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The TRIZ Situations in China

Xian-yong Zhou (Southwest Jiantong Univ., China), Oct. 30, 2011

中国TRIZ活动简介 周贤永 ( 西南交通大学)

Attached: “The Research and Popularization of TRIZ in Mainland China: the Situation and Problems” (in Chinese)
by Prof. Guang Chen (Southwest Jiaotong University, China), 2009. 
Editor:  Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.)
Posted on Nov. 13, 2011

Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 13, 2011)

Mr. Zhou has contributed this valuable article to "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" for celebrating its 13th Anniversary.  Correspondences resulted in this article are posted separately in the 'From the Readers' page .  The article was written in English (with simplified Chinese) and also in Chinese.  [If you find strange symbols caused by simplified Chinese characters, you may just disregard such parts in Chinese or may access to the PDF file.]  The article is also posted in Japanese translation .

Many readers in the world want to read this kind of articles/communications from different countries, I suppose.  Wishing to have your own contributions!  

Note (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 14, 2011):  The following report was attached to Mr. Zhou's article (Oct. 30), and was allowed by Professor G. Chen to be posted publicly in my Web site in PDF (Nov. 14).  It should be nice if somebody would translate it into English

 “The Research and Popularization of TRIZ in Mainland China: the Situation and Problems” (in Chinese)
by Prof. Guang Chen, Southwest Jiaotong University (China), 2009.  (in Chinese)

  TRIZ Situations in China (in English)  by Xian-yong Zhou (China)     ==> PDF

The TRIZ Situations in China

by Xian-yong ZHOU (周贤永)

School of Public Administration, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China 610031
(西南交通大学公共管理学院 四川成都 610031)

TRIZ was introduced into China in about 1998, when a few scholars attended some international conferences on TRIZ and technological innovation. From 1998 to 2006, only some universities, such as Tianjin University ( 天津大学), Hebei University of Technology (河北工业大学), University of Science and Technology of China (中国科学技术大学), Northeastern University (东北大学), Tsinghua University (清华大学), Southwest Jiaotong University (西南交通大学) (which school I am affiliated to), Sichuan University (四川大学) and so on researched this theory, and published some papers/books on TRIZ. In those years, a few universities, for example, TRIZ Research Center of Hebei University of Technology ( ), leaded by Prof. Runhua Tan (檀润华教授), provided some training and consulting service about TRIZ and technological innovation to some enterprises, and developed some CAI software based on TRIZ. At the same time, a CAI software supplier--Iwint, Inc.-- also provided TRIZ training, TRIZ consulting service. Though from 2005 on, there was an annual symposium on TRIZ held by Hebei University of Technology, few people and organizations knew TRIZ in China at that time.

The situation changed significantly in 2007, when The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China paid much attention to innovation methods, especially TRIZ. Heilongjiang (黑龙江省) and Sichuan (四川省) were established as two “Pilot Provinces” of innovation method in 2007, and many enterprises were chosen as the “Pilot Enterprises” or “Demonstration Enterprises“ by these two provinces. Jiangsu (江苏省), Tianjin (天津市), Guangdong (广东省) and some other provinces also became “Pilot Provinces” of innovation method a few years later. And the Innovation Method Society (IMS: ), administrated by The Ministry of Science and Technology, was founded in Nov. 2008. The speed of TRIZ promotion in China increased so much after the IMS was founded.

During these recent years, many research programs on innovation method (TRIZ) were granted by The Ministry. The topics of these research programs ranged from the theoretical development of TRIZ, the integration of TRIZ with other innovation methodologies such as QFD, AD, the integration of TRIZ with the process of technological innovation, to the promotion of TRIZ to enterprises and other organizations. At present, much more people from universities, companies and other organizations in China research, use or know TRIZ, and there are at least three platforms for them to communicate with each other:
1. The Innovation Method High Level Forum, held by Innovation Method Society in Nov. or Dec. every year;
2. The Advanced Seminar of TRIZ in China, held by Hebei University of Technology in July or August every year;
3. The Cross-Strait Symposium on the Innovation Method (TRIZ), held by Southwest Jiaotong University and Taiwan TRIZ Association in Nov. or Dec. every year.

These conferences or symposiums on TRIZ, however, are not as international as that of Japan TRIZ Symposium, ETRIA TRIZ Future Conference, and TRIZCON at present, so they are unfamiliar to you. The 4th Cross-Strait Symposium on the Innovation Method (TRIZ) will be held on 26, Dec. this year, in Northeast Forestry University (东北林业大学), Harbin (哈尔滨市), Heilongjiang Province (黑龙江省). Would you please attend it and give a speech about USIT/TRIZ or other topics on TRIZ and innovation methods?

