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A Rationale for Adopting SIT into a Corporate Training Program
   Ed Sickafus (Ford Scientific Laboratory) 
    TRIZCON99: First Symposium on TRIZ Methodology and Application, Held by Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies, at Novi, Michigan, on March 7-9, 1999, pp. 247-252

Preface for the publication in this "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"
       (Toru Nakagawa, May 8, 1999)

This paper by Ed Sickafus was presented at TRIZCON99 as cited above, and translated
into Japanese by Toru Nakagawa under the kind permission of
  Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies,
   Ford Motor Company, and the author, Dr. Ed Sickafus.

The Japanese version has been published in the Japanese pageof the "TRIZ Home
Page in Japan" under the permission.  We are grateful to Altshuller Institute, Ford Motor Co.,
and Dr. Sickafus for their permissions which help Japanese readers understand how to
promote the TRIZ methodology (including SIT/USIT) in their companies.

In the present paper, Dr. Sickafus describes the process of his introducing SIT (Structured
Inventive Thinking; a much simplfied version of TRIZ) into Ford Motor Co.  He presents
detailed reasonings why and how he chose SIT in comparison with TRIZ itself, why he chose
to establish an in-company specialist team in place of adopting outside consultants,
why he focused on the pre-engineering concept generation phase instead of the engineering
designing phase, and why he is emphasizing rapid problem solving in place of invention.
His rationale on these issues is full of insights which we readers should sit and think over.

The original, English version is not published here.  It will probably appear in the near future
in the author's Web site:

Readers are advised to read Dr. Sickafus' preceeding paper on his team's current activities;
it was presented last November at the First TRIZ International Conference, and is posted
in the author's Web site.  Its Japanese translation by Nakagawa can be seen in the
Japanese page of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".

To understand the SIT methodology itself, Nakagawa's report of "USIT Training Seminar"
instructed by Dr. Sickafus  is a handy and thourough reference.

Access to the author should be:
    Ed Sickafus, Ford Scientific Laboratory, Dearborn, Michigan, USA
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