TRIZ Research Note
Four Views on TRIZ
    Valeri Souchkov (Insytec B.V)
   The TRIZ Journal, March 1999

Preface for the publication in this "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"
           (Toru Nakagawa, April 1, 1999)

This article by Valeri Souchkov was published in the March issue of the TRIZ Journal as cited 
above, and was translated into Japanese by Toru Nakagawa to publicize in the Japanese page 
of this Web site under the kind permissions of the author and the Journal.  
We are very grateful to:

   The author:  Mr. Valeri Souchkov  (Insytec B.V., The Nethrelands)
   TRIZ Journal:  Editor:  Dr. Ellen Domb

The Japanese version    can be read in the Japanese page of this site, while the original 
English version   in the TRIZ Journal.

As Mr. Souchkov wrote in his first paragraph, this article answers a very frequent question 
"What is TRIZ?" by giving an overall view of TRIZ.  He explains not each of Trees but 
the whole Forest.  This introduction is helpful for many readers who are interested in but 
somewhat puzzled in the Forest of TRIZ.  We Japanese readers are especially thankful for 
the author and TRIZ Journal for their kind collaboration in our better understanding and 
steadier promotion of the TRIZ methodology.

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