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TRIZ Activities in Iran

Mahmoud Karimi (Iranian Inst. of Innovation & Technological Studies (IIITS), Iran)
Dec. 8, 2009

Photo Album added: Mar. 13, 2010
[Posted on Feb. 22, 2010;Updated: Mar. 13; Mar. 24, 2010] 

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Feb. 20, 2010)

I received this article from Mr. Mahmoud Karimi (IIITS, Iran) last Dec. 8.  In Iran TRIZ has become a known term among educated people, he says.  Since this is an amazing story, I am posting his article here in English and also in the Japanese page  after translation.

At the ETRIA TFC 2008, held at the University of Twente, the Netherlands in November 2008, I met Mr. & Mrs. Mahmoud Karimi and became friends in the nearby accommodation.  He was planning to come and join at our Japan TRIZ Symposium 2009, but his emails to me were unfortunately got blocked by my university's spam controller and hence he could not apply to his Japanese visa in time.  It was 4 months later, last December, that I received his email again through a bypass and succeeded in unbocking by the spam controller.  This article was originally prepared as the outline for our last Symposium and was updated slightly, he says.  Anyway please read the article below:   (PDF )

Note Added (Toru Nakagawa, Mar. 13, 2010)

I received 15 photoes from Mr. Kamiri last night, and am posting 7 of them at the bottom of this page.  Many of them were taken from Video/DVD records of TV programs. 

Note Added (Toru Nakagawa, Mar. 24, 2010)

A new article ("TRIZ Activities in Iran (2)") has arrived today.  I post it both in English and in Japanese in a hurry.

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TRIZ Activities in Iran

Mahmoud Karimi

Iranian Institute of Innovation & Technological Studies (IIITS) [Vice President]
Representative of ETRIA in Iran
Member of Systematic Innovation Network (SIN)
Tel. +98 (21) 22242656 Fax: +98 (21) 22247474 Mobile: +98 912 1546782

TRIZ is going to become a known term for many educated Iranian. Since 1999 while late Prof. Hosein Salimi and one of his PhD candidates faced by this abbreviation in their QFD research several times, many questions about TRIZ has followed to find the answer.

Now after 10 years working on this field many interest people like to learn more about TRIZ and its application. Using Google Trends tool can show us that the most internet search on TRIZ is done in Iran.

In this article an overall overview to TRIZ Activities in Iran is reflected.

An active group of young managers of Iranian Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIIE) joint Prof. Salimi to establish Iranian Institute of Innovation & Technological Studies (IIITS). This academic none commercial and none governmental institute for creative problem solving methodologies founded in 2001. IIITS starts its official activities on TRIZ and Value Engineering as the main topics. This institute now is well-known and pioneer in the home country Iran. Most of the activities can be categorized in research, training and consultancy to the industries and service sectors. Also promotion, communities and products are still important.

In Research, a joint project by AmirKabir University (Tehran Polytechnic) to find more about TRIZ defined. After that support undergraduates and graduates (thesis, projects, papers and academic activities) were followed there as new services but usually free of charge. Research on specific fields based on client’s requests and looking for new concepts and subjects defined also. For instance, 6 Sigma and Lean and known 101 creativity techniques, their relations and affects to each other was a subject for a while.

For training, in-house and general training programs, seminars, workshops, courses could be found in the list. IIITS issue certificates in 3 levels (Introduction, Advance, and Application).

The team has been trained by Prof. Dr. Miloslava Zinovkina (TRIZ Master) and Dr. Rifkat Gareev from NFTM-TRIZ Center and Ruthenia Interstate University of Russia, Darrell Mann from Creax (before going to IFR), Hongyul Yoon (TRIZ Centre Korea) and keep in touch with Valeri Souchkov and Nikolai Khomenko (TRIZ Master) and other TRIZ active people who met them in ETRIA conferences.

Promotion was important as the efficiency of Medis was clear for the leaders of TRIZ in Iran. Series of 5 TV programs each 30 minutes about TRIZ introduction produced in 2006 and broadcasted from September 2008 for 3 times. Two popular talk show, one in the morning and the other at night invited guests from Iran, Valeri Souchkov and Nikolai Khomenko (while they were in Iran for training) to talk about TRIZ. Active persons attended in live TV talk shows for discussion and interviews about Systematic Innovation and TRIZ. Also they shared their knowledge and experiences in radio programs, write for most popular newspapers (“Innovation Elixir” weekly column and articles), magazines (papers, interviews, round tables and potential applications) and also and and after them created in web (most of the information is still in Farsi). Overall reviews in Universities and schools are in progress since beginning till now.