As a matter of fact, we often communicated with the researchers of TRIZ in Japan. For example, Prof. Guang Chen ( ) (陈光教授), my tutor, Dean of School of Public Administration, Southwest Jiaotong University, a member of a council of IMS, visited Japan and investigated the situations of innovation method (TRIZ) in Japan in April, 2009. He met Mr. Shinsuke Kurosawa, a TRIZ specialist from SANNO Institute of Management, and Mr. Kurosawa introduced in detail the development and promotion of TRIZ in Japan to Prof. Chen. Two months before that time, Prof. Chen had published an article titled “The Research and Popularization of TRIZ in Mainland China: the Situation and Problems” (in Chinese) , in which Dr. Chen introduced the TRIZ situation in Mainland China in more detail. Please see the article in the attachment if you are interested in it.

Hoping to meet you on the 4th Cross-Strait Symposium on the Innovation Method (TRIZ) in Harbin! Thanks again for your new information about the 7th Japan TRIZ Symposium!

  TRIZ Situations in China (in Chinese)  by Xian-yong Zhou (China)     ==> PDF


西南交通大学公共管理学院 四川成都 610031

TRIZ理论由一些参加TRIZ与技术创新国际会议的学者于1998年引入中国。 从1998年至2006年, 中国仅有一些高校,如天津大学、河北工业大学、中国科学技术大学、东北大学、 清华大学、西南交通大学、四川大学等相关学者研究TRIZ理论, 发表和出版有关TRIZ的论文与书籍。 在这段时间里, 仅仅有少数高校,如由檀润华教授领导的河北工业大学TRIZ研究中心 ( ) 等, 提供有关TRIZ和技术创新的培训与咨询服务, 并开发了一些基于TRIZ理论的计算机辅助创新(CAI)软件。 同时, 亿未讯公司也提供有关TRIZ的培训与咨询服务。 尽管自从2005年起河北工业大学等单位就专门主办了有关TRIZ理论的研讨会, 然而外界很少有人知晓TRIZ理论。

自从2007年起, 这一情况发生了显著变化。 中国科学技术部非常重视以TRIZ理论为代表的创新方法。 黑龙江省和四川省在这一年被批准成为首批“创新方法试点省”, 在此基础上, 这两个试点省份分别设立了多家创新方法试点示范企业。 在随后几年内, 江苏省、天津市、广东省等省份也陆续成为创新方法试点省市。 2008年11月, 由科技部主管的创新方法研究会 (IMS: ) 正式成立, 从此TRIZ理论在中国的传播和推广速度与力度得到大幅度提升。

在最近几年内, 科技部设立和资助了许多创新方法(TRIZ)专项研究项目, 项目的研究范围包括TRIZ理论的改进, TRIZ理论与其他创新工具如QFD、AD等理论的集成, TRIZ理论与一般技术创新过程的融合, 以及TRIZ理论在企业和其他组织的推广应用等范围。 目前,在高校、企业和其他组织等社会各界内, 越来越多的人研究、应用和知晓TRIZ理论。 在国内,至少有三个平台可供这些人士互相交流与探讨:

1、创新方法高层论坛, 该论坛由创新方法研究会主办, 一般于每年11月或12月份举行;

2、中国TRIZ高级研讨会, 由河北工业大学TRIZ研究中心主办, 一般于每年8月份举行;

3、海峡两岸创新方法(TRIZ)研讨会, 由西南交通大学和中华萃思学会主办, 一般于每年11月或12月份举行。

当然,就目前而言, 上述创新方法研讨会的国际化程度稍逊于日本TRIZ研讨会、欧洲TRIZ学会TRIZ Future研讨会或TRIZCON, 这就是外界对其不甚熟悉的主要原因之一。 第四届海峡两岸创新方法(TRIZ)研讨会 已定于今年12月26日在黑龙江省哈尔滨市东北林业大学举行, 热忱欢迎国内外感兴趣的人士参加本次会议

事实上, 我们也经常同日本TRIZ协会的研究人员进行交流。 例如,2009年创新方法研究会理事、西南交通大学公共管理学院院长陈光教授 ( ) 赴日本进行访问, 专门考察了日本TRIZ研究与推广应用状况。 在访问期间, 陈教授会见了时任日本TRIZ协会理事、日本产业能率大学黑泽先生, 黑泽先生向其详细介绍了TRIZ在日本的研究和推广应用现状。 在此前两个月, 陈教授发表了一篇名为《中国大陆TRIZ研究与推广:现状与问题》的论文, 对中国TRIZ的研究与推广应用状况及其存在的问题作出了详细的介绍与分析。 感兴趣的人士可在附件中下载该文献。

真诚期待与您在第四届海峡两岸创新方法(TRIZ)研讨会上相会! 非常感谢中川教授提供有关第七届日本TRIZ研讨会的相最新信息!


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