note:  Presentation slides are posted in English PDF (8.2 MB).  (Aug. 4, 2013)]



Establishing TRIZ in a global company
Pauline Marsh (BAE Systems, UK), Karen Gadd (Oxford Creativity, UK)

Table of Contents

1. TRIZ in BAE Systems (the Consultants story)

2. Many ways of getting TRIZ into big companies

3. How to meet the Challenges and overcome inertia

4. Who uses TRIZ and Why?

5. Making TRIZ easily, consistently & quickly accessible to everyone (100,000 people) in BAE Systems

6. Getting top management & the engineers to appreciate the unique power of TRIZ & commit to regular TRIZ training for everyone who wants it

7. Getting top management and the engineering population to appreciate the unique power of TRIZ for their challenges

8. Problem Solving Steps

9. Problem Solving - often has insuffic ient time allocated & is not audited or understood

10. Unexpected Benefits of TRIZ - Happy, communicative and effective teams

11. TRIZ (although consistent and simple) is different for everyone yet still establishes a Collaborative Culture, and a common language

12. Some False Starts or learning how to get it right

13. Different People like different tools

14. Final Thoughts


Paper in English in PDF (19 pages, 1.6 MB)


Presentation Slides in English in PDF   (56 slides, 8.2 MB)   (Posted : Aug. 4, 2013)


Paper in Japanes Translation (by Toru Nakagawa) in HTML



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