TRIZ has initiated in communities too. Workshops in International Conferences like Management, Marketing Management, Industrial Engineering other national gatherings has presented.

Besides general meetings and briefing sessions for top managers, membership in ETRIA, partnership and joint activities (National and International) and scientific partnership by RASA publishers in Iran have done.

IIITS team jointly by Amirkabir University and some other organization hold PSST Conference (Problem Solving Strategies & Techniques) on Nov. 26 & 27, 2006 in Tehran. Nearly 1000 participants attended in this event.  [TN: The year 2007 is corrected into 2006.]

People want to have some tangible products and software to understand new knowledge base topics. So books (translation, authoring, and support) like Innovation Algorithm (2001), 40 Principles: TRIZ keys for Technical Innovation (3 editions in 2006, 2008 and 2009) published. Also TRIZ Companion and Innovation Elixir are in progress for 2010 and Simplified TRIZ and Step by step Systematic Innovation training booklets are in future list. Also some other books and also national events include TRIZ in their sections and topics.

Following the training for kids and parents TRIZ materials (books, tools, toys, etc.) are in the current programs of TRIZ activities in Iran. Nikolai Khomenko supports the team of Iran in this field.

Both Creax and IFR softwares are demonstrated for potential clients and soon in future depends on their demands, Farsi version will come to market too in IIITS joint activities.

Clients from automotive industries, scientific organization and associations (universities, incubation centers, research centers, R&D centers) and Schools, oil, gas & petrochemical industries, power and mine and agriculture industries requests for training and TRIZ services. In service sector municipality, audit and inspection organizations wishes to use TRIZ and CID Police has applied it in real files since 2008.

One of the most significant TRIZ based activities in Iran has done in Ministry of Education when Sara (daughter of Prof. Salimi, [and currently the President of IIITS]) invited assigned as the creativity and innovation advisor of minister. National documents and innovation system planned and revised based on TRIZ taught.

We hope to stay on TRIZ way to see the affects, impacts and application of TRIZ in different areas. In a revision, focus on some narrow areas and deeper activities (verses the wide range and scopes) is going to be discussed.


Post-note (Toru Nakagawa, Feb. 22, 2010):

We have invited Mr. Mahmoud Karimi as one of the Keynote Speakers  of 6th Japan TRIZ Symposium 2010 (to be held on Sept. 9-11, 2010 near Tokyo).  A visual and vivid pesentation on this topic will be given in person!! 

[In the above article, the emphases with bold face characters are made by Nakagawa for our easier understanding.  I am also asking Mr. Karimi to send me several photos or figures to be inserted in the above article.]

Photo Album (Provided by Mahmoud Karimi, Mar. 12, 2010; Edited by Toru Nakagwa, Mar. 13, 2010)


Professor Dr. Mohammad Hosein Salimi,

in the TRIZ TV Program


Professor Dr. Mohammad Hosein Salimi
and (his daughter) Ms. Sara Salmi

in the TRIZ TV Program

[Ms. Sara Salimi is the current President of IIITS]



Mr. Mahmoud Karimi (right),

in the TV2 Morning Talk Show,

introducing the Son & Father TRIZ Study by Miyanishi Family (presented at Japan TRIZ Symposium 2008)


Mr. Mahmoud Karimi,

in the TV2 Morning Talk Show,

introducing Toru Nakagawa and TRIZ activities in Japan
(Nakagwa's photo was sent to him in Nov. 2006 for PSST.)



Mr. Nikolai Khomenko (left)
and Mr. Mahmoud Karimi (right)

in TV4 Night Talk Show


Mr. Nikolai Khomenko (third from right)

and the IIITS Team

(Mr. Mahmoud Karimi at the left end)




Mr. Valeri Souchkov (The Netherlands) (left)

and Mr. Mahmoud Karimi (right)

in TV2 Morning Show



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